Cops refuse to give up medal of valor for killing 107 Yr. old black man

Posted by Deborah Jarrett


“In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, militarized SWAT cops decorated themselves with “Medals of Valor” for killing 107-year-old Monroe Isadore, who reportedly supported his local cops during his enduring decades of living.

Now Pine Bluff Police are defying an order to return their death medals.

Even after the Pine Bluff City Council voted unanimously to rescind them.

“I don’t understand the rationale,” said Councilwoman Thelma Walker, who proposed the medals be rescinded, in a conversation with KATV.

“I don’t understand why anyone would want a medal, who can you show it to? Oh. I have a medal of valor….Well, were you in the war? No. I killed a 107-year-old man…. You know, who would want that?”

Pine Bluff City Council voted unanimously and issued an order to rescind the medals.

Pine Bluff Police Department responded to the order to rescind by lawyering up and running to the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the country, hiring legal representation to “weigh out the officers’ options”.

Because, apparently the morbid-minded officers don’t want to give up their trophies, celebrating Isadore’s death.

According to his family, Isadore loved and supported Pine Bluff police.

“For that to be who shot and killed him, that doesn’t sit right with me,” said Paula Aguilar Isadore’s youngest daughter. “We won’t believe that a 107-year-old man needed to be gunned down when he had hearing issues that the police knew about, they knew of his age, they knew he had lots of children.”

But Pine Bluff cops were the ones kicking down the door and bum-rushing the room Isadore had holed himself up in even though nobody else was in the house except him.

Aguilar says she’s unhappy with the investigation into her father’s death, and doesn’t buy the Pine Bluff Police Department’s official findings.

She thinks her dad was confused after Pine Bluff cops tear-gassed the hard-of-hearing, elderly man.

They then flash banged the old man. With a grenade.

Aguilar believes that’s what ended up confusing and incapacitating her father.

Then, after they stunned Isadore with a flash grenade, a Pine Bluff SWAT Team rushed inside the room he was in, and shot him 32 times, according to witnesses.”

From PINAC :

Yep, here are your typical heroes in blue

Like mad dogs, they couldn’t wait to gun someone down

A 107 Yr. old man

And they won’t give up their precious award

This is the caliber of people that they are hiring into law enforcement





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