#Police abuse and blue privilege

This gives all new meaning to the phrase “Stop resisting”. Remember this guy when you get pulled over, especially if you are one of the people who believe that it would never happen to you because you don’t do anything wrong. Most folks are brainwashed into thinking that cops are the good guys; They are not. There are criminals in their lot just like every other segment of the population. They may be the good guy or they guy in this story. The only problem is they act under the color of law. You certainly wouldn’t pull over for a thug in a dark ghetto alley, but on a dark highway with cherries on you have no choice. Now you are under the control of a man, or men, with guns and hand cuffs. Give a man unlimited power, no witnesses and a gun and see what happens. Give a bunch of people the mistaken idea that these guys are heroes just doing the toughest job in the world and also see what happens. In the second story below from earlier this month, they cut a plea with this scumbag and let him off on the charges from one victim only. He got five years in prison, less than the penalty for income tax evasion.

“PHOENIX — Seven additional potential victims have come forward after a DPS trooper was arrested for alleged sex abuse, kidnapping and fraud, making the total number of potential victims 15, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

According to DPS, seven additional tips came into their office following the arrest of former Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper, 43-year-old Tremaine Jackson.

Jackson was arrested on September 10 and currently faces 61 counts of sex abuse, kidnapping and fraud.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Jackson was put on leave in June after a complaint that he sexually assaulted a woman during a traffic stop.

During the original DPS investigation, several other victims were discovered.

It is believed Jackson held several female victims hostage when they were not facing criminal charges.”




PHOENIX — A former Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper has been sentenced to five years in prison and lifetime probation for sexual abuse and kidnapping. 

Tremaine Jackson was arrested in 2019 after a woman said the trooper had pressured her to touch him before letting her go during a traffic stop in the Valley, according to court documents. Other women then came forward with similar allegations.

Jackson pleaded guilty to the following charges: 

  • Attempted kidnap with sexual intent
  • Unlawful imprisonment with sexual intent
  • Unlawful sexual conduct by a peace officer
  • Bribery with sexual intent
  • Fraud with sexual intent

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