Why I started this blog

In July and January a disgusting injustice was done to me and two close friends at the hands of the so called Florida justice system.  This state and many others alike are out of control with greed and are power hungry.  Our public servants believe that we the people who place their badges on their chest and robes on their backs are to fear them and  beg for forgiveness.  Laws have been created to serve them not us.    Things are getting worse and will be getting a lot more so if we do not stand up to these petty tyrants. They have become cowards and fear drives them like wild animals prowling our streets.

8 thoughts on “Why I started this blog

  1. I’m guessing after after looking at quite a few of your “posts”, that you are completely anti law enforcement. I’m also going to make another educated guess that you are for BLM.

    Here’s the problem with your “blog”. If McDonalds has 20 employees, and one (1) of them drops your beef patty on the floor, picks it up, puts it on the bun, and gives it to you, does that mean all 3 million McDonalds employees do the same? (It’s probably happened to you if you’ve ate fast food a few times in your life. Or at least, someone has scratched their balls, then touched your food).

    You might have been wrongly accused of something you didn’t do. But you’re no better than the cop that arrested you, by falsely saying that all cops are bad, and telling people to fear for their lives when getting pulled over. Police Officers have a stressful job, just because one does wrong doesn’t mean they all do.

    Final thought, ( i’m going to guess that you’re on welfare and probably never held on job ever), since you’re so critical of every police officer, why don’t you do some good for the world and become a police officer yourself? Or maybe write a positive post about Police Officers. Like how some of them use their own money (on a very low salary) to buy individuals needed items like food, gas, toys, etc. Have you really ever bought anyone you didn’t know anything to help the out? Only a small percentage of these good deeds the cops do are noticed, 99% of the time you don’t hear about it. But when one stressed out cop loses his temper, the entire liberal United States makes it known that all police officers are evil pigs


    1. You are quite incorrect about BLM which is based entirely on a false narrative. If you look at the body of material that is here you will see that this is a whole lot more than just a few bad apples. Go back a few pages and look at the compilations of rape, child porn and less than one months worth of arrests. Look at that and realize , when I do these posts I pass up 20 stories just to post one. Jump off of here and go to the CATO institutes police abuse site. That is right, the abuses have gotten so bad that the CATO institute has it’s own site called policemisconduct.net (BTW, the gentleman who runs that site is the son of a cop who greatly respects his father) Scroll down page one and you will find 114 links to articles and that is less than a 3 week period. Bear in mind that the site has only been there a couple of years and it has 251 pages.These cops are creating a climate of violence and fear and they don’t like it now that it is turning back on them. The people that they are hiring have more in common with wife beaters, bullies and thugs than they do with the common person on the street. As for being on welfare.. Well not quite. I am the one who provides the welfare. Last year I hired a vet who was an M.P. and kept him on for almost a year when I didn’t really need him. because his funds had run out. He went on to become a Deputy in my county. Not admitting that there is a problem is being part of the problem. I support and campaign for a local sheriffs candidate. Why? Because he knows there is a problem and will admit it. He is constitutionally minded and is as much concerned about rights as he is law.So, you make a whole lot of assumptions about someone simply because they are anti police abuse. You have to realize that I expose myself to these disgusting degenerates daily through my news feeds. Maybe if you were a little more exposed to it you would be a little less predisposed to fall back on the old “Few bad apples”


  2. I just found your site and I am so thankful that you are bringing these incidents to light. I myself am a victim of law enforcement harassment and corruption in Wayne County, Ohio. Thank you for your integrity and bravery in speaking out!


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