Deputy Jeffrey Lamondra : A bad apple dumped from the bushel

Deputy Jeffrey Lamondra, A bad apple for sure

    What a degenerate. He should not only be ashamed that he wore the uniform, but he should be ashamed to  be part of the human race. This is the most basic of care and compassion that we as people can can offer. To help the most helpless is what separates us from animals.    But to tell you the truth, I am not surprised. I have had contact with this individual in the past. I am disabled and have had multiple surgeries on my back.I was falsely arrested one day after being assaulted by a felon on parole in a movie theater.    They never even ran a background on him to ascertain whether or not he may have been lying. Instead when they refused to take action against him and I demanded that a report be made, they arrested me instead.      I was thrown forcibly into Deputy Lamondra’s squad car  handcuffed, bruised, and without a seat belt. In the mean time while I was waiting to be transported, the Deputies attempted to shake my friend down for money telling her that she could pay the bond right now in cash and save money.    Am I surprised that this “Hero” in blue would let a potentially dying elderly person go without care? Not at all. When he transported me, he intentionally sped and jerked around turns while I was unsecured in the back seat. It was not enough to have the humiliation of being falsely arrested; He had to attempt to terrorize me on the way to the jail.  I complained multiple times that his speed , in the rain, was not only excessive, but also dangerous. He laughed and mocked me and told me that I no longer had any rights. He told me that the fourth amendment no longer existed and that I lived in a police state and better get used to it.      In the end, the treatment by this lower class of human being is what brought this blog to life. I have a question though for the good “Deputy” : How are you feeling this morning now that you have been exposed for what you are? How is your wife feeling? And your children? Proud are they? I’ll bet.     I don’t like to gloat but let me tell you this; I feel just fine this morning. I can look in the mirror with pride and say that I do my part to make sure that people like you are out of a job.

“Two concerned citizens called HCSO on February 12 to report a 60-year-old man wondering shirtless and carrying a catheter bag along Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill.

Former Deputy Lamondra responded to the call for service, but Sheriff Al Nienhuis says failed to properly investigate and put that Patsy Horan’s life at risk.

“It shocks my conscious to hear that there is a deputy out there that did something like this,” said Sheriff Nienhuis.

Instead of calling for an ambulance or rendering first aid, Lamondra called Horan a cab, despite Horan telling the two responding deputies that he was in need of help.

The cab took Horan 40 miles away to an old address, where he no longer lived, in Zephyrhills.

The cab driver later told investigators that Horan appeared to be “out of it” and called Zephyrhills Police for help.

Those responding officer put Horan under a Baker Act and transported him to a nearby hospital where doctors treated him for dehydration and severe urinary tract infection.

“This was shocking,” said Sheriff Nienhuis.  “It’s embarrassing, it’s disappointing.  It was embarrassing for the Sheriff’s Office, it was embarrassing for the profession and it’s not the way we do business.”

Sheriff Nienhuis said a second back-up deputy who responding to the calls for service for Horan was also punished.  Deputy Brian Schneider was issued a three day suspension, removed as field training officer and must attend crisis intervention classes”

Scumbag cop who shot surrendered father and killed autistic 6 Yr. Old convicted of manslaughter

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“A Louisiana cop has been convicted of fatally shooting a 6-year-old autistic boy after a high-speed car chase turned into a deadly shooting spree, prosecutors said Friday.

Disgraced Marksville deputy Derrick Stafford was slammed with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter charges for unleashing a hail of bullets at Christopher Few’s car after a 2-mile chase on the night of Nov. 3, 2015.

What Stafford didn’t know when he riddled the car with 14 bullets was that Few’s autistic son, Jeremy Mardis, was inside. At least four bullets tore into the young boy, who died within minutes. Few was critically wounded in the gunfire, but survived.”

“Never in a million years would I have fired my weapon if I knew a child was in that car,” Stafford told jurors. “I would have called off the pursuit myself.”

Stafford testified that he opened fire because he feared that Few, 26, would back up and run over his former colleague, deputy Norris Greenhouse, who had stumbled to the ground just before the chaos erupted.

“I felt I had no choice but to save Norris. That is the only reason I fired my weapon,” Stafford told the jury.”

And now here comes the good part. Here it is proven that the “Hero”, the “Sworn officer of the court” is a base and vulgar liar and killer. Instead of heroically saving his partner, this douche bag in Blue opened fire after the man raised his hands in surrender. Read on:

But graphic footage from Greenhouse’s body camera shows that Few had raised his hands in a universal sign of surrender before the two deputies collectively fired 18 shots at the vehicle.

Greenhouse, 25, who fired four shots at the car, is facing a separate trial later this year.

Few testified earlier this week that the deputies never gave any audible warnings before the shooting. The distressed father said he didn’t learn of his son’s death until he woke up from a coma six days later.”

Original here:

Makes you feel safe doesn’t it?

They will kill a six Yr. old and feel so bad about it that they will lie about their heroic actions

Think this is the first time this dirtbag lied?

Yeah, probably not

Will they go back and examine this liars arrest history?

Absolutely not

You want to know why?

The only mistake this guy made was getting caught

Had not a 6 Yr. old been caught in the crossfire he would have skated

It is universal practice for them to lie first and make the story fit their lie later



Top Cop who left noose for black officers resigns

No racism here at all. Plus they do not lie on police reports, beat innocent people or use their citizen granted powers for evil.

WALKER- A high-ranking Walker Police officer has resigned after he was suspended for placing a noose inside the squad room of the department.

A meeting to review the officer’s conduct and consider further disciplinary action was scheduled for Wednesday, however it was cancelled after the officer announced his resignation that same afternoon.

The sergeant was originally suspended for three days without pay before returning to his job last week.

Walker Police Chief David Addison says the case has been handed over to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for criminal investigation.

The noose was discovered last week after security footage revealed the officer had left the noose hanging in the department’s squad room. The officer then admitted to placing it there.

“We looked at [security video] to see who did it,” Police Chief Addison said. “We found the officer who was responsible.”

Addison declined to identify the officer, but said he’s been with the department for about a decade.

Addison is new on the job. He’s only been chief for three months. When he talked with WBRZ about the situation last week, he acknowledged he’d like the officer off the force.

“I recommended to my assistant chief that we should fire him, but he said let’s take this step first,” Addison said.

The assistant chief is an African American.  A lieutenant, who is also black, found the noose.

Louisiana law RS 14:40.5 prohibits a noose in a public place. Anyone convicted faces up to a $5,000 fine and one year in prison or both.

From the CATO institute

Visit their site here:

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, March 22, 2017:

  • Bridgeport, Connecticut: An officer was arrested for assault and breach of the peace for pulling a man who crashed into his car out of his car window and beating him during an off-duty incident in September.
  • Noel, Missouri: A deputy marshal was charged with vehicle theft and burglary for stealing a pickup truck from a female acquaintance.
  • Boston, Massachusetts: The Commissioner has asked a judge to overturn a labor arbitrator’s reinstatement of an officer who was fired for sexual harassment.
  • Update: Rockaway Township, New Jersey (First reported 10-24-14): An officer who tried to fix his cousin’s DWI was reinstated after finishing diversion program.
  • Millville, New Jersey: An officer is under investigation for an off-duty crash that happened last weekend. Although there has been no disclosure whether alcohol was involved in this incident, the officer has been charged with DUI in the past.
  • Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority: An officer was indicted for sexually abusing teens under his protection. Since his case became public, more people are coming forward with similar allegations.
  • Update: Edison Township, New Jersey (First reported 04-01-14): An officer is scheduled to stand trial on August 14 for attempted murder. Allegedly, he tried to burn down his superior officer’s home in retaliation for workplace differences. Several other officers have already pled guilty in related criminal cases.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: A now-former officer was indicted for four years of alleged sexual abuse of a minor who just turned 18. The officer was fired in May but it is unclear whether his termination was related to the allegations for these actions that are alleged to have occurred while he was employed with the department.

A few bad apples: L.A. Sheriff convicted of obstructing a federal investigation into corruption and abuses in county jails

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Go on, keep saying it “It’s just a few bad apples, most of them are good guys”. Keep saying it when time after time it is shown to be otherwise.    This is corruption from top to bottom and everywhere in between.   When are the people going to figure out that these people are not public servants, they are power mongers and petty tyrants bent on dominance and control?     It’s not the job that does it, it is the person doing the job. By the very nature of the person who chooses to do this the result is guaranteed.   Remember this Sheriff and every corrupt cop in his jail and Dept. the next time you have contact with LEO. Your life and freedom are in jeopardy any time you are in the presence of people like these.   Read the story below and find out the what these degenerates really think about the law.

Excerpted from the L.A. Times:

“LOS ANGELES — Lee Baca, the former Los Angeles County sheriff, was found guilty on Wednesday of obstructing a federal investigation of corruption and abuses in county jails, as well as covering up his attempt to block investigators.

The verdict brings an end to a corruption scandal that has dogged the largest sheriff’s department in the country and reached the highest levels of the department. Ten other officers, ranging from rank-and-file deputies to Mr. Baca’s second in command, have been convicted or pleaded guilty to interfering in the federal investigation into the jail system. More deputies have been found guilty of routinely sexually humiliating inmates and severely beating them at the jails, according to the Justice Department.”


“Federal prosecutors argued that Mr. Baca directed a conspiracy in 2011 to stop the F.B.I. from investigating allegations of abuse and corruption in the county’s jails, including trying to keep federal agents away from an inmate who was working for them as an informant, intimidating the agent leading the investigation and manipulating potential witnesses.

Mr. Baca’s top deputy, Paul Tanaka, was convicted of obstruction of justice and conspiracy last year and sentenced to five years in prison. Federal District Judge Percy Anderson, the same judge who oversaw Mr. Tanaka’s trial, will hand down Mr. Baca’s sentence. Federal prosecutors tried to avoid a trial late last year by reaching a plea deal with Mr. Baca, which would have put him in prison for no longer than six months. But Judge Anderson ruled that the sentence was too lenient.

Deputies initially discovered the federal civil rights investigation in the summer of 2011, when they found that F.B.I. agents had bribed a deputy to get a cellphone to the inmate working as an informant in their investigation of widespread corruption and routine beatings at the jail. The department later moved the inmate around to several other jails, using a pseudonym so that he could not be found and stopping him from speaking to a grand jury, witnesses in the trial said.

Two sheriff sergeants later approached an F.B.I. agent at her home and threatened to arrest her, a plan that prosecutors said Mr. Baca had approved. Other employees of the sheriff’s department tried to dissuade the inmate and other deputies from cooperating with the investigation.”

The rest of the story here:


Cop arrested for stealing from Hispanics he arrested

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Another cop out there risking his life everyday. Who would have guessed that the guy with the badge was the real criminal? After all he is a hero right? He has a badge, a gun and a blue uniform. Remember when you see lights behind you on the highway, it could be this guy or one of his buddies

“A former Kenner police officer was arrested Friday (March 10) for allegedly stealing money and wallets belonging to Hispanic men the officer had arrested during traffic stops.

Jan Michael Gregory, 32, will be charged with five counts of malfeasance in office, two counts of felony theft and three counts of misdemeanor theft, the Kenner Police Department said.

Kenner police initiated their investigation into Gregory in February, while he was still employed by the department. He resigned Feb. 22, immediately after being confronted with evidence that he had stolen money from Hispanic men he arrested for driving without a license.

A subsequent search of a gym bag inside Gregory’s police vehicle revealed two wallets that were later linked to Hispanic men he had arrested. Detectives later identified five Hispanic men Gregory arrested between Dec. 19, 2016 and Feb. 5, 2017, all of whom reported Gregory stole their money and wallets after pulling them over, police said.

The Kenner Police Department hired Gregory on Sept. 19, 2012. He graduated from the ninth Kenner Police Department P.O.S.T. Academy in January 2013, after which he was assigned to the patrol division.”

New York City’s finest Indicted in Bogus Drug Bust

More scumbag cops lying to make an arrest. So much for sworn officers of the court, Huh?

“Two New York Police Department detectives were indicted on a charge of faking a cocaine arrest in Queens, leading to a man spending more than 50 days at Rikers Island, the Queens district attorney’s office said Tuesday.

A Queens grand jury indicted Detectives Kevin Desormeau and Sasha Neve, both 33 years old and 10-year department veterans, prosecutors said. The officers face similar charges in connection with a different arrest in Manhattan.

Both pleaded not guilty Tuesday during an arraignment in Queens and were released without bail. Lawyers for the detectives didn’t respond to requests for comment. The NYPD said both were suspended.

The officers, who had been assigned to the department’s gang unit, arrested a man on Aug. 28, 2014, on charges of selling crack cocaine to a woman on a Queens street corner, police said. Det. Desormeau said in a court affidavit that he observed the man and woman exchanging cocaine, and recovered rock cocaine from the man’s waistband, according to prosecutors.

Surveillance video from inside a restaurant showed the arrested man playing pool during the time the cocaine sale supposedly took place. The video also shows the two detectives taking the man outside, prosecutors said.

The drug charges against the man have been dismissed, prosecutors said.”

There is a special place for these dirt bags

Hopefully it will be inside a cell with an irate inmate that found out their misdeeds