Ulvade and the end of the illusion of the “Hero” cop

I haven’t updated this page in a while because frankly, I haven’t needed to. The video age is now overtaking the crooked cop. No more are the days of “he said” “she said” with a judge automatically siding with the “Sworn officer of the court”. Now there is video evidence to back up almost every claim of abuse by police put forward. Take George Floyd as an example. Every cop,sucker in the nation will swear to you that Floyd died of a Fentynal overdose. They will swear that Chauvin was a hero and he was railroaded by angry negroes. But what they can’t change is the video. They can’t change a man begging for his life while Chauvin, with blatant disregard, smirkingly applies his knee to his neck. The hero of it all .Chauvin, just before his sentencing, admitted that he knew that what he did was wrong. And that is the story of policing in America. As long as no one is looking they are heroes. Without video, the Floyd incident would have been chalked up to “Heroes” who subdued a dangerous and violent drug addict.

Now that takes us to the debacle of Ulvade. Those cops had constant training in how to deal with just such an incident. Only 2 months prior they were given the below material :

As a matter of fact the Ulvade school system was locked down 43 times in the prior year. Let that sink in along with the training material. Who is the villain here? The deranged , twisted shooter or the absolute cowards who stood by while children were being slaughtered? I propose that one is as bad as the other. I will guarantee that anyone of the said hero cops who pulls people over or makes minor arrests throws their asses all over the place being the tough guy extraordinaire. As long as they are the only one with a gun and have 40 people for back up. they truly are hard ass heroes in blue. But Ulvade has truly shown America who it is that is charged with protecting and serving. I am sure that you have heard about the hero that was getting a haircut and got a text from his school teacher wife. He rushed out with a borrowed shotgun and headed to the school immediately…….. To rescue his wife and kid. He helped some other cops escort some kids out and was done. Meanwhile there were dying children on the other side of the door. These cowards had as much a hand in this as the actual shooter. This has exposed in brazen glare what American policing is about…. As long as they go home safely that is all that matters. First Parkland and now this. The police state cares about nothing but it’s own “Soldiers”. The days of protecting and serving are such a thing of the past that hardly anyone remembers it any more. Children are now raised on the fare of watching police beat and abuse people on tiktok, facebook and youtube. But that is nothing compared to what happened at Robb elementary. They have been exposed with shocking clarity for what they are….. Cowards of the worst kind. They were not there to serve and protect, they were there to collect a paycheck and nothing more. Those children were not worth them risking their blue lives for. It is a truly deplorable situation that finally exposed them for what they are. It wasn’t one man, it wasn’t two. It was the entire assembled force that was present including the Feds. The chief said in not so many words that they were afraid to go in because they might get shot. Wow, what a statement that is for a police force. So many fearful men running around with guns doesn’t seem safe when they can kill at will because they “Fear for their life”. They don’t fear for your life that much or for children’s obviously, but theirs are important enough to kill someone over a broken tail light. It is a sad statement on America’s police forces that websites like mine even need to exist. But until America rises up against the established police system and re invents it I guess it will have to. But in the mean time if I see a cop that needs back up, don’t expect me to risk my life to help; that time has long passed.

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