At least 10 Chicago cops to be disciplined in shooting of Laquan McDonald

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“Nearly nine months since Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with murder for shooting Laquan McDonald, police Supt. Eddie Johnson is considering whether to fire or discipline at least 10 other cops for allegedly covering up what happened or bungling the investigation, sources say.

That’s the recommendation contained in a report on Johnson’s desk from Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson.

Among the first to go: Deputy Chief David McNaughton, who signed off on the police investigation that cleared Van Dyke of wrongdoing and retired Monday, the Chicago Sun-Times first reported.

McNaughton had written that the officer had “fired his weapon in fear of his life when the offender while armed with a knife continued to approach and refused all verbal direction.” Sources said McNaughton was forced out because of his role in the case.

Other high-ranking officials besides McNaughton are expected to resign, retire or be fired for their actions in the McDonald case, sources say. Johnson hasn’t formally moved to fire any cops in connection with the inspector general’s recommendation. No administrative charges have been filed with the Chicago Police Board, the first step in firing a cop.

Last month, Ferguson, the inspector general, had an hourlong meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It’s unclear if Ferguson discussed his McDonald recommendations with the mayor.

On Nov. 24, Van Dyke was charged with murder by the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, which had reinvestigated the shooting along with the FBI. A video from a police vehicle’s dashboard camera, made public on Nov. 24, showed that McDonald was walking away from Van Dyke and his partner when he was shot 16 times.”

Look at that

One day they are heroes, risking their lives every day

The next day?

They are lying scumbags covering up the murder of a suspect shot in the back while walking away

So what is the difference ?

The difference is that they were exposed for who they really are

Prior to that, they walked around with authority, badged and vested

Sworn officers of the court

But that didn’t change the fact that they were scumbags

It only changed the perception of them being scumbags

At least to some

I am sure it didn’t to those citizens that they lied about

Or beat

Or planted evidence on

But to the public as a whole , who buy the narrative of the thin blue line

Their perception was changed

They could now see them for what they really are

Corrupt, lying, power hungry, degenerates who defame their profession and their badge

The country is starting to wake up

In this age of car cameras and cell phones

They can no longer lie and hide behind their uniform and badge

The time is coming when their misdeeds as a whole will be exposed

The myth of the the thin blue line

And a few bad apples is going to exposed as just that

A myth

Forget about who is behind the curtain

Worry about who is behind the badge

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