Portland police chief accidentally shoots buddy in the back,lies to cover it up

Deborah Jarrett

Portland Oregon

May 23

Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea may be in hot water after accidentally shooting a close friend in a hunting accident.

O’Dea neglected to tell deputies responding to the call that he had shot his hunting companion and instead suggested that the man had shot himself.

O’Dea never even identified himself as an officer when questioned by deputies who responded to the shooting on April 21.

The responding deputy was unaware that O’Dea was the police chief and the actual shooter until May 16 when he interviewed the wounded man.

The officer, a Harney county Deputy, said in a statement to the Oregonian/Oregon live that the shooting “didn’t happen the way it was originally portrayed,”

Deputy Ward also  stated that “”The victim made it pretty clear he didn’t shoot himself,” Ward said. “The victim knew who shot him.”

It was at this point that the Harney county Sheriff decided to bring in the state police.

“As soon as we found out who was involved, and the victim’s statement was different than the statements that had been made at the scene, I contacted Oregon State Police for help in investigating it,” Ward said. “We are in no way willing to participate in, or have been involved in any type of cover-up.”

Apparently O’Dea told his boss, the mayor, four days after the shooting that he was responsible but never informed the investigating deputy.

Who the shooter actually was did not come to light until almost a month after the shooting when O’Dea was questioned by reporters.

O’Dea has not been fired or suspended as of yet but may face disciplinary action or even criminal charges.

Many in the community are appalled that the chief would lie and cover up such an event.

The Portland police Dept. has a long history of abuses and misconduct.

In 2012 the Dept. of justice filed a federal lawsuit alleging civil rights violations against disabled people.

“In a widely publicized press conference June 8, 2011, Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas E. Perez announced the launch of an investigation to determine whether the Portland Police Bureau engaged in a pattern or practice of excessive or unnecessary use-of-force in their interactions with persons in a protected class, people with actual or perceived mental health disabilities, and whether such conduct deprived individuals of their rights secured by the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.[2]

The 18-month-long investigation was prompted by the high number of Portland police officer-involved deaths that involved individuals with mental illness, including Kendra James, James Jahar Perez, James Chasse, Raymond Gwerder, Keaton Otis, Jack Dale Collins, Aaron Campbell, Darryel Ferguson, Thomas Higginbotham, and Brad Morgan.

On September 13, 2012, DOJ issued a Findings Letter with the results of the investigation, stating investigators found reasonable cause to believe Portland police had engaged in unconstitutional conduct. The letter identified serious deficiencies in policy, training, and officer accountability measures that substantially contributed to the unconstitutional conduct by police.[3] That same day, DOJ and the City of Portland released a joint statement declaring the parties’ mutual intent to reach a negotiated settlement agreement to resolve these issues.” Wiki



A few bad apples? 46% of cops admit to witnessing misconduct by other cops

Here are some facts about the heroes and their code of silence.

“The sampling of current officers was comprised of 2,698 fulltime officers from twenty-one different states. A total 1,116 of the 2,657 officers asked to complete a confidential questionnaire, did so. This equates to a response rate of 42 percent. An additional forty-one officers provided confidential interviews. The following facts were revealed.

  • In response to “Please describe the first time you witnessed misconduct by another employee but took no action,” 46 percent (532) advised they had witnessed misconduct by another employee, but concealed what they knew.
  • In response to the question “At the time of the incident occurred, what did you think would happen if you revealed what had taken place?” the five reasons listed most often were: I would be ostracized (177 times); the officer who committed the misconduct would be disciplined or fired (88 times); I would be fired from my job (73 times); I would be “blackballed” (59 times); the administration would not do anything even if I reported it. (54 times)
  • 73 percent of the individuals pressuring officers to keep quiet about the misconduct were leaders.
  • Eight percent (40) of the 509 officers who admitted to intentionally withholding the information about officer misconduct were upper administrators. The upper administrators of the average American police department comprises only five percent of the agency.
  • The average age of an officer who covered up an incident for the first time was 31.4 years of age.
  • The average years of experience when they first took part in the Code of Silence was 8.2 years.
  • 449 of the 532 officers were male, while 74 were female.
  • Of the 532 who confessed they had participated in the Code of Silence, 252 were pressured to keep quiet by the officer(s) who committed the misconduct and 118 felt pressure from uninvolved officers. The remaining 162 officers advised they covered up the incident even though they were not pressured.
  • Excessive use of force was the most frequent situation over which the Code of Silence occurs, with 217 were excessive use of force circumstances.
  • The five most frequently offered solutions for controlling the Code of Silence from the 532 officers who confessed to taking part in it were: Conduct good ethics training (listed 46 times); More consistent accountability (listed 20 times); Ensure open communication between officers and leaders (listed 16 times); Provide an anonymous reporting system (listed 14 times) and Protect whistleblowers (listed 10 times).”

Here is the study in it’s entirety: http://www.aele.org/loscode2000.html

Think about this: How high is the actual percentage of abuse if 46% of cops have witnessed it and covered it up?

Now that the video age has arrived, these scumbags can lie all they want, but when the video is released the truth will come out.

This study is from 2000 and I am sure that as the cops have militarized and geared up the percentage is much higher

Remember the next time you interact with a cop that he will lie to make that interaction fit his narrative if he needs to

Remember if you sit on a jury that the “Sworn officer of the court” is most likely more apt to lie than the citizen he is accusing

A few bad apples?

I don’t think that you can look at the statistics above and actually believe that

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

Ocala Florida: 2 Majors suspended following arrest of Sheriff for perjury

Ocala, Florida

May 26

By Deborah Jarrett


The saga continues in the case of the now suspended Sheriff of Marion county.

On May 24 , following the arrest of Marion county Sheriff Chris Blair on perjury charges, 2 majors were suspended by the new interim Sheriff.

Sheriff Emery Gainey, appointed by Governor Rick Scott, suspended Maj. Don Maines and Maj. Tommy Bibb within hours of taking command.

Gainey would not comment as to the reasons for the  suspensions of the 2 majors, but did make a general statement

““In my assessment of the command staff, I simply made a decision that I felt was best as we move forward,” he said. “I made a determination not to include those two majors at this time.”

The arrest of the Sheriff and removal of the Majors dates back to the 2014 arrest of Dustin Heathman.

Heathman was arrested after a failed warrant serving  attempt by a SWAT team that turned into a stand off

Heathman was subsequently beaten by Marion county officers while detained in handcuffs.

Heathman alleges that when he was taken to a  patrol car deputies began to beat him while defenseless and in handcuffs.

Heathman suffered a fractured eye socket,multiple cuts , a knee injury and various other injuries.

It is apparent from his booking photo that his face at the time was swollen and blackened.


Blair was arrested after giving testimony under oath that he was unaware of the severity of the beating Heathman endured.

In his testimony, Blair stated that he had seen nothing but the back of Heathman’s head sitting in a patrol car.

Later, surprise video was released that showed Blair and Heathman come virtually face to face as Heathman was put into a waiting van.

Blair has since resigned following his removal from office.

The Marion county Sheriff’s office has a long history of complaints of excessive force including a recent case with video of deputies severely beating a man


Ironically, the former sheriff said in a statement issued following the indictment of the 5 officers involved in the beating

“The abusive and unprofessional actions they displayed shocked me to my core, and there was absolutely no hesitation for me to immediately inform the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of their actions, to immediately suspend those former deputies without pay and, ultimately, to request their resignation and/or termination”

Hopefully, with the arrest of Sheriff Blair and the suspension of other officers with possible involvement, the Marion county Sheriff’s Dept. can move forward.

With the increased scrutiny that is going to be upon them they now have the opportunity to be seen in a new light.

They should strive now to be seen not as domestic warriors fighting the enemy

But rather as public servants, here to protect and serve the citizens of Marion county

If they adopt that attitude they will be much less likely to suffer these problems in the future






From the CATO institute. 10 Police misconduct reports May 23 2016

If you want to keep track of what is going on , the CATO institute police misconduct site is the place to do it

Updated 3 times a week it is the source that is reliable and easy to use

Please check them out here: http://www.policemisconduct.net/

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, May 23, 2016:

  • Berwyn, Illinois: An officer is being sued for allegedly targeting and harassing the daughter of his lover and the daughter’s boyfriend. According to the suit, the behavior was triggered by the younger couple’s disapproval of the mother’s relationship with the officer. ow.ly/5vXa300u3Qm
  • Update: Ansonia, Connecticut (First reported 09-17-15): An officer pled guilty to larceny and other charges for stealing items from the evidence room. He was given a one-year suspended sentence. ow.ly/IEW2300ugkX
  • Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 04-21-15):  Officer Edward Nero was found not guilty of all charges in a bench trial for his role in Freddie Gray’s death. ow.ly/l3eW300uo7b
  • Hull, Massachusetts: A now-former officer pled guilty to larceny for stealing $116,000 from the police union. He was sentenced to one year of home confinement and five years of probation. ow.ly/r8eS300ujNr
  • Update: Massachusetts State Police (First reported 05-12-16): A trooper has been suspended for his role in the televised beating of Richard Simone after a high-speed interstate chase. ow.ly/Xmw8300ulAu
  • Palm Beach County, Florida: A sergeant was suspended for improperly releasing a Boynton Beach officer who was caught in a solicitation sting. The Boynton Beach officer was fired from his department, as reported here on April 21. ow.ly/MiKt300uAv3
  • Upshur County, West Virginia: A deputy was arrested for allegedly choking a woman. ow.ly/bYGg300uD1h
  • Lane County, Oregon: The County settled a lawsuit brought by a 77-year-old man who was injured by a deputy while he was an inmate in the jail. The settlement was for $95,000. http://ow.ly/XmCp300uDCq
  • New York, New York: A plainclothes officer was suspended for brandishing his weapon and threatening bystanders filming an arrest he was assisting. http://ow.ly/ORTD300uRhq
  • Cleveland, Ohio: An officer was charged with obstruction of justice for actions related to an off-duty incident. She was working security at a bar and told a witness to an assault to erase the footage from their cell phone. She subsequently filed a false report about the incident. http://ow.ly/CD5C300uRS1

To Perve : Sheriff’s deputy forced woman to take nude photos in back of squad car

“A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was charged with sexual assault after he allegedly took inappropriate photos of a woman while on duty.

Josh Nelson, 31, was also charged Tuesday with violation of oath of office and possession of methamphetamine, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a release.

Nelson pulled over to a dark road and asked the woman to take off her clothes in the backseat of his squad car, Channel 2 Action News reported.

“He said he needed to take pictures for evidence,” Hayley Boe said. “I thought he meant like my pants and my shirt, and once when I got those off he [said] ‘you need to take everything off.’”

Boe said Nelson took pictures of her with his cellphone and at one point touched her breasts.

“It’s one of the worst days of my life already,” she said.

Nelson said the pictures didn’t take and took more as they got closer to the hospital, Channel 2 reported.”


And it doesn’t get much worse than that

But at this point I guess that you think I am beating a dead horse

But I am not

I am compiling a body of work that shows the character of these people as

This work is for those who look down their noses and say”Well, she must have done something.”

“You don’t get arrested for no reason.”

This wouldn’t have happened if she wouldn’t have resisted”

No, this guy is a control freak, a bully, a rapist and only now has he been caught

How many of his arrests are legitimate knowing who he is now?

Oh, I am sure they deserved it

No one gets arrested if they didn’t do anything



To serve: Cop steals $25,000 from childrens “Shop with a cop ” program

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

Beacon Journal staff report:

“A Richfield police officer who helped start Shop With A Cop — a now-regional program designed to help low-income youngsters bond with law enforcement by brightening their Christmas — is accused of stealing money from the charity.

Officer Michael Simmons, 41, of Stow has been charged with a felony count of theft in office for allegedly taking more than $25,000 from the Richfield Police Department’s Shop With A Cop account.

Special agents with the state’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) launched an investigation in January at the request of Richfield Police Chief Keith Morgan.

Morgan asked for the assistance after becoming aware of unauthorized financial transactions in the department’s Shop With A Cop bank account, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said. The BCI investigated two police officers who were signers on the account before filing the charge against Simmons in Akron Municipal Court on Monday.

In a 2009 Akron Beacon Journal story, Simmons said he helped start the program in Summit County seven years earlier.

“We were thinking of ways to help children,” Simmons was quoted saying. “It bothered me that kids were waking up Christmas morning with no Christmas presents. We wanted to do something to eliminate that.”

Simmons couldn’t be reached Monday for comment.

On Monday, DeWine said the program was meant to help kids bond with and trust police, “but this defendant violated that trust on so many different levels. Our investigation found that, for years, this officer not only deceived those who generously donated to this charity, but he also stole from the children whom this program was created to help. Many more kids could have benefited from this charity had this defendant not spent thousands of dollars in donations on himself.”


Attention kids, don’t shop with the cops

It would appear that they are scumbag thieves

Attention parents, remember this guy the next time:

Someone calls a cop a hero

Says “As long as they go home safe”

Somebody tells you that cops put their “Life on the line for us everyday”

The next time you have jury duty

The next time you hear sworn testimony from an “Officer of the court”

The next time you see a cop with a “Better than you” attitude


A few bad apples: At least 6 NYPD heroes involved in gun permit selling scheme

The first departmental charges have been filed against an NYPD officer in the ongoing corruption probe, and dozens of gun licenses are now suspended because of the investigation.

NYPD Chief of Department Jim O’Neill revealed that dozens of gun licenses have been suspended or are expected to be suspended in the coming days.

The investigation was touched off with the bribery arrest of Brooklyn businessman Shaya Lichtenstein, who allegedly made thousands of dollars brokering gun permits through his connections in the NYPD’s licensing division.

Officials would not say how many suspended permits were originally brokered by Lichtenstein.

“To date, we’ve suspended 37 licenses; 17 more are pending suspension,” O’Neill said. “When a license is suspended, the weapons are surrendered and a thorough review of the license application takes place.

The chief declined to elaborate, but it is all part of the Justice Department’s investigation into police corruption in South Brooklyn, where officers are suspected of providing favors and other considerations to local businessmen in exchange for gifts, trips and cash.

Five NYPD commanders have already been transferred, and officials confirmed that a sixth officer, former 66th Precinct Community Affairs Detective Michael Milici, now faces departmental charges. He is charged departmentally with failing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation. The most severe internal penalty he faces is the loss of his job, but since he has already put in his retirement papers, that likely isn’t his concern.

Milici was suspended after he refused to testify before a federal grand jury.”


So these are the guys that you are supposed to respect when you see them on the street

We are told that they are “Heroes” and they put their life on the line for us everyday

As long as they go home safe at night

That is all that matters

A few bad apples?

Right, go to google or yahoo and put in “Police Officer charged”

Then try “Police Officer rape”

After that “Police officer beating”

Seriously, do it and then tell me it is “A few bad apples”

Heroes in blue investigated for sex with underage girl

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett
Friday, May 13, 2016, 1:51 PM

“Three Oakland police officers are being investigated for allegedly having sex with an underage girl — and another cop who killed himself may have also been involved.

The teenage victim was identified by several news outlets as Celeste Guap, now 18 or 19 years old, who may have been victimized by dozens of cops starting when she was 16.

Guap made several references to the scandal on Facebook before taking the page down entirely on Friday. She denied having any improper connections to the cops, writing that she had “harmless relationships,” within the department, according to CBS in San Francisco.

Last month, she posted a photo of Oakland cops letting her off near her home, according to the station. “Took me back to Richmond in style,” she said.”

She also referenced a cop she “messed with underage” who is no longer alive.

“The only officer I messed with underage is sadly gone now so idk why this —- is still being brought up,” she wrote Tuesday on Facebook, according to the East Bay Express.

The teen may have been referring to Oakland Police Officer Brendan O’Brien, who took his life in September after his wife killed herself in a death that has been called suspicious.”

The rest is here: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/oakland-cops-probed-allegedly-sex-girl-article-1.2636187?utm_content=buffer7e4cc&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=NYDailyNewsTw

Aren’t these some real winners?

I know, I know, it’s just a few bad apples

That’s why we don’t have page after page of stuff like this happening

Oh, wait a minute, we do




Stop resisting! Video of Mass police beating man on ground


Jordan Frias Thursday, May 12, 2016, The Boston Globe

“State police are investigating the apparent beating of a suspect by pol-ice officers after a TV news helicopter that was following a high-speed chase across the New Hampshire border caught 
footage of the arrest from the air.

The driver, 50-year-old Richard Simone of Worcester, who was wanted on multiple warrants, had led police on an hour-long chase from Holden in central Massachusetts to Nashua, N.H., police said.

The video footage caught by Fox 25’s SkyFox helicopter yesterday at about 5 p.m. appeared to show two officers rushing the driver and throwing punches at him after he had lain on the ground 
after getting out of his truck, and as he was being handcuffed.

State police spokesman David Procopio said one of the officers involved appears to be a Massachusetts State Police officer and the other a New Hampshire police officer.

“We were in a secondary role and it does appear to be one of our own,” Procopio said. “We review every pursuit no matter how they end and in this case we will review the footage and come to a conclusion of what the officer’s role was during the apprehension and the level of force that was used in the arrest to determine whether it was appropriate or not.”

The whole story is here:http://www.bostonherald.com/news/local_coverage/2016/05/chopper_catches_apparent_police_beating_after_high_speed_chase_video

How about this you asswipe; We will watch the video and determine whether the level of force was appropriate or not

Then based on that we will judge you