Ex-police officer arrested near White House with arsenal of weapons

Special rules for special people.  What do you think his retirement for “Medical ” reasons was?     I think you guessed it. But do they turn the nut case in to make sure that he is disarmed?     Certainly not, not to one of their own.   There are special rules when you are on the other side of the “Thin blue line” and they will do what they can to protect you.

“A former Tennessee police officer was arrested outside the White House Sunday with an arsenal of weapons in his car, authorities said.

Timothy Joseph Bates allegedly told authorities that he came seeking for help to remove a chip implanted in his head.

Bates was reportedly stopped near the White House. He told officers that he was “blackjacked” in the head by the Memphis Police Department and a chip was implanted in his head, FOX5 reported.

Bates allegedly told the officer that he was offered $28.7 million by the Department of Homeland Security and the state of Tennessee to participate in a special C.I.A-managed project called “MK Ultra.”

He also said to have travelled to Washington, DC. “to speak with Adm. Mike Rogers and Gen. Jim Mattis for advice on missing paychecks and how to get the dog chip out of my head”

“The Memphis Police Department confirmed that Bates had been a police officer for 13 years before resigning in 2013. Court documents revealed the Tennessee man was allowed to retire for medical reasons”


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