Florida hero in blue punches, head butts woman in bar for saying something he doesn’t like

Posted by Deborah Jarrett


A Sanford police lieutenant was arrested early Saturday near Sanford, the Sanford Police Department said.

Sanford police Lt. Joe Santiago was arrested shortly after 5:45 a.m. near Interstate 4 and H.E. Thomas Jr. Parkway following a night of barhopping in Daytona Beach with a woman, according to an arrest report.

The woman told deputies Santiago headbutted her at a bar after she said something Santiago didn’t like, the report said.

The woman told investigators the two later got into an argument and Santiago punched her in the face, causing blood to shoot from her nose, the report said.

Santiago, who smelled of alcohol, chose to not speak or answer any questions without a lawyer present, deputies said in the report.

The woman was brought to Central Florida Regional Hospital to be treated for her injuries, deputies said.

Santiago was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility, where he was jailed without bond. He was charged with felony battery.”


Here is a typical cop for you

He is such a good cop that he made lieutenant

But deep down inside e was still who he was

A bully

According to the women’s advocacy group the Purple Berets cops are 2 to 4 times more likely to be domestic abusers

Not only that, but they are 6 times less likely to be prosecuted

” Domestic violence is 2 to 4 times more common in police families than in the general population. In two separate studies, 40% of police officers self-report that they have used violence against their domestic partners within the last year. In the general population, it’s estimated that domestic violence occurs in about 10% of families”

That is not a hero in blue that risks his life every day to save the public

That is a bully with a badge and a gun who is a threat to anyone he encounters

Bullies are notorious for being cowards

If they are not positive that they can win they become frightened

And if a cop becomes frightened and ” Fears for his life”

We all know what happens then





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