It’s not only the cops. Scumbag Judge sentences domestic violence victim to jail then gets reprimanded by higher judges

Here is video of Judge Jerri Collins of Seminole county Florida sentencing the victim for not testifying

Here is video of this POS getting reprimanded by the Florida supreme court

And here is a petition to get her removed by the Governor

There is way too much of this crap going on and way too little reprimanding

I have personally sat in court while a judge told an attorney” I don’t care if it’s legal, I’m a judge, I can do anything I want”

I have personally sat in a court while a judge allowed a cop to perjure himself and change sworn testimony that was given earlier

I have personally sat in a court while the judge allowed hearsay evidence in over the objections of an attorney

I have personally sat in a court and had a judge let a cop illegally give a victims impact statement when there was no victim other than the state of Florida

I have personally sat in court while a Judge used something that I wrote on my website during  the sentencing of someone else

These scumbag judges are just as bad if not worse than the cops

The judges are the ones who empower the cops and allow them to lie

And then have the judicial system profit from it

The Florida supreme court makes a big deal about the peoples trust and all that

But there is a whole hell of a lot of it going on

And a whole little being done about it


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