Police officer sentenced in rape case

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“LIMA — Stripped of his badge and the honor that goes with the job, a fired Lima police officer learned Thursday his freedom also would be taken away for the next 14 years for raping a 16-year-old girl.

Justin Bentz, 28, was sentenced to prison for the June 11 rape at a home west of Lima where he lived with a roommate. In addition, he will have to register and report in as a sex offender when he is released every 90 days for the rest of his life.

Bentz sat stone-faced throughout the hearing and had nothing to say based on the advice of his attorney to remain silent. An appeal of the decision is being planned.

Before Judge David Cheney sentenced Bentz, the judge said he had tremendous respect for police and the job officers do. Cheney also said police probably are more criticized today by various groups, sometimes unfairly, than during any time in history. However, the judge said the Bentz case is not one of those. Cheney said this was a clear case of a crime by an officer.

“He was an adult over and above being a police officer,” Cheney said. “This girl looked like she was 12 years old and to somehow indicate one was mistaken about her age is on the preposterous side.”

Besides Bentz’ position as a police officer, Cheney said he was especially troubled by the fact that just hours before Bentz raped the girl, he attended a law enforcement class educating him about sexual assault, the effects of alcohol in such cases, and the pitfalls of prosecuting such cases.”


“Stripped of his badge and the honor that goes with it”

What a joke that statement is

If that were the case this website would not exist

Neither would the Cato institute police misconduct site which logs hundreds of incidents a month

Or Cop block which now has chapters in every state

Or PINAC (Photography is not a crime)

Or Bad cop no donut

Or countless other police abuse sites


“In a yearlong investigation of sexual misconduct by U.S. law enforcement, The Associated Press uncovered about 1,000 officers who lost their badges in a six-year period for rape, sodomy and other sexual assault; sex crimes that included possession of child pornography; or sexual misconduct such as propositioning citizens or having consensual but prohibited on-duty intercourse.”

“The number is unquestionably an undercount because it represents only those officers whose licenses to work in law enforcement were revoked, and not all states take such action. California and New York — with several of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies — offered no records because they have no statewide system to decertify officers for misconduct. And even among states that provided records, some reported no officers removed for sexual misdeeds even though cases were identified via news stories or court records.”


Read the below and tell me that you get honor by putting on a badge

Just remember the guy with the badge and the gun who pulls you over or shows up at your house may or may not be one of these scumbags

The badge means nothing more than power over you

This is from a study by The National Institute of Ethics:

“The sampling of current officers was comprised of 2,698 full time officers from twenty-one different states. A total 1,116 of the 2,657 officers asked to complete a confidential questionnaire, did so. This equates to a response rate of 42 percent. An additional forty-one officers provided confidential interviews. The following facts were revealed.

  • In response to “Please describe the first time you witnessed misconduct by another employee but took no action,” 46 percent (532) advised they had witnessed misconduct by another employee, but concealed what they knew.

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