Resist the police state

By any means

Do not accept it

Do not give in to it

When law becomes tyranny

Resistance becomes duty


2 thoughts on “Resist the police state

  1. I salute you and your blog site. America needs many more of the same to help combat the terrible situation occurring in our country. The authorized terror ‘goons’ with city, county, state, federal law enforcement badges must be curtailed. What has happened to our law enforcement system? Why must the average law abiding US citizen be leery, if not afraid, of a police officer. The police claim they fear for their own safety. Perhaps their very conduct with/on civilians has created this situation. It has been proven time and time again (audio and video recordings) that many police officers lie, cheat, misconstrue facts, and partake in racial profiling,

    Keep the blog going. Love it! Let’s take America back from the tyrants. cheers

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