Ocala Florida: Cop takes time to smoke weed and shoot hoops

cops-ablazePosted by Deborah Jarrett
“OCALA, Fla. — A former Ocala Police officer has been arrested after officials say they got a tip that the officer was using marijuana while on duty. Officials says a hidden camera shows Jeffrey Hall driving to a trailer park several times where it was suggested he was smoking.
According to police, since the beginning of February, Hall made several trips to the Motor Inns Motel and RV Park in his patrol car to smoke marijuana. Investigators say they removed marijuana and drug paraphernalia from his patrol car on Friday.
Officials got a tip on March 17 that Hall was coming out to the RV park while on duty to smoke with the guy who lives at one of the trailers, Christian Cornell. Investigators installed a camera in the lot as well as conducted an audit on his patrol car. Officials say Hall has made 13 trips to the RV park since February.
“We’re in the profession of law enforcement so it is disappointing because in the mist of doing our job and enforcing the law we did have to arrest one of our own,” Sgt.. Cynthia Barnes says.
On Friday the hidden camera showed Hall going to the trailer to meet with Cornell and Allie Smith. When investigators pulled up, they say they smelled an odor of burning marijuana coming from the inside. Cornell told police that Hall smoked marijuana inside the trailer that same day and numerous times in the past.
Many people who live at the park say they would see Hall hanging out at the trailer all the time and think nothing of it. Doyle Hamby now has second thoughts about where he lives after finding out what happened.
“I felt pretty good about it, I thought he was patrolling the place but I did see him shooting a lot of basketball and things I didn’t think an on-duty officer should be doing anyway,” Hamby says.”
What’s not to love about this guy?
Just drop by, burn a fattie and shoot some hoops
What a loser

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