Disarm the police


It’s very simple

There is no reason that a guy doing traffic stops or doing routine duty needs a gun

The biggest fear that an officer has is that he will be disarmed and shot with his own duty weapon

Only the smallest percentage of calls ever end up in using a gun and often times it is the gun itself being drawn that escalates the situation

Let them keep a gun in their car just like many citizens do

If it’s needed ; It is close by

If a violent situation arises, send cops wearing guns

It is ridiculous that a cop would have a traffic interaction with an 80 Yr. old woman and have a gun on his hip

It is ridiculous that a cop just walking arounb in public has a gun on his hip

Do you want to stop people being needlessly shot?

Then let’s start with the shooters

Remove the threat that they feel

And remove the threat that they are


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