Lying cop gets busted by his body cam

“A former Rockwood police officer at the center of a $1.2 million federal lawsuit for pepper-spraying a 20-year-old college student submitted his resignation a day after the lawsuit was filed, according to records.

Officer Chris Kennedy claimed he was charged by Xavier Howard while responding to a report of a domestic argument between Howard and his girlfriend at an apartment complex shortly after midnight July 5, 2015.

The officer’s body camera video — obtained through a public records request by the News Sentinel — shows no such attack.

According to the lawsuit, filed last month in U.S. District Court, Howard was arrested and ultimately charged with underage consumption of alcohol after a judicial magistrate refused to approve a domestic assault charge because there was no evidence.

As a result of his arrest, the student lost his basketball scholarship at Roane State Community College and was forced to drop out, the lawsuit claims. Howard racked up more than $5,000 in bond and legal fees.”

Rest of the story and video here:

Boy cops sure do hate the whole camera thing

Whether you have it or they do, it strips their ability to lie

Make sure any time you have contact that you have video rolling

If not it is almost a virtual guarantee that the report will be filled with lies

For decades their default position has been to lie to cover any incongruities in their stories

Now in the camera age that ability is being taken away

Slowly but surely they are being shown for what they really are

Liars, bullies and thugs


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