4 Houston cops shot , Update: cops lied on warrant that ended in shooting

Lying bunch of dipshits got their asses shot up because the house they hit never sold them heroin as stated in the warrant.    Mister wannabe hero that lied on the affidavit was one of those wounded in the shooting and I hope he caught a good one.      You should be aware  that anytime you deal with the “Heroes in Blue” that they usually have something to gain by lying . Whether it is monetary, power related or simply to cover their misdeeds, more often than not, they will lie.     Why? Because they are automatically assumed to be telling the truth. A Judge will give the testimony of ” A sworn officer of the court” the weight of truth with no examination.       So why not lie? Why not get promotions, awards and raises when all you have to do is bend the truth?       But it is not just the cops; It is the lawyers, judges, DA’s and everyone else involved.   They all profit from it and build careers, political lives and personal wealth.      If you sit in a court you should really remember this : Before you condemn a fellow citizen, the cop, the prosecutor, the lawyer are just as likely to be committing a crime as they are.     The only reason that this info on Houston came out was the fact that someone leaked the COURT SEALED DOCUMENTS.   Who is the scumbag here? The drug dealers or the cops? Maybe someone should contact Mr. Garabaldi to find out.

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

       Houston — Houston’s police chief says a lead investigator lied in an affidavit justifying a drug raid on a home which ended with two residents killed and four officers wounded in a gun battle. The officer is expected to face charges.

Chief Art Acevedo said during a news conference Friday that the investigator falsely claimed in the affidavit, which was leaked to the media, that a confidential informant obtained heroin from the home. Police records indicate the heroin was actually obtained elsewhere.

Two residents of the home, 59-year-old Dennis Tuttle and 58-year-old Rhogena Nicholas, were killed.

The investigator was one of the officers shot in the gunfight Jan. 28. He remained hospitalized Friday. Officials said he has been with the department for more than 30 years.

In the hours after the deadly raid, Acevedo praised the investigator as being “tough as nails,” but he said Friday that there’s a “high probability that there will be a criminal charge” brought against him.

After the raid, police said they found several firearms at the home, along with marijuana and cocaine but no heroin. Acevedo insisted Friday that investigators did have reason to investigate the home and were not there “willy nilly.” Authorities still believe Tuttle and Nicholas were involved in criminal activity, but Acevedo said the case now is undermined.

He said lying in a sworn affidavit is “totally unacceptable.”

“From day one, when I joined this department, I told my people that if you lie, you die,” Acevedo said.

The leaked affidavit — which had been sealed under a court order — revealed that when police started looking into the investigator’s account, it started to unravel. Still hospitalized with a gunshot wound, the investigator wrote down the name of the confidential informant for another officer investigating questions around the drug raid.

When Houston police contacted the informant, he said he had worked with the investigator on narcotics cases in the past, but not the one that led to the deadly shootout. The informant also said the investigator had paid him in the past even when he didn’t do any work.

The rest of the story is here: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/houston-police-chief-says-investigator-lied-in-affidavit-leading-to-deadly-drug-raid/

4 thoughts on “4 Houston cops shot , Update: cops lied on warrant that ended in shooting

  1. Fruit of the Poisonous vine. Now that we know there was falsehood in the affidavit, EVERYTHING in this case is tainted. For all intents and purposes, there is no cocaine, there is no marijuana. There is no criminal behavior on behalf of the Tuttles. When is the media gonna get that? HPD and Acevdo keep bringing up that they had a reason to be there, when in reality, they didn’t. A 911 tip alone is not enough Reasonable Articular Suspicion to justify the raid. By the way, where is the .357 revolver that the cops were shot with? it seems to be missing. and no one has release any purchase or ownership documents (pistols are tracked rather vigorously by the Feds!) showing he had a .357 and there is not one in evidence. Nor have any pictures of the guns been released. Harping on hunting guns to make them look like heavily armed druggies, when they obviously were not. There is a lot more rotten here than the media is reporting. One source has stated on the web the man was shot from a side window to make sure he was dead long after the officers pulled out. Coup de tat is illegal in the U.S. Where is the info on that?


  2. I am totally disgusted with Chief Acevedo! I could not believe he immediately called these two innocent people scumbag’s without knowing the facts. What kind of an officer does this? He leads by example and his officers have shown they follow. There needs to be an investigation on the entire department because this is not the only crime committed by this department. The only reason Acevedo is being “transparent” is because he had no choice after a sealed affidavit was released to the media. I really doubt he would have been so transparent otherwise!


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