Top Cop who left noose for black officers resigns

No racism here at all. Plus they do not lie on police reports, beat innocent people or use their citizen granted powers for evil.

WALKER- A high-ranking Walker Police officer has resigned after he was suspended for placing a noose inside the squad room of the department.

A meeting to review the officer’s conduct and consider further disciplinary action was scheduled for Wednesday, however it was cancelled after the officer announced his resignation that same afternoon.

The sergeant was originally suspended for three days without pay before returning to his job last week.

Walker Police Chief David Addison says the case has been handed over to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for criminal investigation.

The noose was discovered last week after security footage revealed the officer had left the noose hanging in the department’s squad room. The officer then admitted to placing it there.

“We looked at [security video] to see who did it,” Police Chief Addison said. “We found the officer who was responsible.”

Addison declined to identify the officer, but said he’s been with the department for about a decade.

Addison is new on the job. He’s only been chief for three months. When he talked with WBRZ about the situation last week, he acknowledged he’d like the officer off the force.

“I recommended to my assistant chief that we should fire him, but he said let’s take this step first,” Addison said.

The assistant chief is an African American.  A lieutenant, who is also black, found the noose.

Louisiana law RS 14:40.5 prohibits a noose in a public place. Anyone convicted faces up to a $5,000 fine and one year in prison or both.

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