Marion county Florida : Cop lies to get resisting conviction

“The FBI is continuing to ask questions about two men arrested by former Marion County sheriff’s deputy Eduardo Bustamante, who resigned in February after the State Attorney’s Office released a report highly critical of his conduct.

Attorney Melanie Kohler — who has represented both Johnny Edward Ostane and Courtney Carpenter — said Thursday the FBI has spoken to her about them. Kohler would not discuss what their discussion was about.

Ostane, newly freed from prison after a court hearing on Tuesday, said an FBI official told him they wanted to talk. Ostane, 33, said the official didn’t give any details about their inquiry.

On Tuesday, a judge granted Ostane’s motion for a reduced sentence on his convictions for resisting an officer with violence, battery on an officer and felony driving on a suspended license. The state attorney’s Case Integrity Review Team had reviewed several of Bustamante’s cases, including this arrest, and concluded the deputy had not been truthful about his encounter with Ostane.

Prosecutors said Ostane was hit on the head and other parts of his body by Bustmante’s baton. They said the FBI twice notified the Sheriff’s Office that it was investigating the deputy for alleged use of excessive force.

The State Attorney’s Office had created the Case Integrity Review Team in 2015 to comb through cases looking for evidence of falsified reports or unnecessary use of force. This followed the August 2014 beating of an unarmed drug suspect in Marion Oaks. Five deputies had falsified their reports about that incident, authorities said. All are facing federal prosecution in connection with the beating. Four have pleaded guilty, and one is scheduled for trial next week.”

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Who would guess that a cop would lie in court?

If you get called to jury duty make sure that you keep this liar in mind

Make sure that you remember that just because someone is a “Sworn officer of the court” doesn’t mean that they are any more truthful than the accused

Realize that if you vote to convict on a cops testimony you may well be sending someone innocent to jail

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