The thin blue line: Welcome to 2017

Times they are a changin and that’s for sure

The people that you are sworn to serve and protect have had enough

They have had enough lies

Enough abuse of power, false testimony and physical abuses

Enough swaggering bravado, hiding behind a badge and a force of 400 other men

Enough of citizens being shot down like dogs every time a cop quakes with fear

Welcome to 2017 and the times that will be changin

Every move you make will be recorded and played back when your sworn testimony differs

Everything you do will be watched and judged by the people who pay you

Even now, tens of thousands of videos of abuse, beatings and killing are played every year

Every year they are watched by the masses; men women and children who are appalled and horrified by what you are capable of

Welcome to 2017 when your default hero status is stripped away

Welcome to the beginning of the age when all you can incite is fear

But not respect

When your every indiscretion is recorded

Times they are a changin

And believe me

I will do my part to help make them change

See what happens when you abuse a law abiding citizen?

See what happens when you lie?

I hope you enjoy the fruits of your actions


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