Deputy, husband accused of murder after strangling man to death in Denny’s parking lot


Posted by Deborah Jarrett

     Who are these people? Who has given them this authority that makes them think that they can do this? That authority was once held in the hands of the people, but now is in the hands of a giant, uncaring and unrelenting bureaucracy.     What do they expect when they arm and train a force of “Domestic warriors” instead of public servants to serve the people?  This is not one isolated incident. Every bully boy cop that is all pumped up on Adrenalin can kill a citizen as long as he “feared for his life”.   Yes this one got caught and charged, but only after cell phone video was shown. Then to top it off, it seems that they are intentionally over charging it as first, instead of second so they can skate.     Incidents like this are coming from the top down, not the bottom up. This feeling of empowerment is endemic and if we expect to live in a free society we need to do something about it.

“A Harris County sheriff’s deputy and her husband are expected to appear in court Tuesday, days after being indicted on charges of murder, accused of intentionally choking a Crosby man outside a Denny’s restaurant.

Deputy Chauna Thompson, 45, and her husband, Terry Thompson, 41, also of Crosby, turned themselves in Thursday night and both made bail of $100,000 each. They could face up to life in prison if convicted.

Typically, suspects charged with felonies in Harris County appear before a state district judge to have their bail conditions set.

Both are accused of the first–degree felony of intentionally causing the death of John Hernandez, with Terry Thompson accused of choking him to death as he held him pinned to the ground. Chauna Thompson was charged as an accomplice.

The indictments, handed down late Thursday, came a day after more than 150 protesters marched across downtown Houston proclaiming “Justice for John Hernandez” and “Brown Lives Matter.”

The march was the culmination of a week of unrest after cell phone video of the incident was released.
Hernandez’s family members praised the charges as they prepared for a visitation and rosary are set for Friday. A funeral Mass will be held Saturday at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Houston.”


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