Hero in blue busted on child pornography

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

“A New Castle County Police officer was arrested Monday on child pornography charges.

Delaware State Police handcuffed 45-year-old Robert Vasecka of Newark on more than two dozen counts of dealing in child pornography.

The Delaware Child Predator Task Force was led to Vasecka after someone in a public online chat room reported that a user uploaded suspected child porn images.

The attorney general’s office said a search of Vasecka’s cellphone turned up at least 25 images of child pornography.”


Next time you see a cop

You should wonder who is behind that shiny badge

And who’s hand rests on that gun

Is it a hero?

Tasked with protecting and serving his community?

Part of the thin blue line that stands between us defenseless citizens and anarchy?

Or is it some power hungry degenerate

Some one who got the job just to control

To bully

And to order other people around

A few bad apples?

Go to the search box here on my page

Put in rape

Put in child pornography

Put in officer arrested

A few bad apples?

Those are the ones who got caught

Those are the ones that I have published here

And for every one I publish

I pass up on twenty

There are so many stinking bad apples out there

They have spoiled the bushel


Blue privilege at its worst: Police chief arrested for selling pain pills pleas down and keeps his job

“PORTVILLE — The officer who was in charge of the Portville Police Department has pleaded guilty to two noncriminal violations after being charged with two felony drug-related charges nearly a year ago.

Ronald Brisbee, 53, was arrested Sept. 23, 2015, on felony charges of fifth-degree criminal possession, sale of a controlled substance, and official misconduct, a misdemeanor. On Friday, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and a state Public Health Law violation of possession of a controlled substance outside its original container to satisfy the charges.

He was given a conditional discharge on the disorderly conduct charge and an unconditional discharge on the state Health Law violation.

Brisbee has been on administrative leave from his village police post. Mayor Emily Woodhead assumed administrative duties after Brisbee’s arrest.

State police investigators alleged Brisbee illegally possessed and sold pain medication to another person while on duty on Sept. 22, 2015. The arrest was the result of a joint investigation by the state police’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations and Community Narcotics Enforcement Team.

Special Prosecutor John Nelson of Ellicottville told the Times Herald on Tuesday “state police did an excellent job investigating the case,” but that there were “significant issues with the complainant that jeopardized further prosecution.” He did not elaborate.

The mayor advocated for Brisbee’s return, Nelson said. “The village wanted him back.”

“It came down to making sure justice was done,” Nelson said, “which would not be done with the issues with the complainant that arose.” The issues included “serious factual issues,” he added.

Until his arrest last September, Brisbee had a spotless record in the Portville Police Department, where he started as a part-time patrolman in 2002. In 2006, he became officer in charge.

Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Rieman recused herself from the Brisbee investigation and prosecution.

“(Brisbee) is a witness in some of our cases, so it’s inappropriate for us to prosecute him. It gives the appearance of impropriety. I’m out of the loop on this one,” Rieman replied when asked to comment on the plea agreement.

Nelson was named special prosecutor in the case.”



“Connors said. “There were gaps in her (the complainant’s) credibility.” He said there were “exaggerations and outright falsehoods made by the complainant.”

A cop lying about charges?

No way

If that were you or I we sure the hell would not be getting a disorderly conduct

The complainant was a sworn officer of the court

His testimony is given the weight of truth

So who is lying here?

Someone should be in jail


From the CATO institute

Make sure you book mark their page

They are an invaluable asset


Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, September 8, 2016:

  • Update: Oak Harbor, Washington (First reported 08-09-16): An officer was federally indicted on child pornography charges for sexting a 13-year-old girl. ow.ly/gX9B30409x5
  • Dallas, Texas: An officer was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend at a downtown hotel while he was off duty. ow.ly/3Twg3040afL
  • Update: Seneca, South Carolina (First reported 07-31-15): The officer who fatally shot  Zachary Hammond, an unarmed teen fleeing a drug bust in a car, has been fired. ow.ly/i9183040buK
  • Dallas, Texas: An officer was arrested for trespassing for an incident that happened when he was off duty. He picked up his intoxicated daughter at a party and believed she had been drugged. He went to knock on the door and got no answer and kicked the door down. ow.ly/YtIa3040bSY
  • Framingham State University: An officer was arrested for a lewd act on campus. He allegedly exposed himself to a student. ow.ly/uVlu3040c6x
  • Update: Madison, Alabama (First reported 02-11-15): An officer who was tried multiple times for partially paralyzing an elderly Indian national in a confrontation will be reinstated. ow.ly/BnGT3040cqY
  • Update: Oakland, California (First reported 05-13-16): Four officers were fired and seven were suspended for their roles in the still-growing scandal involving an underage sex worker. ow.ly/foi53041cP3
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut: An officer was arrested for assault and DUI after punching a man he knew in the face and then hitting a fire hydrant with a car. ow.ly/Jnuf3041gzL
  • Update: Washington County, Oregon (First reported 12-15-15): A now-former deputy was sentenced to two years’ probation, serve 80 hours of community service, and pay $12,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to a strangulation assault charge. Upon successful completion of all these conditions, his felony coercion conviction will be dismissed. ow.ly/MmW83041oef
  • Update: Columbus, Mississippi (First reported 07-11-16): An officer who was serving a suspension for a violent personal confrontation that happened on duty was arrested again for domestic violence. ow.ly/7iQb3041oTL
  • Bald Head Island, North Carolina: A public safety officer was arrested for DWI and possessing a concealed weapon while intoxicated. ow.ly/88xu3041pYi
  • Update: Fairview Township, Pennsylvania (First reported 12-21-15): A now-former officer pled guilty to stealing federal funds. He thought he was stealing drug proceeds but was the target of a federal sting. ow.ly/z3Yu3041sfr
  • Update: U.S. Secret Service (First reported 11-11-15): The officer who was fired for sexting someone he believed to be a child while on duty at the White House has been sent to Florida to face child solicitation charges. ow.ly/m8tD3041tfA
  • Update: Adams County, Colorado (First reported 11-30-15): An officer who is currently on trial for assault for kicking a man outside of a bar last year has been fired. ow.ly/qgD03041u9C
  • Update: New Haven, Connecticut (First reported 07-26-16): The embattled chief resigned amid controversy, a recent suspension, and other misconduct allegations. ow.ly/ANdt3041uHc
  • Update: Everett, Massachusetts (First reported 08-17-16): An officer who was charged for strangling and kicking his pregnant wife in the stomach had his charges dropped because she refused to testify against him. ow.ly/kOvk3041vYM
  • Update: Toledo, Ohio (First reported 02-13-15): A now-former officer was acquitted of attempted murder and felony assault. He was convicted of tampering, obstruction of justice, and discharge of a firearm. The case was an alleged revenge murder-for-hire conspiracy. ow.ly/Hm0l3041xOr
  • Update: New York, New York (First reported 12-17-15): A now-former officer was sentenced to three years in prison for molesting a child several times over the course of three years, starting when the victim was 10. ow.ly/eJ2G3041B5e

Cop impregnates child: Perverts with unbound authority to do as they please.


A North Carolina cop impregnated a 14-year-old girl while mentoring her in an attempt to prove that “policemen are good.”

Now Lowell police officer James Paul Blair, 51, is sitting in jail on a charge of statutory rape, according to WSOC-TV.

The girl’s mother said she was reluctant to allow Blair to become friendly with her daughter after she had run away, but allowed it because she had trust in police.

Besides, her daughter wanted to be a cop when she got older. And Blair offered to take along the girl’s little brother on outings as well along with his wife.

But then one day Blair asked the mother to keep the son at home, according to the Gaston Gazette.

And his wife was apparently not around when he took her virginity.

After learning her daughter was pregnant, the mother confronted the cop who admitted everything.

He also told her he wanted the girl to have an abortion to save his own skin.

But the girl’s mother said she does not believe in abortion.

According to WSOC-TV:

She said the veteran officer came to her home asking to connect with her 14-year-old daughter, who had run away before, and her sibling.

“To show them, ‘Hey, policemen are good,’” the mother said.

He would visit often and even took them on a trip. Then the mother discovered text messages that indicated her daughter was pregnant and the officer was the father.


I could just throw up when I read vile stuff like this.  This is not just a few .  I can’t even comment on this because it speaks for itself.

Cop kills unarmed man , lies to cover it up, gets busted by dashcam video and charged with murder

“He clearly lied and had there not been any cameras in the car he possibly would have gotten away with it,” Grand Juror No. 7 told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Atlanta police officer James R. Burns had told investigators an unarmed black man was trying to kill him with his car on June 22, which made him fear for his life.

But the 23-member grand jury handed down a murder indictment last Wednesday after viewing dash cam footage and determining the expert marksman did not appear to be in danger after stepping out of his patrol cruiser and shooting the man in the back of the head as he pulled out of a parking spot.

It turns out, Burns was not even sure that 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers was the actual suspect he was looking for, according to Atlanta Police Chief George N. Turner, who testified against the officer and who also fired him in July after viewing the video.

Unarmed 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers was shot in the back of the head in his car after he drove past James R. Burns, who friends say was an expert marksman.

“The driver of the vehicle posed no threat to you,” said Chief Turner. “Yet rather than allow the driver to proceed past you, you exited your vehicle and ultimately prevented the driver from driving away through the use of deadly force.”

Burns responded to an officer requesting back up during a foot pursuit of a suspected burglar near an Atlanta apartment complex.

As Burns arrived at the complex, he noticed a car’s headlights turn on and begin towards his car from a parking spot. Rogers was driving the car, but didn’t stop when Burns lit up his blue and red lights.

After Rogers drove away from the parking spot, Burns fired a single shot into his car, striking him him in the back of the head.

“He lied by saying Mr. Rogers car drove towards him, which is contrary to the evidence uncovered by the APD investigation and uncovered by our investigation,” director of the public integrity unit for the Fulton DA’s office, Melissa D. Redmon said.

“Pulling out of a parking space does not warrant being shot in the back of the head. He didn’t know who was in the car. Mr. Rogers is not going to be on trial, is not on trial. He was doing nothing wrong.”

“Video footage from another patrol car on-scene revealed Burns walking from behind his police cruiser after he shot Rogers and showed he faced no immediate danger.

Burns' attorney suggests his client isn't guilty of murder because his victim has a criminal record didn't stop when his client flashed his police lights.

Prosecutors argued Rogers “made no attempt to strike the officer and Burns was safely standing at the rear of his own patrol vehicle” when he fatally shot Rogers in the head, according to Reuters.

“When he got out of the car the gun was drawn and within four seconds he fired off a shot into a car and he didn’t know exactly who or what he was shooting,” said Grand Juror 7.

Georgia Cop Indicted for Murder After Grand Jury Views “Persuasive” Dash-Cam Footage Disproving Official Narrative

Absolutely typical

A dirty, lying cop makes up a story to fit his narrative

The only difference here is that he did not have a chance to get rid of the video

At least for the moment there is one less psychopath on the street

Makes you feel safe

Doesn’t it?

Remember this guy the next time you see a hero in blue

Or the next time one pulls you over





It’s not only the cops. Scumbag Judge sentences domestic violence victim to jail then gets reprimanded by higher judges

Here is video of Judge Jerri Collins of Seminole county Florida sentencing the victim for not testifying

Here is video of this POS getting reprimanded by the Florida supreme court

And here is a petition to get her removed by the Governor


There is way too much of this crap going on and way too little reprimanding

I have personally sat in court while a judge told an attorney” I don’t care if it’s legal, I’m a judge, I can do anything I want”

I have personally sat in a court while a judge allowed a cop to perjure himself and change sworn testimony that was given earlier

I have personally sat in a court while the judge allowed hearsay evidence in over the objections of an attorney

I have personally sat in a court and had a judge let a cop illegally give a victims impact statement when there was no victim other than the state of Florida

I have personally sat in court while a Judge used something that I wrote on my website during  the sentencing of someone else

These scumbag judges are just as bad if not worse than the cops

The judges are the ones who empower the cops and allow them to lie

And then have the judicial system profit from it

The Florida supreme court makes a big deal about the peoples trust and all that

But there is a whole hell of a lot of it going on

And a whole little being done about it