Former NYPD cop blames arrest quota pressure for drunken shooting frenzy that nearly killed a man

A former NYPD officer convicted of shooting at two men — nearly killing one of them during a drunken bender in 2014 — said the pressure of arrest quotas drove him to drink, according to court documents obtained by the Daily News.

Brendan Cronin told a court-ordered psychologist that beginning around 2009 he sought solace in the bottle amid pressure from supervisors in the Bronx.

“Sleep difficulties commenced about one year after he started working at the 46th Precinct, when he was transferred from foot patrol to a car,” the psychologist, Stuart Kirschner, wrote. “At that time, a great deal of pressure was placed on the officers to make at least five arrests and issue 10 summons. If that quota was not met, then the officer was in a ‘vulnerable’ position.”



The psychologist’s report revealing the alleged quota pressure was filed in connection with a $90 million suit against the city and the NYPD. It wasn’t clear over what time period the five arrests and 10 summonses were supposed to be completed. The NYPD has long denied the existence of quotas within the department.

Cronin was sentenced in April to nine years in prison for firing 14 times at a passing car in Pelham driven by Robert Borrelli, who was unharmed. The passenger, Joseph Felice, was shot six times and nearly died.”

A drunken psychopath roaming the streets in uniform

Who ever would have guessed?

At least this scumbag was held accountable

Point being here: You never know who is behind that badge and gun


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