To perve: Cop pulls man over for noise complaint, sodomizes him in car

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“A Montgomery police officer was arrested Tuesday and charged in the sexual assault of a man.

Deonte Lashawn Hamner, 27, is charged with first-degree sodomy, a Class A felony Montgomery police say. He is being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility on a $60,000 cash bond.

Police say the alleged sexual assault occurred when the police officer was on duty. The officer is accused of stopping the victim’s vehicle due to a noise complaint on June 14.”

By Erin Edgemon |

Next time someone tells you that a cop is a hero because he steps into a blue suit remind them of this scumbag right here

Does this seem like an isolated incident?

A few bad apples?

Try googling the search term “Deputy rape” and see what happens

Obviously being “Rapey” comes with the personality associated with LEO

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