Five Inglewood cops who killed unconscious couple fired

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Surely when the truth comes out we will find out that they all feared for their life and they will be vindicated.  Maybe, knowing that they were sleeping in a bad neighborhood, the couple had painted eyeballs on their eyelids with marker. How else can you explain the volley of bullets unleashed by these fearless heroes in blue?     But on a serious note ; How is it that in a war zone in a foreign country, our soldiers have a much higher standard to shoot someone than does a LEO in our own country? In Afghanistan, simply “Fearing for your life” does not qualify  a U.S soldier to murder someone. That person, that potential foreign “Enemy combatant” in a war zone must actually have a weapon in his hands at the time of the shooting.     This is a real and present problem and it endangers every citizen who has an encounter with a “Hero” in blue. Make no mistake that every single encounter with Law enforcement could end fatally whether or not you co-operate with them.  Think I am exaggerating? Then read on. I have compiled here on these pages a body of work that firmly refutes the oft quoted “A few bad apples”. Do you Think that you are safe when you see cherries behind you on a desolate highway? Again, I challenge you to read what is on the pages compiled here.      Stay safe America and don’t get pulled over….. Or fall asleep.

“The five Inglewood police officers who fatally shot a young couple, firing 20 bullets into them as they appeared to be unconscious in a parked car, are no longer police officers in the city, Mayor James T. Butts said Tuesday.

The announcement marked the end of an internal probe of the Feb. 21, 2016, slayings of Marquintan Sandlin and Kisha Michael, but it offered scant information about the incident, which has stoked protest and calls for greater transparency in the Inglewood Police Department.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is continuing to investigate the shooting.

“The officers involved in the incident are no longer members of the Inglewood Police Department,” Butts said in his statement. “The department’s report and any discipline that results from the report are confidential.”

Butts said the internal investigation into the fatal shooting of Sandlin, 32, and Michael, 31, was completed on Friday. His statement did not specify the number of officers or whether they were fired or had resigned.

The mayor’s spokeswoman, Jasmyne Cannick, later said that the five officers were “separated from service” after firing their weapons during the encounter with Sandlin and Michael.

All five held the rank of police officer, and four had been with the Inglewood Police Department for two years or less. One had been with the department for five years, Cannick said.

Cannick said the mayor was unable to comment further.

Although Butts did not name the officers, they were previously identified by the city, which initially refused, after a public records request. The five officers involved in the shooting were identified as Michael Jaen, Richard Parcella, Jason Cantrell, Sean Reidy and Andrew Cohen.”

3 thoughts on “Five Inglewood cops who killed unconscious couple fired

  1. Florida deputy’s body cam catches him stealing cash from men he arrested


    Former Volusia County sheriff’s deputy John Braman, 34, faces a string of felony charges, including grand theft, for allegedly stealing from suspects during arrests.
    Former Volusia County sheriff’s deputy John Braman, 34, faces a string of felony charges, including grand theft, for allegedly stealing from suspects during arrests. (WFTV.COM)
    Saturday, June 3, 2017, 5:21 PM
    A former Florida sheriff’s deputy was arrested after his own body camera caught him stealing cash from at least three men who he arrested.

    John Braman, 34, is charged with one count of grand theft, three counts of official misconduct and possession of stanozolol, a steroid, records show, the Daytona Beach News Journal reports.

    The felonies are each punishable by up to five years in prison.

    Braman resigned Jan. 30 after investigators said footage from his body camera showed him stealing two $100 bills from the wallet of Thomas French, a man he arrested on a DUI charge on Aug. 1.

    Texas police officers demoted for leaking body cam footage
    Braman allegedly stole at least $600 from Mikel “Alex” Gordon, 20, another suspect who was under investigation for a disturbance in January, 2017, documents show, the News Journal reports.

    Braman’s body camera shows the ex-deputy counting cash he said amounted to $500,

    But Gordon said he’d been robbed of at least $1,200 and as much as $1,500 because he was saving the money to buy a car.

    Footage from Braman’s body camera showed the former sheriff’s deputy stealing money from a man he arrested.
    Footage from Braman’s body camera showed the former sheriff’s deputy stealing money from a man he arrested. (WFTV.COM)
    Braman is also accused of stealing $40 from — Willie Humphrey, 72, who was arrested by another deputy for resisting an officer without violence.

    Kansas police officer details saving autistic boy from drowning
    Humphrey ended up in Braman’s patrol vehicle where Braman swiped two $20 bills from him, video footage from Braman’s own body camera shows.

    Flem Whited, an attorney for French, said he came across the incriminating footage while working on his client’s case.

    Whited made investigators aware of the alleged theft.

    Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood called Braman a “thieving idiot” who did not belong in law enforcement.

    “Unfortunately for the rest of us, the actions of one bad cop can undermine all the years we’ve spent trying to build trust with the people we serve. I hope the people of Volusia County hear me when I say we won’t tolerate behavior like this. A thieving cop deserves to go to jail just like any other criminal,” Chitwood said in a tweet.


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