Hero in blue, Officer of the week : U.S. Forest Service officer arrested for sexual assault, false imprisonment

Seriously, whoever would have suspected a guy who’s career is to control people of this? Does someone just get out of bed one day and say ” I want my life to be spent ordering others around?    I think not. It goes more to the core of what, not whom, that person is. This is a person who’s authority is backed up by handcuffs, a gun and 400 other cops on a moments notice.  The man is A thug hired by the state to enforce it’s laws and make a profit doing so.    What could possibly go wrong?

Ask yourself just that the next time you get pulled over.

“The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a U.S. Forest Service officer on multiple charges including sexual assault and false imprisonment.

Deputies arrested Richard Telles, 37 at his home in Springville on Wednesday.

Investigators say the Porterville Substation called to check on the welfare of a woman who was possibly involved in a domestic dispute. When deputies arrived at the Springville home, the woman told them she got into a physical fight with Telles. She also reported being sexually assaulted and held against her will.

Deputies arrested Telles on scene without incident and transferred him back to the Porterville Substation.

Telles faces charges of attempted rape, abuse, false imprisonment and penetration with a foreign object.”


4 thoughts on “Hero in blue, Officer of the week : U.S. Forest Service officer arrested for sexual assault, false imprisonment

  1. I personally know this individual as well as his wife and children who went through hell. While, his (now) ex-wife still 100% supports the men and women in blue, Rick was very abusive due to his own upbringing. Also, he was not a police officer. He mainly worked with CalFire to help aid and assist firefighters during fire season, as well as making arrests if individuals refused to leave fire zones/arson cases. If the corruption was strong within this police force, they would have tried to protect him, but instead, he was brought to full justice and is currently serving 20 years. While, I believe there is corruption in ALL field of public serving work, I do not believe that all public servants and cops are corrupt and they truly are serving the public and trying to protect them.

    Justice HAS been served in this instance. And even though he was a public servant. He was first a man and a husband who was abusive.


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