Scumbag cop who shot surrendered father and killed autistic 6 Yr. Old convicted of manslaughter

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“A Louisiana cop has been convicted of fatally shooting a 6-year-old autistic boy after a high-speed car chase turned into a deadly shooting spree, prosecutors said Friday.

Disgraced Marksville deputy Derrick Stafford was slammed with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter charges for unleashing a hail of bullets at Christopher Few’s car after a 2-mile chase on the night of Nov. 3, 2015.

What Stafford didn’t know when he riddled the car with 14 bullets was that Few’s autistic son, Jeremy Mardis, was inside. At least four bullets tore into the young boy, who died within minutes. Few was critically wounded in the gunfire, but survived.”

“Never in a million years would I have fired my weapon if I knew a child was in that car,” Stafford told jurors. “I would have called off the pursuit myself.”

Stafford testified that he opened fire because he feared that Few, 26, would back up and run over his former colleague, deputy Norris Greenhouse, who had stumbled to the ground just before the chaos erupted.

“I felt I had no choice but to save Norris. That is the only reason I fired my weapon,” Stafford told the jury.”

And now here comes the good part. Here it is proven that the “Hero”, the “Sworn officer of the court” is a base and vulgar liar and killer. Instead of heroically saving his partner, this douche bag in Blue opened fire after the man raised his hands in surrender. Read on:

But graphic footage from Greenhouse’s body camera shows that Few had raised his hands in a universal sign of surrender before the two deputies collectively fired 18 shots at the vehicle.

Greenhouse, 25, who fired four shots at the car, is facing a separate trial later this year.

Few testified earlier this week that the deputies never gave any audible warnings before the shooting. The distressed father said he didn’t learn of his son’s death until he woke up from a coma six days later.”

Original here:

Makes you feel safe doesn’t it?

They will kill a six Yr. old and feel so bad about it that they will lie about their heroic actions

Think this is the first time this dirtbag lied?

Yeah, probably not

Will they go back and examine this liars arrest history?

Absolutely not

You want to know why?

The only mistake this guy made was getting caught

Had not a 6 Yr. old been caught in the crossfire he would have skated

It is universal practice for them to lie first and make the story fit their lie later



2 thoughts on “Scumbag cop who shot surrendered father and killed autistic 6 Yr. Old convicted of manslaughter

  1. The scumbag cop Ha,ha, that’s the name you should have given the Heroic,Alcoholic, drug using father Chris Few minus the cop part.Lt.Derrick Stafford was a 12year veteran of the police department, he is not a liar,he told the truth under oath to his part in this incident on Tuesday, November 3, 2015,Your hero broke the law,he ran red lights,ran stop signs,ran cars off the road,tried to open door of Megan Dixon car,then he tried to run over Deputy Greenhouse, that’s when Stafford opened fire,only two bullets from Stafford’s gun hit Little Jeremy,the other two came from an unknown gun, Who’s gun?14 shoots from Stafford’s. Gun,his aim was at the car as he testified,to stop him from running over the officer.The liar in this case isLt. Kenneth Parnell(got Derrick’s position in a fast lane)who first lied and said he didn’t unholster his gun,but,later testified in court that he did in fact pull his revelover,claiming he did not fire his gun,but,the other two bullets are not identified?Why? Because only Stafford and Greenhouse guns were taken that night,Parnell,and Brouillett,guns taken two days later.In a court of law you’re suppose to be innocent until proven guilty well, you and those jurors,had your minds made up before,the trial.The Media,gossip,hatred,and racism is what put Mr.Stafford in prison,and don’t forget all you criminals that hate all policeman unless you are in need of one,when you go to sleep ,you should have nightmares about sending a man to jail,even Chris Few,testified in Stafford’s defense, even asking the judge to not give Stafford more than ten years in prison,Why? Because,Few is a Thug ,that acting as one caused his son his life,he has been arrested for robbery,drugs,alcohol,strangulation of his spouse,and this shows his character and the illegal things that he’s capable of.Attorney General need about all of these criminal tactics,but,was hidden,to protect his (Fews) imagine,as sa thug,criminal,robber,and whatever.Stafford,worked and upheld the law,doing his duty,No,he did not know that there was a kid in the car,but,Chris Few did,he could have stopped that pursuit at anytime,but,he didn’t,because,he was high and trying to escape a ticket or maybe going to jail.he was determined to make sure he was not going to jail and the state was going to take his kid,he was not going to let that happen,but,all you see is a dead baby,a baby that the officers sure did not intend to harm,they were victims as well,Fews hands did not go up until he was shot not before,the videos shows that,but,gossip and lies is what put this in out of space,There are no winners here, Stafford’s life Stafford’s family is imprisoned along with him,Greenhouses life is still up in the air awaiting trial,Little Jeremy lost his young life.You know Mmadd, didn’t show up,Few was ticketed,protected,by the corrupt law of Markville,after all the mayor said Markville was corrupt,he finally told the truth.There indeed is a Good,and he sees everything,he knows all,and we will depend on him to settle all of these criminal,illegal,unfair,ideas,and bogus lies that were made against Stafford


    1. Good one. “All you criminals who hate cops” No, I am a law abiding citizen who hates criminals and particularly ones who have been sworn to uphold the law. And your boy, no matter how much you rant, is a convicted criminal. The same laws and system that he was part and parcel of convicted him of a crime and put him in prison. He can now join thousands of others in the prison system who claim to be unjustly convicted. Then there is this “Yet, according to State Police Colonel Michael Edmonson, Stafford was arrested after investigators reviewed his body camera footage from the night in question. According to Few’s attorney, Few had his hands up in the air when the two officers began shooting at him, AP reported last year. Although Few survived the ordeal, a total of 19 shell casings were found at the scene, 14 of which came from Stafford’s gun (the remaining five shells were from Greenhouse).” This video evidence is what initially got Stafford arrested and then after being seen by a jury, convicted. In the end the evidence points directly to Stafford being not just an amped up coward but also a liar.


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