Cop pulls man over for loud music, forces him to give him oral sex at gun point


“Grand jury indicts Montgomery police officer on sex charge


A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted a Montgomery police officer on a charge of sodomy first degree.

Deonte Hamner was arrested in June after allegedly sexually assaulting a man while on duty.

According to court documents, Hamner pulled over the victim’s vehicle because of a noise complaint. Hamner then allegedly pulled a gun on the victim and forced him to perform oral sex.

The victim has filed a lawsuit against Hamner. According to the lawsuit, the victim now suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, extreme humiliation, anxiety, depression and mental anguish.

Hamner was placed on administrative leave. ”

Administrative leave?

I find it hard to believe that someone hasn’t exterminated this defect

Wait until he gets into prison

Then he will be with his own kind

That’s right, his own kind

These cops have more in common with criminals, rapists, bullies and wife beaters than they do the common person

Cops are 4 times more likely to be domestic abusers than the average citizen

And why is that?

Who wakes up one morning and says I want to strap a gun on and control people?

Who else demands to be in control?

Short list:



Domestic abusers

This is quite possibly who you are confronting any time that you are pulled over

Stay safe out there

You must submit to my Auhtorita!!@!


Evanston police officers on leave after arresting man collecting signatures

Pioneer Press

“Two Evanston police officers are on leave and the department has launched an internal investigation after a 24-year-old African-American man was arrested Sunday while collecting signatures to run for local public office, according to Evanston Police Cmdr. Joseph Dugan.

Devon Reid, 24, was in the 1700 block of Sherman Avenue in downtown Evanston when he was stopped just after 5:30 p.m., Dugan said.

Dugan said one of the officers, a white woman, saw Reid and another man with clipboards and wondered what they were doing. He said she stopped them and asked for their names and birth dates. The other man was a white 23-year-old, according to a Monday release by the city.

The men gave their names but Reid, who said he hopes to run for Evanston city clerk, refused to give his birth date, Dugan said.

“She asked several times. He refused several times,” Dugan said. Finally, the officer told Reid she would arrest him if he did not give his birth date. He still refused and she put him under arrest after calling for assistance from another officer, an African-American man.

The female patrol officer and her immediate supervisor, a white male sergeant, are the officers who were put on leave, Dugan said. The second responding patrol officer was not put on leave, he said. Dugan said the sergeant was put on leave because he was involved after Reid was brought back to the station.”

You see?

They just can’t help themselves

It is not a job

It is who they are

And this happens every day in a supposed free society

Day in and day out this plays out in our country

Yet people refuse to see that the “Heroes” that are worshiped in the media

Are actually the biggest threat to liberty that you or I will ever face

Any time you venture into public

Or nature for that fact

Your liberty is in danger

What happened to these people might happen to you

Or yours

Sound far fetched?

Well, it is not

It is the primary reason that this blog exists

A simple public outing turned into a false arrest, a report full of lies

And  a Hernando county Sheriff’s deputy trying to shake two women down for money on the side of the road

Far fetched?

Read through the pages that are compiled here and you will find that it is far from that

If you fear tyranny, loss of a free society and the end of America as the nation we know

Than you need to look no further than your local “Law enforcers”

Even when they are not off of the straight and narrow and perpetrating crimes against those that hey are sworn to serve

They are still there to enforce laws that are totally contradictory to freedom and to basic human rights

Look around America

Are you free?

If not, look directly at who are responsible for enforcing the laws  that take your freedom

Then look at the type of person it takes to do that