To Perve: Sheriff arrested for indecency

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

You don’t get default hero status just by strapping on a gun and pinning a badge on

Hero is an action, not a color

Any time that you think that you should believe a cop simply because he is a cop and swore an oath

Remember this guy

Just a bad apple?

Go to google put in the term “Officer arrested”, hit “News” and see what pops up

It is not a few bad apples

It is a whole bunch of bad apples

“Gov. Nathan Deal on Monday suspended DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann from office for 40 days after an investigation into his arrest for allegedly exposing himself, then running from police in Piedmont Park.

Deal suspended Mann for a shorter period than the 60-day maximum allowed under state law. The 40-day suspension was recommended by an investigatory committee made up of two sheriffs and Attorney General Chris Carr.

The suspension with pay doesn’t end Mann’s legal ordeal. He faces a July 7 trial in trial in Atlanta Municipal Court, and he’s also being investigated by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, which could suspend or revoke his license. A revocation of Mann’s license would result in his removal from office.

Mann pleaded not guilty but hasn’t provided an explanation. He previously has said he will clear his name. An incident report said a police officer saw Mann expose himself May 6, then flee when the officer identified himself and turned his flashlight on Mann. He was apprehended about a quarter-mile away after leading the officer on a foot chase through Midtown Atlanta streets.”–politics/dekalb-sheriff-jeff-mann-suspended-days-after-indecency-arrest/DTp2LsWyRgjSxLHpeHBPjI/?platform=hootsuite

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