To perve: Florida Cop fired after sending video of himself performing sex act


“A Florida police detective has been fired after an investigation found he took an explicit video of himself and sent it to a woman who had reported a crime he was investigating.

News outlets report that according to Plantation police, detective Peter Saglio used his personal iPod in March 2015 to have text conversations with the victim of a possible crime, then sent her a 26-second video of himself engaging in a sex act.

Saglio self-reported the incident and told police the video was meant for his wife. He destroyed the iPod he created the video with.

The victim told police Saglio had sent her flirtatious text messages before the video.”

The whole story here:


Who ever would have thought that beating up the little officer and recording it wouldn’t turn the ladies on?

Damn, it doesn’t get much better than having your entire P.D. watching video of you self abusing

I will bet that everyone he busted is now laughing their asses off

Plantation PD is now going to have to explain that it is just a few

Small apples



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