To Perve : Sheriff’s deputy forced woman to take nude photos in back of squad car

“A Bartow County Sheriff’s Office deputy was charged with sexual assault after he allegedly took inappropriate photos of a woman while on duty.

Josh Nelson, 31, was also charged Tuesday with violation of oath of office and possession of methamphetamine, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a release.

Nelson pulled over to a dark road and asked the woman to take off her clothes in the backseat of his squad car, Channel 2 Action News reported.

“He said he needed to take pictures for evidence,” Hayley Boe said. “I thought he meant like my pants and my shirt, and once when I got those off he [said] ‘you need to take everything off.’”

Boe said Nelson took pictures of her with his cellphone and at one point touched her breasts.

“It’s one of the worst days of my life already,” she said.

Nelson said the pictures didn’t take and took more as they got closer to the hospital, Channel 2 reported.”

And it doesn’t get much worse than that

But at this point I guess that you think I am beating a dead horse

But I am not

I am compiling a body of work that shows the character of these people as

This work is for those who look down their noses and say”Well, she must have done something.”

“You don’t get arrested for no reason.”

This wouldn’t have happened if she wouldn’t have resisted”

No, this guy is a control freak, a bully, a rapist and only now has he been caught

How many of his arrests are legitimate knowing who he is now?

Oh, I am sure they deserved it

No one gets arrested if they didn’t do anything



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