Florida cop caught lying after battering woman during stop

Posted by Deborah Jarrett


A Lee County deputy was fired after an internal investigation revealed he used excessive force and lied on official documents.

Deputy Raymond Gallagher was placed under investigation by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in October.

A witness reported to law enforcement that he saw Gallagher use force he didn’t believe looked necessary on a woman during a traffic stop.

The driver of the car involved in the traffic stop turned into a shopping center at Six Mile Cypress and Gladiolus when Gallagher pulled her over. The witness told investigators Gallagher approached the vehicle with his gun drawn, yelled profanities, and pulled the victim from the vehicle. Video from Gallagher’s dashboard camera on his patrol vehicle revealed a similar story.

In the arrest report, Gallagher said the victim drove away after he made contact, but investigators found that never happened. Gallagher also failed to document injuries from the female being removed from the vehicle, an act he described as “helping,” a description internal investigators disagreed with.

Gallagher was then fired from his position as a Lee County deputy.

The man who filed the complaint is described as familiar with law enforcement protocol and said Gallagher escalated the encounter.

The woman stopped by Gallagher told NBC2 the whole thing ruined her life, saying she was left bruised and battered. She and others involved in this case did not want to go on camera to comment.


Another cop lying on his report to make it fit his narrative

Who ever would have thought?

Make sure you remember this badged miscreant and the hundreds other that are chronicled on this site

If ever you sit in court as a juror and listen to testimony by a “Sworn officer of the court”

Remember the fact that he/she is just as likely to be lying as the next guy

It was an incident similar to this that spurred me to create this website

That is what happens when you abuse and really piss off a law abiding citizen

At one point a prosecutor actually demanded a letter of apology to the officer


To a lying , degenerate scumbag?

Not in this lifetime

Want me to write something for you?

How about this website

Plenty of wring here


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