One weekend: 4 cops shot in three separate states

You have truly brought this on yourselves

In the end you reap what you sow and for decades now, lying, beating and killing have become the norm

You yourselves have turned the people you are sworn to serve and protect against you

Every time you lie on a report, abuse or bully, another citizen goes over to the other side

Every time you turn your head when another cop abuses someone or abuses their authority, you make an enemy

Now the tide is turning

You have made more enemies than allies

Even children are turned against you as day in and day out as they see videos of rampant police abuse on social media

We now live in an age when a crowd cheers and takes pictures when a cop gets dragged out and beaten

Default hero status in the Video age is hard to come by

It will now take you decades to undo your wrong doings

If it is even possible

It is yours to decide

Are you domestic warriors

Or public servants?

Choose wisely, because the people have had their belly full of domestic wattiors


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