Deputy Jeffrey Lamondra : A bad apple dumped from the bushel

Deputy Jeffrey Lamondra, A bad apple for sure

    What a degenerate. He should not only be ashamed that he wore the uniform, but he should be ashamed to  be part of the human race. This is the most basic of care and compassion that we as people can can offer. To help the most helpless is what separates us from animals.    But to tell you the truth, I am not surprised. I have had contact with this individual in the past. I am disabled and have had multiple surgeries on my back.I was falsely arrested one day after being assaulted by a felon on parole in a movie theater.    They never even ran a background on him to ascertain whether or not he may have been lying. Instead when they refused to take action against him and I demanded that a report be made, they arrested me instead.      I was thrown forcibly into Deputy Lamondra’s squad car  handcuffed, bruised, and without a seat belt. In the mean time while I was waiting to be transported, the Deputies attempted to shake my friend down for money telling her that she could pay the bond right now in cash and save money.    Am I surprised that this “Hero” in blue would let a potentially dying elderly person go without care? Not at all. When he transported me, he intentionally sped and jerked around turns while I was unsecured in the back seat. It was not enough to have the humiliation of being falsely arrested; He had to attempt to terrorize me on the way to the jail.  I complained multiple times that his speed , in the rain, was not only excessive, but also dangerous. He laughed and mocked me and told me that I no longer had any rights. He told me that the fourth amendment no longer existed and that I lived in a police state and better get used to it.      In the end, the treatment by this lower class of human being is what brought this blog to life. I have a question though for the good “Deputy” : How are you feeling this morning now that you have been exposed for what you are? How is your wife feeling? And your children? Proud are they? I’ll bet.     I don’t like to gloat but let me tell you this; I feel just fine this morning. I can look in the mirror with pride and say that I do my part to make sure that people like you are out of a job.

“Two concerned citizens called HCSO on February 12 to report a 60-year-old man wondering shirtless and carrying a catheter bag along Mariner Boulevard in Spring Hill.

Former Deputy Lamondra responded to the call for service, but Sheriff Al Nienhuis says failed to properly investigate and put that Patsy Horan’s life at risk.

“It shocks my conscious to hear that there is a deputy out there that did something like this,” said Sheriff Nienhuis.

Instead of calling for an ambulance or rendering first aid, Lamondra called Horan a cab, despite Horan telling the two responding deputies that he was in need of help.

The cab took Horan 40 miles away to an old address, where he no longer lived, in Zephyrhills.

The cab driver later told investigators that Horan appeared to be “out of it” and called Zephyrhills Police for help.

Those responding officer put Horan under a Baker Act and transported him to a nearby hospital where doctors treated him for dehydration and severe urinary tract infection.

“This was shocking,” said Sheriff Nienhuis.  “It’s embarrassing, it’s disappointing.  It was embarrassing for the Sheriff’s Office, it was embarrassing for the profession and it’s not the way we do business.”

Sheriff Nienhuis said a second back-up deputy who responding to the calls for service for Horan was also punished.  Deputy Brian Schneider was issued a three day suspension, removed as field training officer and must attend crisis intervention classes”

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