Officer friendly:Ashville cop charged with child porn


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By Carol Robinson |
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on December 20, 2016 at 3:26 PM

“A former police officer in St. Clair County is under arrest on multiple child porn charges.

Adam Lee Anderson, 37, was taken into custody Tuesday, according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. Anderson was a police officer with the Ashville Police Department until his resignation last month. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he resigned because of the pending investigation or for other reasons.

Anderson, who lives in Ashville, is charged with four counts of possession of child pornography. ALEA’s Special Victims Unit led the investigation, and was assisted by the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office, the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI, said Senior Trooper Chuck Daniel.

Authorities didn’t release any additional details, and the court records aren’t yet available. Anderson is being held without bond in the Blount County Jail. He is being held in Blount County at the request of the St. Clair County sheriff so that he wouldn’t be jailed in the county where he formerly worked”

From here:

Yep, one day he is pulling you over on the highway

The next he is masturbating to child porn

Think about this:

The day before he was busted, he was a “Sworn officer of the court”

As such, his testimony would be given the weight of truth over yours

He was an official instrument of the state

Remember this pervert the next time you see a cop

Remember this pervert if you ever listen to a cop’s testimony

The sanctioning of the state does not make you a hero

A badge does not make you a hero

A blue uniform does not make you a hero

Do not assume that because some one is a cop that they are a good person

They are just as likely, if not more

To be as bad or worse as the next guy

(Yes, worse. All day long they have opportunity to abuse their authority)

Honolulu police chief caught in attempt to frame innocent man


HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) –

“In the last few days we have seen huge developments in the ongoing investigation of Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife, Katherine, a supervising Deputy in the office of Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro.

For the first time, the code of silence was broken when a former officer admitted he lied, under oath, and was directed by other officers as part of a conspiracy to frame an innocent man.

It was also the first time we heard the FBI and prosecutor’s overall theory of the case. Even though the court documents don’t name names, the facts are truly shocking.

And finally, on Monday we learned that the Chief has received a letter saying he is a target of the investigation – facing felony indictment.

The federal government believes that Katherine Kealoha and the officers faked the theft of her mailbox, and staged the surveillance video as evidence to frame her uncle. This is the first time we know for sure that the FBI’s evidence supports that accusation enough to get this first guilty plea and that the conspirators face federal felonies. The officers allegedly involved work for an elite unit that reports directly to the chief.

Of course, we presume all are innocent until proven guilty. But IF true this amounts not only to a violation of the law, but a tremendous abuse of the power of law enforcement and of taxpayer resources.

Also shocking is the apparent lack of concern about this by Honolulu’s top law enforcement agencies. Prosecutor Kaneshiro issued a statement supporting Mrs. Kealoha and belittling the investigation. The police department at least expressed concern and disappointment but said it would take action only if allegations were “confirmed.” The police chief also remained defiant – and stopped short of putting himself on leave”

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Psychopaths know right from wrong but don’t care

“The behavior of psychopaths is, without doubt, morally inappropriate, including murder, sexual molestation, fraud, and arson. Further, clinical analyses show that they present abnormal emotional profiles, as well as problems with inhibitory control, often leading to both reactive and instrumental aggression (Blair, 1995, 1997, 2008; Blair and Cipolotti, 2000; Blair et al., 1995; Glenn and Raine, 2008; Kiehl, 2006; Kiehl et al., 2001; Raine and Yang, 2006). What is unclear is the extent to which psychopaths suffer from damage to morally-specific knowledge that, in healthy individuals, guides intuitive judgments of right and wrong independently of their moral actions. On the one hand, studies indicate that psychopaths, both adults and juveniles, show a diminished capacity to distinguish between conventional and moral transgressions (Blair, 1995, 1997, 2008; Smetana, 2005; Turiel, 1998, 2005). For example, unlike healthy adults, adult psychopaths will typically judge as equally forbidden transgressions in which a person wears pyjamas to a restaurant (conventional) and a person who gratuitously hits a waiter in the restaurant (moral). Psychopaths also show diminished inhibitory control, a deficit that may contribute to their impulsive behavior, especially in the context of violence (Blair, 2008; Blair and Cipolotti, 2000; Kiehl, 2006). This research has led to the view that because of their emotional deficits, psychopaths have corresponding deficits in moral knowledge which, coupled with poor inhibitory control, leads to morally inappropriate behavior (Blair, Mitchell, and Blair, 2005; Nichols, 2002; Prinz, 2008).

Further support for the idea that the deficit in moral psychology seen among psychopaths is due to the deficit in emotional processing, comes from the wealth of research showing a significant relationship between emotional experience and moral judgment. For example, dozens of studies now show that you can prime people’s emotional state, and as a result, change their judgment of particular moral scenarios. For instance, putting people in a happy state is associated with a greater tendency to allow someone to be used as a means to some greater good (Valdesolo and DeSteno, 2006); associating a neutral word with disgust under hypnosis is associated with more severe moral condemnation (Wheatley and Haidt, 2006); inducing disgust is associated with more severe moral judgments (Schnall et al., 2008).”

Drunken cop pulls gun on cashier at McDonald’s

“A McGrumpy US Marshal wasn’t lovin’ the wait at a Brooklyn McDonald’s — so he whipped out a loaded gun and pointed it at the terrified cashier and customers, cops said Sunday.

Drunken off-duty Deputy Marshal Charles Brown, 30, stumbled into the fast-food joint in Bay Ridge around 1:20 a.m. Saturday and quickly started a beef, according to police.

The fried lawman began yelling at cashier Joanna Diaz, 41, about the long wait for his food, police sources said.

Brown then allegedly pulled out his loaded service weapon and pointed it at Diaz before wheeling around and training his gun on terrified customers inside the 86th Street eatery.

The marshal zeroed in on a 21-year-old man behind him in line who tried to intervene on the cashier’s behalf, cops said.

As workers frantically dialed 911, Brown’s order came up, and he paid for his food and fled, sources said.

Responding cops canvassed the area and found Brown on the street. He was arrested and hit with a slew of charges, including menacing, harassment and violating firearm license regulations.”

Once again, let me beg the question:

What kind of person chooses a job that consists of controlling other people?

Guys like this that have a sense of power and entitlement

And the best part?

He was released without bail

What does that tell you?

Shreveport’s finest: 3 cops fired, two others suspended

Andre Wilson

Posted: Dec 16, 2016 11:12 PM EST Updated: Dec 16, 2016 11:49 PM EST

James Greene James Greene

SHREVEPORT, La – Five Shreveport police officers are off the beat after disciplinary action this week.

Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump fired Andrew Wilson, over alleged policy violations.

This is the second time Wilson has been fired. He was terminated in 2014 after his arrest on an obstruction of justice charge. The charge stemmed from an investigation into allegations that Wilson had an inappropriate relationship with a student while he was a school resource officer at a Shreveport high school, according to court documents.

Police ultimately charged Wilson with obstruction of justice, alleging he destroyed evidence in his phone during the investigation.

The case was dismissed earlier this year and Wilson was reinstated — but in October Crump suspended him as the department investigated unspecified policy violations.

Wilson first joined the department in 2004.

Crump also has fired another officer — James Greene — accused of wrongdoing on the job.

In 2015, Greene was charged with abuse of office after a woman accused him of raping her in his office at the Shreveport Police Department. A jury acquitted him earlier this year and he was reinstated on the police force.

In October, Crump put Greene on paid leave again during an investigation of unspecified policy violations.

This week, Crump also fired Officer Sean Channell after an investigation into unspecified policy violations. Channell joined the department in 2009.

Crump also put Officer Joshua Dowell on paid leave after Dowell was arrested on a contempt of court charge this afternoon. Dowell joined the department in 2011.

Officer Jemarlun Walker also has been put on leave during an investigation of unspecified policy violations”

Seriously, I have only one question:

Who the hell is hiring these people?

‘Bully with a badge’ sentenced to prison

Malcor said most of the women Prestridge dated between 2013 and 2015 didn’t know each other. The allegations each of the women brought forward were similar. They described being choked in an arm hold, struck, kicked and having their lives threatened.

Prestridge, 35, was hired by the former Macon Police Department in 2013 after being medically discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps due to a blood clotting disorder. He became a Bibb County deputy after the police department and sheriff’s office merged in 2014.

He was fired on the same day he was arrested in February 2016 after being found in violation of sheriff’s office policies.

You’re about to find out more about bullies than you ever bargained for.

Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms to Prestridge

Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, aggravated assault, family violence-related aggravated assault, two counts of terroristic threats and two counts of cruelty to children.

Malcor described him as “the worst kind of bully because he hid behind a badge” while telling one of the women not to report him after he broke one of her ribs and choked her, saying no one would believe her because he was a deputy.

He threatened to shoot up the house of another girlfriend while she and her child were inside and to arrest her if he saw her driving alone, Malcor said.

Because of his training, “he should have known better,” Malcor said.

In sentencing Prestridge to 20 years, half of them in prison, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms also called Prestridge a “bully with a badge.”

“You were supposed to be the guy that got between (the abused women) and somebody like you,” the judge said. “You weren’t supposed to be the one hitting, choking, kicking and threatening these women.

“You’re about to find out more about bullies than you ever bargained for,” he said.

Whole story is here:

I will reiterate what I have said in the past

The average cop has more in common with wife beaters, bullies and rapists than they do with the common citizen

They have chosen the profession that they are in for a reason

And that reason is control

The same thing that motivates the predators above

Motivates them

They have a gun for a reason

And they have handcuffs for a reason

Don’t listen to them and find yourself under their control

Think I am exaggerating?

Well read on:

Just a few bad apples? Compilation of police rapists from the first 8 months of 2016

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Alabama police officer arrested, accused of sexually assaulting man …

The Huntsville Times

Jun 15, 2016 – A Montgomery police officer was arrested Tuesday and charged in the … Deonte Lashawn Hamner, 27, is charged with first-degree sodomy, …

Adios Amigos ! 99 Dallas officers have quit or retired in last 10 weeks, reports say

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass

Cop pulls man over for loud music, forces him to give him oral sex at gun point


“Grand jury indicts Montgomery police officer on sex charge


A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted a Montgomery police officer on a charge of sodomy first degree.

Deonte Hamner was arrested in June after allegedly sexually assaulting a man while on duty.

According to court documents, Hamner pulled over the victim’s vehicle because of a noise complaint. Hamner then allegedly pulled a gun on the victim and forced him to perform oral sex.

The victim has filed a lawsuit against Hamner. According to the lawsuit, the victim now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, extreme humiliation, anxiety, depression and mental anguish.

Hamner was placed on administrative leave. ”

Administrative leave?

I find it hard to believe that someone hasn’t exterminated this defect

Wait until he gets into prison

Then he will be with his own kind

That’s right, his own kind

These cops have more in common with criminals, rapists, bullies and wife beaters than they do the common person

Cops are 4 times more likely to be domestic abusers than the average citizen

And why is that?

Who wakes up one morning and says I want to strap a gun on and control people?

Who else demands to be in control?

Short list:



Domestic abusers

This is quite possibly who you are confronting any time that you are pulled over

Stay safe out there

You must submit to my Auhtorita!!@!


Evanston police officers on leave after arresting man collecting signatures

Pioneer Press

“Two Evanston police officers are on leave and the department has launched an internal investigation after a 24-year-old African-American man was arrested Sunday while collecting signatures to run for local public office, according to Evanston Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan.

Devon Reid, 24, was in the 1700 block of Sherman Avenue in downtown Evanston when he was stopped just after 5:30 p.m., Dugan said.

Dugan said one of the officers, a white woman, saw Reid and another man with clipboards and wondered what they were doing. He said she stopped them and asked for their names and birth dates. The other man was a white 23-year-old, according to a Monday release by the city.

The men gave their names but Reid, who said he hopes to run for Evanston city clerk, refused to give his birth date, Dugan said.

“She asked several times. He refused several times,” Dugan said. Finally, the officer told Reid she would arrest him if he did not give his birth date. He still refused and she put him under arrest after calling for assistance from another officer, an African-American man.

The female patrol officer and her immediate supervisor, a white male sergeant, are the officers who were put on leave, Dugan said. The second responding patrol officer was not put on leave, he said. Dugan said the sergeant was put on leave because he was involved after Reid was brought back to the station.”

You see?

They just can’t help themselves

It is not a job

It is who they are

And this happens every day in a supposed free society

Day in and day out this plays out in our country

Yet people refuse to see that the “Heroes” that are worshiped in the media

Are actually the biggest threat to liberty that you or I will ever face

Any time you venture into public

Or nature for that fact

Your liberty is in danger

What happened to these people might happen to you

Or yours

Sound far fetched?

Well, it is not

It is the primary reason that this blog exists

A simple public outing turned into a false arrest, a report full of lies

And  a Hernando county Sheriff’s deputy trying to shake two women down for money on the side of the road

Far fetched?

Read through the pages that are compiled here and you will find that it is far from that

If you fear tyranny, loss of a free society and the end of America as the nation we know

Than you need to look no further than your local “Law enforcers”

Even when they are not off of the straight and narrow and perpetrating crimes against those that hey are sworn to serve

They are still there to enforce laws that are totally contradictory to freedom and to basic human rights

Look around America

Are you free?

If not, look directly at who are responsible for enforcing the laws  that take your freedom

Then look at the type of person it takes to do that