Hero of the week : Cop arrested after stealing from charity auction


Posted By Deborah Jarrett

Typical cop behavior; First bully, then fall back and lie. But guess what? This guy is not only a “Hero” but also a sworn officer of the court”.    Without the video evidence, the real hero that tried to stop him would have been arrested and charged with assault.  Stay safe and make sure you ALWAYS roll video when interacting with LEO


“WATERTOWN — A Watertown police officer was arrested in connection with a theft from a charity auction and an scuffle that happened when a bystander tried to stop him.

Christopher Masayda, 26, was charged with 5th degree larceny and breach of peace in the second degree. The arrest stemmed from an incident at the Crestbrook Park Golf Course on October 6.

State Police said following a police department sponsored charity golf tournament, Masayda tampered with the raffle drawings and later stole a watch and bracelet valued at $595, which had been donated by a local jeweler.

Police said that Masayda was confronted by someone who shot video of Masayda taking the items. Masayda reportedly tried to take the person’s cell phone. The pair got into a physical confrontation according to police.”

Watertown police officer arrested in theft from charity auction

2 thoughts on “Hero of the week : Cop arrested after stealing from charity auction

  1. Keep up the good work. There is a true epidemic of c.o.p. (criminals obeying politicians) abuse and absolute proof government in general has way too much power.


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