Champaign Illinois officer of the year: Police officer accused of sex crimes against three women in two counties

“CHAMPAIGN — A Champaign police officer accused of sex crimes against three women in two counties has been fired from his job.

Amanda Farthing, assistant director of human resources for the city of Champaign, confirmed Thursday that Jerad Gale was fired on Wednesday, a day after his 32nd birthday.

The firing came the same week that the former Champaign police officer of the year was to have been tried in a Decatur courtroom for criminal sexual assault for allegedly committing unwanted sex acts against a former girlfriend in Piatt County in July 2012. However, the trial was canceled after Gale, on Friday, waived his right to have a jury hear his case.

Gale, 32, also faces more serious charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault as well as other charges of criminal sexual assault and aggravated domestic battery for acts allegedly committed against two women in Champaign County in November 2013 and November 2014. He’s scheduled to be in court in Urbana on those charges May 31. The Piatt County case was continued to July 25.

Police Chief Anthony Cobb would not take a call from The News-Gazette, referring all questions to the human resources office.

The May 4 letter Cobb sent to Gale notifying him of his immediate firing cited his violation of departmental policy regarding conduct and the fact that bond restrictions in his pending criminal cases rendered him “unable to perform the essential functions of your position as a police officer.”

The whole story at the news Gazette:

These cops these days are down right rapey

Seems like every other article I come across is sexual assault

Try this and see what you come up with

Go to google and put in “Deputy sexual assault” and then hit news

Wow! Now that is a lot of results isn’t it?




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