Video: John Oliver, Police are the problem

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” looked at police accountability following the wake of countless police-related shootings. As Oliver noted, “I literally can’t mention them all.”

But Oliver points out that this is more than just a matter of police departments having a “few bad apples.”

“There are nearly 18,000 different police departments in America, and they are not great at reporting or sharing data,” Oliver said.

In the segment, there’s video of FBI Director James Comey stating that there are no records kept in the country of how many people have been shot by police.

Because of that, Oliver points to one researcher who gathered information on police shootings via Google alerts. His research found that out of 1,000 police shootings since 2005, only 77 officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter and to date only 26 have been convicted.

Only 26 convictions seems extremely low. Oliver shows how that’s possible with less than objective investigations by internal affairs and even some officers deleting past incidents from their official police files. Or if an officer has an incident at a department that will hurt them in the future, they may simply resign and move to another police department. This is done so much that the practice has a name in law enforcement: “gypsy cops.”

Video with the story here:

And now people are starting to shoot back

The ones who claimed that they are heroes because “They put their lives on the line every day” are singing a different story

Now that the risk is actually there P.D.s across the country have sudden short falls in man power

All of a sudden no one wants to be a hero and they are a bunch of frightened rabbits

Even the Houston police chief retired after his P.D. got shot up

Now it would seem would be a good time for the few good apples out there to try and change the trajectory of this

If they can’t and their scumbag counter parts are allowed to continue reigning

Then there is going to be unrest on a scale not seen in decades

You brought this on yourselves

Only you can change it


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