Miami Beach Pays Good Samaritan Beaten by Cop $100,000 Settlement

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“When Andrew Mossberg, then 50, stumbled upon what he says was a man beating a woman in Miami Beach in 2013, he immediately assumed the man was a thieving bandit. So Mossberg stepped in to help. It turned out the man, Philippe Archer, was an undercover Miami Beach detective — but Mossberg says the cop still didn’t think twice about beating his face to a pulp.

After a lengthy complaint process, Mossberg sued the City of Miami Beach this past January. Yesterday he and the city settled the case — and the city paid him $100,000.

Though he says his client feels satisfied the matter is over, Mossberg’s attorney, Ray Taseff, tells New Times he hopes the settlement will compel Miami Beach (and other local police departments) to reform their discipline policies. Taseff says there were a host of red flags in Archer’s past that should have warned Miami Beach Police to remove the cop from the street. In 2012, he says, Archer was sued four times for misconduct, but the department’s “early warning” system to detect bad cops didn’t alert anyone to the suits.

“The ‘early warning’ system is a joke,” Taseff says. “It does not pick up lawsuits. Any business or any organization, if you have an employee being sued who’s costing your organization thousands, aren’t you going to look at that?” He added that this mirrors concerns civilians have with police across the nation.

Late yesterday, Miami Beach Fraternal Order of Police President Bobby Jenkins issued a statement defending the undercover Beach cop.

For over 20 years, Det. Phil Archer has done an outstanding job of serving the community of Miami Beach as a member of our elite crime suppression team and gang unit. This job entails dealing with some of the city’s most dangerous and violent criminals including murderers, rapists, drug dealers, terrorists, and burglars, among others. As such, officers who work this detail are much more likely to find themselves in precarious situations that can lead to altercations with the subjects who they encounter.

But Taseff makes a strong case that Archer’s career has not reflected entirely exemplary work.

On June 26, 2013, Mossberg says, he was out on a regular evening walk with his son and dog when he saw Archer attacking the woman. Mossberg called 911 and says Archer beat the woman to the ground while the call was ongoing. Mossberg says the cop then beat him to prevent him from speaking to dispatchers.

Mossberg says the cop “judo-kicked” him twice in the head, punched him, and then threw him into an SUV’s front fender. He says three witnesses observed the attack.

Despite this, Mossberg was charged with assaulting an officer. (The charges were later dropped.) When police took Mossberg and the assaulted woman to the station, Archer posed for a photo of himself smiling with his arm wrapped around his alleged victim”


Wow, The scum baggery of Florida cops knows no limits

For some reason Florida seems to attract the worst of the degenerates

Look below at what a quick search for “Officer arrested” turns up

Plan on vacationing in Florida?

Remember the motto “Come on vacation, Leave on probation”

Make sure you or yours don’t end up interacting with Florida’s finest

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The Washington Post

Apr 30, 2016 – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in Florida fired and arrested probationary patrol officer Akinyemi Borisade after the officer repeatedly struck a …

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Jul 29, 2016 – A Florida man was arrested when an Orlando police officer mistook Krispy Kreme donut glaze for methamphetamine.


Jun 1, 2016 – A former Florida police officer was arrested and charged on Wednesday in the fatal shooting of a black musician after a grand jury found that he …



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Aug 5, 2016 – A police officer at Florida Gulf Coast University has been arrested for violating a restraining order against him for stalking.

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Sep 19, 2016 – ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) — The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested a St. Petersburg police officer for domestic battery early Monday …

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Photography is Not a Crime

Apr 28, 2016 – A Florida sheriff’s officer was fired and arrested after he was caught on video repeatedly punching a handcuffed woman Wednesday.

Tampa Bay Times

Aug 12, 2016 – Tampa police officer arrested for sexual battery during traffic stop … 25, police received results of a forensic examination from the Florida …

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Aug 20, 2016 – Polk County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man for impersonating a law enforcement officer to avoid paying $11 at a high school football game …

UPDATE: Former Live Oak Police Sergeant Charged – WCTV…/Live-Oak-Police-OfficerArrested-by-FBI-on-Child-Porn-Char…


Kirby was arrested last October, and was first indicted in November. On Friday … LIVE OAK, FL — A Live Oak police officer is facing child pornography charges.

Police: Former Florida cop arrested for making fake 911 calls | www ……floridacoparrested…/nsHGb/

The Palm Beach Post

Aug 17, 2016 – A former Florida police officer was arrested on Sunday after police said he made two calls to 911 with no crimes occuring. Wendell Ray …

Police Officer Arrested for DUI in Florida – Anelli Xavier

Earlier this month, Christopher Sutherlin, a New Port Richey Police Officer was involved in late night crash in Florida. He has been accused of fleeing the.

Florida cop arrested, fired for repeatedly hitting handcuffed woman in …


Apr 29, 2016 – A Florida police officer has been charged with battery and was fired from his position after a video emerged of him repeatedly striking a woman …

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The Huntsville Times

Jun 2, 2016 – A fired Florida police officer was arrested and charged Wednesday with manslaughter and attempted murder in the fatal shooting of a legally …

Cop Kills Civilian During Act of Road Rage — Officer Not Arrested … › Badge Abuse

Jun 20, 2016 – A 22-year-old man was shot dead in Palm Bay, Florida, by an off-duty Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy in a fit of uncontrolled road rage late …

Former South Florida police officer arrested in Corey Jones…

Jun 1, 2016 – A former South Florida police officer has been arrested in last year’s fatal shooting of Corey Jones.

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Aug 9, 2016 – Fired cop arrested, accused of trying to sneak gun into Disney. Kevin Webb … Disney security stops man impersonating officer from bringing gun into Magic Kingdom … Interactive: Central Florida homicides map …

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A Sunrise Police officer is facing charges after he was arrested during a domestic violence incident at his home.

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Deputy arrested in battery case

Orlando SentinelSep 23, 2016
An Osceola County deputy sheriff was arrested on dating-violence charges this week after a woman said he pinned her against a wall in her …
Story image for florida deputy arrested from

Former Pasco Detention Deputy Arrested

Patch.comSep 21, 2016
NEW PORT RICHEY, FL — A Pasco County detention deputy … in the head in mid-September has been fired and arrested on a battery charge.
Story image for florida deputy arrested from WESH Orlando

Police: Osceola deputy arrested on battery, stalking charges

WESH OrlandoSep 23, 2016
—An Osceola County school resource deputy has been relieved of duty … app to stay on top of the latest news in Central Florida and beyond.
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