Hero in blue busted on child pornography

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“A New Castle County Police officer was arrested Monday on child pornography charges.

Delaware State Police handcuffed 45-year-old Robert Vasecka of Newark on more than two dozen counts of dealing in child pornography.

The Delaware Child Predator Task Force was led to Vasecka after someone in a public online chat room reported that a user uploaded suspected child porn images.

The attorney general’s office said a search of Vasecka’s cellphone turned up at least 25 images of child pornography.”


Next time you see a cop

You should wonder who is behind that shiny badge

And who’s hand rests on that gun

Is it a hero?

Tasked with protecting and serving his community?

Part of the thin blue line that stands between us defenseless citizens and anarchy?

Or is it some power hungry degenerate

Some one who got the job just to control

To bully

And to order other people around

A few bad apples?

Go to the search box here on my page

Put in rape

Put in child pornography

Put in officer arrested

A few bad apples?

Those are the ones who got caught

Those are the ones that I have published here

And for every one I publish

I pass up on twenty

There are so many stinking bad apples out there

They have spoiled the bushel


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