Baton rouge police being sued for mistreatment of protesters

July 13 2016

BATON ROUGE, La. — The ACLU of Louisiana and other local groups filed a lawsuit against the Baton Rouge Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies Wednesday, CBS affiliate WAFB reported.

The police have come under fire for tactics they used on protesters over the weekend. Over a three-day period, police arrested about 200 people.

The suit alleges that officers used excessive force, wrongful arrests, and both physical and verbal abuse to break up the protests.

The groups have reportedly collected eyewitness accounts that describe the actions of police in full riot gear with assault rifles. The reports claim that the police lunged and grabbed at protesters, throwing them down to the ground.

The governor has defended the police, calling their response “moderate.”

Alison Renee McCrary, the president of the Louisiana Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, stated in a news release that she witnessed the demonstrators being attacked and arrested firsthand. She said that she saw “assault weapons pointed at [the protestors] with fingers on the triggers, some dragged across the cement, their clothes ripped off of them.”

“What I saw happening was an immediate threat to life,” McCrary said in the release. “My and other demonstrators’ speech was chilled because of this event.”

And what do you know?

A week later someone opens fire on them

Somewhere do they see a link between their behavior and this recent spate of cop shootings?

Not just the killing of people “Resisting” but the outright maltreatment and abuse of their fellow citizens

This has all crossed the line now and what follows, for both sides, is going to be cause and effect

Buckle up folks, the ride is just beginning

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