Hernando county sheriff’s Dept.

I was listening to a spokesman from the HCSO on the way to work this morning.

He was talking about how tough their job was, especially with all of the anti police protests going on

He went on to say what stand up guys they all were and when there was a bad one it was (Get this) 1 in 10,000

Wow! The best of the best right?

Well, try this

Go to google and put in “Hernando county deputy arrested” and see what pops up

Wow again!

To be 1 in 10,000 they must have a police force of a million men

Theft, drugs, abuse, kidnapping

In 2015 they had 4 deputies arrested in one month

One of those was for burning the genitals of his girlfriends boy with a hairdryer

Another was for stealing from a fallen officers fund

Such noble heroes, I know

I personally heard a conversation with one trying to shake someone down on the side of the road

He kept telling her that if she paid the bond right there it would be cheaper than if she went to jail

He kept insisting that he was trying to help her out and save her money

And of course it had to be cash

Yep, 1 in 10,000

Excuse me if I am a little skeptical

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