To serve: Cop sentenced to 9 Yrs. for stealing from drug dealers

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“AKRON, Ohio (AP) – A former police supervisor in suburban Cleveland has been sentenced to nine years in federal prison on charges related to stealing thousands of dollars from suspected drug dealers.

A judge on Tuesday also ordered East Cleveland Sgt. Torris Moore to pay $37,000 in restitution

Moore pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy, false statements and other charges. Two detectives she supervised also were charged.

Authorities say the three officers conducted illegal searches and falsified search warrant affidavits while stealing from suspects and compromising legitimate cases. The officers were accused of reporting just a portion of money seized during drug raids.”

How about that for heroes?

Thank God that they all went home safe every night

Think that any cases these scumbags have brought are being thrown out?

Pretty doubtful

These sworn officers of the court have put plenty of people in jail

The next time you look at a cop remember these heroes

And wonder if they are cut from the same cloth

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