New York City’s finest Indicted in Bogus Drug Bust

More scumbag cops lying to make an arrest. So much for sworn officers of the court, Huh?

“Two New York Police Department detectives were indicted on a charge of faking a cocaine arrest in Queens, leading to a man spending more than 50 days at Rikers Island, the Queens district attorney’s office said Tuesday.

A Queens grand jury indicted Detectives Kevin Desormeau and Sasha Neve, both 33 years old and 10-year department veterans, prosecutors said. The officers face similar charges in connection with a different arrest in Manhattan.

Both pleaded not guilty Tuesday during an arraignment in Queens and were released without bail. Lawyers for the detectives didn’t respond to requests for comment. The NYPD said both were suspended.

The officers, who had been assigned to the department’s gang unit, arrested a man on Aug. 28, 2014, on charges of selling crack cocaine to a woman on a Queens street corner, police said. Det. Desormeau said in a court affidavit that he observed the man and woman exchanging cocaine, and recovered rock cocaine from the man’s waistband, according to prosecutors.

Surveillance video from inside a restaurant showed the arrested man playing pool during the time the cocaine sale supposedly took place. The video also shows the two detectives taking the man outside, prosecutors said.

The drug charges against the man have been dismissed, prosecutors said.”

There is a special place for these dirt bags

Hopefully it will be inside a cell with an irate inmate that found out their misdeeds

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