Arrest reports: Cops arrested in the 1st week and a half of February 2017


Sleeping on duty, sex and more. Florida heroes risk their lives everyday


“(CNN/WFTS/RNN) – It’s not cool for Pinellas County night-shift deputies to arm wrestle, put each other in choke holds, sleep and, you know, have sex on the job.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri fired Deputy Scott Nichols and slapped several other deputies with lengthy suspensions after seeing videos and photos stored on Nichols’ phone.

“It was appalling and very disappointing,” Gualtieri said, adding that Nichols should not have let the others engage in the unprofessional behavior. “The sleeping is a big deal. They should not be sleeping. They’re getting paid to do the job, they need to do the job.”

He said internal affairs discovered the horseplay during a separate investigation into charges of sexual misconduct against Nichols.

Days before Gualtieri dropped the hammer, WFTS in Tampa reported that Nichols was demoted from corporal to deputy and given an 80-hour suspension after the investigation concluded that found the 32-year-old Nichols, who is married, was having sex with two female deputies who are also married.”

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How about that?

These are the guys/gals that are enforcers of the law

Regular heroes right?

Just because they strap on a badge and a gun

This is the caliber of people that fill out that blue uniform

Hero is deed, not dress

No one gets default hero status anymore

No one is above the ordinary citizen because the state declares them an “Officer of the court”



Scumbag cop threatens to make up charges to arrest citizen filming in P.D.

Duncan Hicks was inside the Victorville Sheriff’s Station this month to file a report.

Unsatisfied with how the receptionist and deputy were handling it, Hick’s recorded part of the incident.

“He was very disrespectful, very rude to me,” Hicks said.

Hicks says this was his third time there and he also called once to file a few custody disputes with his child’s mother and says this time the deputy refused to write his report down and then took it a step further. Then a bizarre exchange played out.

Hicks: This is not explaining the incident sir.”

Deputy: “K, Duncan. You know what man? I’m about getting tired of you and you’re about to go to jail just so you know.”

Hicks: “What am I going to jail for?”

Deputy: “I’ll create something you understand? You’ll go to jail. You understand that?”

Hicks: “You can’t say that. How you gonna create something? That’s against the law.”

Deputy: “Recording me like that. That’s illegal without my knowledge. You want to go to jail for that too?”

Hicks: “You have a gun on your hip. I’m doing this for my protection.”

Deputy: “Uh, uh, you’re not starting that in my lobby.”

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, audio/video recording in the station is allowed.

Sheriff John McMahon, released a statement that read in part: “Since viewing the video, our employees’ response to the citizen is not consistent with my expectation of customer service. Additionally, the deputy’s responses are not consistent with the interpretation of the law”

Video and the rest of the story here:

“Customer service”

What a joke

These power hungry, lying, abusive scumbags just can’t fit into the profile of public servant

For far too long their power has gone unchecked and they have had an unfettered reign of terror across our nation

This, in the future, is coming to an end

They are being outed for who they are in the age of video

Day in and day out starting in grade school the good citizens of our nation are being exposed to their malfeasence

Still they try to fall back on “It’s just a few bad apples”

But that is no longer working

Not when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary

Welcome to Florida: Lying cop robbing motorists finally caught on video

“Volusia County, FL — Body cams, according to some studies, may serve to reduce corruption and violence from certain police officers. However, as a recent body camera video out of Florida illustrates, a camera on this cop didn’t even deter his desire to commit theft.

Deputy John Braman, with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, has a history of complaints filed by people he’s arrested — who all claim he robbed them. However, not until this theft was caught on video did his department do anything about it.

On Monday, Braman turned in his resignation after body camera footage — from his own body camera — showed him going through a man’s wallet, take out money, and throw it into the trunk.

The incident took place back on August 1, 2016. However, the body camera video wasn’t released until this week by the State Attorney’s Office.

The State Attorney’s Office, for unknown reasons, held the video for months as the deputy went on with his regular duties. Not until the video was released this week, 6 months after it was taken, was the investigation launched.

It took a Daytona Beach attorney, who specializes in defending DUI cases to bring the video to the attention of investigators. The attorney, Flem Whited said the original video surfaced last year during another case for one of his clients.”


Liars and thieves and backed up by their superiors
This guy had multiple complaints but nobody would believe them because he is a “Sworn officer of the court”
Question: Why would you assume that a cop is not lying when he/She gives testimony?
The answer: You shouldn’t
In almost every report cops lie and “Change a few things” to make the report fit their narrative
And why is that?
Because they are given the benefit of truth every time
But guess what?
Things are changing
Welcome to the video age you lying dirt bags
Soon almost every encounter will be recorded and they will have no choice but to tell the truth
That day can’t come soon enough
So make sure, for your freedom and your safety that every encounter with them is recorded