“I always win in court” : Lying cop who shot Oscar Grant used racial slurs and beat him before shooting him in the back


Now let this sink in…. They had this information in hand when he was charged and went to trial. The cops knew, the D.A knew, the prosecutor knew and so did the judge.    They covered the best they could for this state sponsored psychopathic thug….. His only undoing was that there was raw video of him committing murder.   Don’t think that this is an isolated incident , because it is not. Cops will lie every time…And why?  Because they can.   They are on the brutality end of the state’s protection racket. Because of the “Heroes” out on the street, the state is able to generate enough income to keep them all in giant paychecks and run the prison industrial complex.     Change? My ass. There are billions and billions at stake and they won’t give up a dime or a dram of power.  Change will only come when enough people are so fed up that they finally storm the Bastille and hold all personally accountable.   Change is not going to come by cops, prosecutors and judges investigating cops; They all have too much vested in the system as is clearly shown by this case.


“According to documents released last week under a new California police transparency law, former BART police officer Anthony Pirone assaulted 22-yer-old Oscar Grant, called him the N-word, and lied about what led to another officer eventually opening fire and killing the young father, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Pirone claimed that he was “fighting for his life,” according to documents stemming from an internal investigation completed by an outside law firm after Grant’s death in 2009. In reality, Pirone instigated the incident with “repeated and unnecessary use of force” with Grant, along with his use of racial slurs.

Grant was pronounced dead nine hours after the BART shooting, in one of the first cases of extrajudicial murder to be caught on cellphone video and circulated via social media. Grant’s family were awarded more than $2.5 million from BART.

“Pirone was, in large part, responsible for setting the events in motion that created a chaotic and tense situation on the platform,” the document states, “setting the stage, even if inadvertent, for the shooting of Oscar Grant.”

Johannes Mehserle eventually shot and killed Grant. He served the minimum two-year sentence after being found guilty of manslaughter. Mehserle said he believed he had pulled his taser when he pulled his gun, though documents also suggest he was aware he was pulling his gun.

Mehserle can be seen, as the document states, “standing over Grant,” before reaching for his gun and “firing one round into the back of Grant.”

Full story from here:https://www.theroot.com/bart-officer-lied-about-conduct-during-arrest-of-oscar-1834534718

5 thoughts on ““I always win in court” : Lying cop who shot Oscar Grant used racial slurs and beat him before shooting him in the back

      1. Who is the author of the words about the people storming the Bastille and holding all personally accountable?

        I applaud scollin simply because he is saying it and not holding back. Whether it is ill advised at this point in time is a subject of debate. But he has made himself accountable.

        Serving the minimum sentence for murder although it was perpetrated within the act of terrorism and torture…is BS. Justice is sometimes served but only sometimes yet most harshly against those who are not of the elite.

        I can hardly believe I am typing these words, I sound like an anarchist. This is not how I had been raised, this is not what I have believed and set as a standard in how to conduct my life and influence others. Yet now, now my words are in direct response to the two-tiered justice which seems prevalent in our society. And I am quickly weary of words.

        Perhaps you would consider less than lethal knee capping. Because one way or the other, the message has to be sent and gotten. These days it seems it is up to the people since those departments of the government usually default to their duty and a polite means is not getting the message sent.


      2. I don’t advocate it at all. I simply see it as being the inevitable end of the police state. Now that absolute power is being consolidated with what is now a domestic military force, it will certainly get much worse before it gets better. Eventually the tyranny will reach a point where, like the bastille, the people will have had enough. I am simply stating my opinion on which direction this is going to take. Take a look at France and where they are right now.

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  1. Miss Deborah, I apologize for the late reply. Try as I might I could not find your blog again and I did not remember your name. Today, Wirecutter linked to one of your articles and here I am.

    You do advocate. Perhaps it is just that you keep it to yourself. That seems wise.

    But in the chance that you have not picked a side, you are behind the eight ball. I view, ‘to advocate’ as a first step toward preparedness.

    There are some commonalities among people vis a vis the coming troubles. Hardly a person disagrees that we’re headed for the mother of all cultural wars. All are somewhere on the line between now and open civil rebellion, some holding back, some chomping at the bit. We’re trying to keep it together in our own personal ways although subject to peer influence and taking heed of the words of wiser folk and what is gotten from history. (France is both a good example and a bad example. To elaborate is for another time.)

    For now, continue to prepare, study up on methods and means, develop proficiency, lay in more stores.


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