Stop resisting! Cop charged with rape and sexual assault after pulling women over

Alex Sheyn police police car flashing lights siren
What you don’t want to see on a dark highway



The next time that you hear someone say that something bad happened because they resisted police, forward them this story.

Both women involved in this were pulled over for simple traffic stops.

Both women , I am sure, thought that everything was going to be just fine because they had done nothing wrong

Well they found out differently when they encountered officer Odom who’s story I have chronicled below

Don’t look at the badge, look at who is behind the badge

Spring Hill TN- Story by DLJ

On 10-3 2016

A Spring hill police officer was charged with rape, sexually battery and official misconduct after a grand jury issued an indictment.

The indictment stems from two alleged incidents in June and July of 2016 when Officer Christopher Odom, 26 pulled over two separate women and assaulted them.

Following reports of the assaults he was placed on administrative leave and later fired Odom was a three year veteran of the force

Odom has been charged with one count of rape, one count of sexual battery and two counts of official misconduct.

After his arrest he was transported to the Maury county jail and booked. His bond was set at $75,000 and there is no word as to whether he was released.





Yet another bad apple: Amarillo cop busted for child porn. Joins growing list of LEO perps

Posted by Deborah Jarrett


Wednesday, August 17th 2016, 4:51 pm EDT

By Mary Coleman, Reporter


“An Amarillo police officer faces child pornography charges after an investigation linked him to illicit images posted on a Twitter account, according to the city police department.

Earnest Tillman McDonald III was arrested Tuesday on an arrest warrant for two counts of possession of child pornography. McDonald, 39, has since been placed on administrative leave, the Amarillo Police Department said.

The officer has been employed by the APD since 2008 and was assigned to the uniform division.

Police said information was received Monday from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that the social media platform Twitter had detected images that could contain pornographic material of minors. ”

Who would have guessed that the hero in blue had a penchant for children?

The sworn officer of the court

The man who “risks his life” every day

The man with the gun and badge and handcuffs

The man who could pull you over on a dark highway

But you don’t have to worry right?

It’s just a few bad apples

Former deputy accused of raping child set to take plea deal

WESH OrlandoApr 20, 2016
—A former Volusia County sheriff’s deputy accused of repeatedly … He also had child pornography at his home and had the child watch it, …

Sergeant arrested on child pornography charges

KTRK-TVJun 10, 2016
A Sheriff’s sergeant with a 29-year career on the force has been arrested on multiple charges including possession of child pornography and …

Deputy Facing Child Sex Charges Dies In Hospital After Suicide …

CBS LocalJun 16, 2016
FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) — The Broward Sheriff’s sergeant who shot himself after being released from jail on bond died at the …

Former deputy accused of child rape has electronics seized

kjrh.comAug 10, 2016
New developments in the case of a former Tulsa County deputy accused of … If child pornography is found, TPD says investigators in both …

Former Bedford police lieutenant gets 5 years on child-porn charges

Roanoke Times2 hours ago
Earlier this year, Bedford Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance … hard to prove McAlexander had shared any of the pornography files.

Grand Traverse County Deputy Accused of Having Child Pornography

9&10 NewsMay 16, 2016
John Scheiding is charged with three counts of having and distributing child porn, … The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office says they were called to Deputy …

Jefferson Parish deputy charged with 13 counts of possession of …

WDSU New OrleansJun 1, 2016
JEFFERSON PARISH, La. —A Jefferson Parish deputy has been charged with 13 counts of possession of child pornography, officials …

Walton County deputy fired after arrest in child pornography sting

Atlanta Journal ConstitutionOct 15, 2015
A Walton County deputy arrested in a statewide child pornography sting has been fired. Walton County Chief Deputy Keith Brooks on Thursday …

Former deputy guilty of having child porn

The Daily NewsJan 5, 2016
Thomas was relieved of duty in May after facing criminal charges that accuse him of distributing child pornography. At the time of Thomas’ …

Former Chatham deputy sentenced for child pornography

WJCL NewsSep 21, 2015
(WJCL) — Richard Adam Hall, 53, a former Chatham County Deputy … in prison based on his conviction for Production of Child Pornography.

Former Greene County sheriff’s deputy pleads guilty to child porn

KY3Apr 19, 2016
A former Greene County, Mo., Deputy Sheriff has pleaded guilty in federal court to receiving and distributing child pornography. Juan T. Jones …

Franklin County Deputy Sentenced To 4 Years On Child

10TVFeb 20, 2015
A Franklin County deputy who worked at the jail has been sentenced to four years behind bars. Justin D. Iddings was charged last year with two …

Former UCSO deputy indicted on child porn charges

El Dorado News-TimesJun 28, 2016
EL DORADO — A former Union County sheriff’s deputy has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two counts of child pornography charges.

Ex-Pasco deputy from Broward gets 5 years in prison for receiving …

Sun SentinelMar 7, 2016
Matthew Bondi of Deerfield Beach was sentenced to five years in federal prison for receiving child pornography. Bondi must register as a sex …

Former Denton County sheriff’s deputy sentenced for transporting …

Dallas Morning News (blog)Nov 4, 2015
Joe Edward Cummings, 37, had pleaded guilty to transporting child pornography in interstate commerce earlier this year.

Former deputy sentenced for child porn

WCTI12.comJun 30, 2016
ONSLOW COUNTY – A former Onslow County Sheriff’s Deputy has been … to 6 and a half years in prison for possession of child pornography.

Alabama deputy charged with child sex abuse

AL.comNov 18, 2015
The State Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Lee County deputy sheriff on child pornography charges. Authorities identified the deputy as …

Police officer arrested on child pornography charges

WCBD News 2May 18, 2016
ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCBD) — News 2 confirms a St. George police officer was fired today after his arrest for second-degree sexual exploitation …

Video: Cop tasers teen until cardiac arrest causing brain damage

June 7 2016

“Bryce Masters, then 17, couldn’t break his fall. His arms were handcuffed behind his back and he was already in cardiac arrest from the Taser prongs embedded in his chest.

Only the quick work of paramedics and doctors kept Masters alive after the incident, which led to a former Independence officer’s federal conviction on a charge of violating the teen’s constitutional rights.

On Thursday, for the first time since that September 2014 encounter, Masters faced former officer Timothy Runnels and described the effects of the brain damage — caused by a lack of oxygen —he probably will contend with for the rest of his life.

“People tell me I’m different,” Masters said. “I feel different.”

Masters appeared in U.S. District Court in Kansas City during a sentencing hearing for Runnels.

After several hours of sometimes emotional testimony, District Judge Dean Whipple took the case under advisement and said he would announce a sentence Wednesday.

For Masters, every day since the incident has been a struggle, he told the judge.

He has lost many of his childhood memories, and his inability to focus and retain information has derailed his plans to attend college.

“I get in the car to go somewhere and then I’ll forget where I was going,” he said. “I’ve missed job interviews because I forgot them.”

He has trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, and when he does, he often awakens from nightmares in cold sweat.

Each day is the same.

“I feel physically and mentally weak every day when I get out of bed,” he said.

His father, Matt Masters, who is a Kansas City police officer, also spoke Thursday.

“Bryce was clinically dead,” his father said. “We cried and prayed that God would bring him back to us.”

He described the agony of watching his son being kept alive by a ventilator in the hospital and the family being told by doctors that the boy would probably be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

“We’ve been in a continual state of sadness since that day,” Matt Masters said. “He wants his life back.”

Bryce Masters has lost most of the friends he once had, often becomes overwhelmed and withdraws.

Matt Masters said his once charming, curious and self-assured son is often irritable, frustrated and anxious.

“He looks fine. He looks normal. But he’s not,” Masters said.

The September 2014 incident at East Southside Boulevard and Main Street in Independence began when Runnels stopped a car driven by Bryce Masters because Runnels believed there was a warrant associated with the license plate.”

The rest of the story can be found by viewing the video on youtube and viewing the video text below it

Escambia Florida- SWAT team member, 2 paramedics have foursome with 16 Yr. old

Walter Michael Thomas is presumed innocent, until proven guilty in a ...
Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“A former Escambia County deputy has been found guilty of sex offenses against a juvenile victim.

After a two-and-a-half day trial, jurors unanimously convicted Walter Michael Thomas, 45, of the three counts of “unlawful sexual activity with certain minors.” Thomas’ bond was revoked immediately following the verdict, and he was scheduled for sentencing Sept. 6. Thomas faces a maximum of 45 years in state prison, according to prosecutors.

The allegations against Thomas were that he and spouses Douglas and Leah Manning joined in a “foursome” with a 16-year-old female victim during the fall of 2014. Thomas denied the charges, but the Mannings and the victim took the witness stand and swore to Thomas’ involvement.

The Mannings — who testified to dallying with numerous sexual partners including two juveniles in their “open marriage” — are former paramedics who are both facing more than 100 years in prison for sex offenses. Thomas, one of the couple’s adult sex partners, was a SWAT team member at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office who was preparing to test for sergeant rank.”

Mugshot looks good on him doesn’t it?

Can’t wait to see more like it

Americans in the cell phone age are starting to catch on to who it is that is hiding behind a badge and uniform

Liars,cheaters, perverts and worse

Cops walk around wanting to be respected and be thought of as heroes

But that narrative is changing

Too long have they abided scumbaggery in their midst

Too long have they let their ego, pride and greed go before their oath

Now payment time is here




After car chase cops beat man, steal his gold chain and give it to witnesses to keep quiet

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“An Alameda County sheriff’s deputy was fired Friday, eight months after he allegedly grabbed a gold chain from a fugitive who was beaten by deputies in a San Francisco alley, sources close to the incident said.

Deputy Shawn Osborne, a 19-year veteran, “is no longer with the department,” Sgt. Ray Kelly said.

Osborne was one of three deputies involved in the Nov. 12 apprehension of Stanislav Petrov, who had led deputies on a 38-minute chase from Castro Valley after ramming two patrol cruisers in a rental car whose lease had expired.

The other two deputies, Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber, who appear on a surveillance video to have conducted the beating, remain on leave. Osborne was fired, sources said, after a close examination of the video showed him in possession of a gold chain belonging to Petrov. Two bystanders who witnessed the beating later said they had been given the chain in exchange for their silence.”


“In the video, Santamaria and Wieber knock Petrov to the ground, punch him and club him with their batons, even after he appeared to surrender with his hands on his head. According to Petrov’s attorney, he suffered broken hand bones, head wounds and a concussion.”

Excerpted from SFGATE here:

These are the type of predatory degenerates that are out roaming the streets preying on people

A few bad apples?

Not quite

Every day I pass 20 stories up just to post one

Lying, stealing, killing, rape and more

Remember that any time you deal with a cop you could be dealing with one of these “Heroes”

“It’s all right as long as you don’t do anything wrong”



There is a search box on the right of my page, put in rape and see what you come up with


Rape, forcible sodomy and child molestation

What did they do to deserve that?

You know the old “Cops don’t just arrest innocent people”

No ,they just rape sodomize and molest

The next time you look at a cop you need to realize who you might be looking at

A hero because he is wearing blue?

Yeah not quite


Cops refuse to give up medal of valor for killing 107 Yr. old black man

Posted by Deborah Jarrett


“In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, militarized SWAT cops decorated themselves with “Medals of Valor” for killing 107-year-old Monroe Isadore, who reportedly supported his local cops during his enduring decades of living.

Now Pine Bluff Police are defying an order to return their death medals.

Even after the Pine Bluff City Council voted unanimously to rescind them.

“I don’t understand the rationale,” said Councilwoman Thelma Walker, who proposed the medals be rescinded, in a conversation with KATV.

“I don’t understand why anyone would want a medal, who can you show it to? Oh. I have a medal of valor….Well, were you in the war? No. I killed a 107-year-old man…. You know, who would want that?”

Pine Bluff City Council voted unanimously and issued an order to rescind the medals.

Pine Bluff Police Department responded to the order to rescind by lawyering up and running to the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the country, hiring legal representation to “weigh out the officers’ options”.

Because, apparently the morbid-minded officers don’t want to give up their trophies, celebrating Isadore’s death.

According to his family, Isadore loved and supported Pine Bluff police.

“For that to be who shot and killed him, that doesn’t sit right with me,” said Paula Aguilar Isadore’s youngest daughter. “We won’t believe that a 107-year-old man needed to be gunned down when he had hearing issues that the police knew about, they knew of his age, they knew he had lots of children.”

But Pine Bluff cops were the ones kicking down the door and bum-rushing the room Isadore had holed himself up in even though nobody else was in the house except him.

Aguilar says she’s unhappy with the investigation into her father’s death, and doesn’t buy the Pine Bluff Police Department’s official findings.

She thinks her dad was confused after Pine Bluff cops tear-gassed the hard-of-hearing, elderly man.

They then flash banged the old man. With a grenade.

Aguilar believes that’s what ended up confusing and incapacitating her father.

Then, after they stunned Isadore with a flash grenade, a Pine Bluff SWAT Team rushed inside the room he was in, and shot him 32 times, according to witnesses.”

From PINAC :

Yep, here are your typical heroes in blue

Like mad dogs, they couldn’t wait to gun someone down

A 107 Yr. old man

And they won’t give up their precious award

This is the caliber of people that they are hiring into law enforcement





Scott Finn, model cop for a model police department

The Washington post
July 27 at 10:53 AM

Last week, the New York Times sent reporters out on police ride-alongs in 10 U.S. cities. The subsequent Times article, called “One Police Shift: Patrolling an Anxious America” got a lot of attention. One officer chosen for the ride-along, Prince George’s County, Md., Police Lt. Scott Finn made a derisive comment about Black Lives Matter protesters. As my colleague Erik Wemple points out, Finn has a long and problematic history.

— [Finn] was investigated for shooting an unarmed man. He was eventually cleared.

— Drew an anonymous complaint in March 1999 from another officer after an incident in which a Capitol Heights man alleged that Finn “shoved his head against a patrol car.” The anonymous tipster said that Finn “has two speeds: start and overdrive. His over aggressiveness is what makes a calm situation get out of control.” A civilian review board concluded that Finn should be charged with lying. He got a promotion and a raise.

— Drew complaints for harassment and a threat in 2000 from a Forestville [Md.] woman.

— Appeared on a list generated by a police department computer to flag officers who’d drawn misconduct complaints.

— Responded with several other officers to an “incoherent” 911 call in Suitland, Md., in September 1999, and after arriving at the scene arrested 29-year-old Elmer C. Newman Jr., an African American man who was high on cocaine.

In the Newman case, Finn and the other officers claimed to have arrested Newman after he attacked them. But Newman was later found dead on the floor of his cell. An autopsy revealed that the officers had broken two of his ribs and two bones in his neck, and caused other internal injuries.

As Wemple points out, a 2001 Post investigation found that despite the county’s long history of misconduct, the department had a history of clearing its officers of any wrongdoing.

Wemple’s post takes the New York Times to task for not revealing Finn’s history. My question: Why is Finn still a cop at all? Why did these incidents of misconduct not only not lead to discipline, but instead were followed by promotions or raises? Moreover, why in the world would the Prince George’s Police Department choose this particular cop to host a ride-along with a New York Times reporter?

The Prince George’s County Police Department, incidentally, was under federal monitoring for much of the 1990 and 2000s. From a 2009 article in The Post:

After a series of shootings early in the decade drew the attention of federal investigators, the county agreed to make the improvements under the watch of an independent monitor in 2004 to avoid legal action. At the time, FBI agents were also investigating four incidents in which suspects died after being injured in struggles with county police.

It took county police five years — not the planned three — to meet the requirements but County Executive Jack B. Johnson yesterday praised the accomplishment nonetheless.

“We have rebuilt a police department that was once and now is considered a model for law enforcement,” Johnson said at a news conference.

Johnson gave these comments seven months after his county’s police department participated in a botched SWAT raid on the home of Berwyn Heights, Md., Mayor Cheye Calvo, killing his two dogs and holding him and his mother-in-law at gunpoint for hours. Johnson had dismissed the idea that the police had done anything wrong in the case, explaining that the fact that Calvo had been cleared of any drug-dealing and that an internal investigation had cleared police was “a pat on the back for everybody involved, I think.” (Johnson would later be indicted for corruption and is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence.)

The department had also been under a consent decree from 1999 through 2007 for its K9 units, which had an unfortunate habit of biting people.

Go back through The Post archives, and you’ll find that Johnson’s assurances that the agency has made improvements that make it a “model for law enforcement” are a common refrain. Here’s a 1987 story about police brutality in the county. It notes that Prince George’s County had been accused of systematic misconduct, brutality and coverups since the early 1970s. Each time there’s a new round of brutality revelations, there were assurances from county officials that despite the ugly history, things were getting better.

Since 2009, the department  appears to have avoided more consent decrees, but hasn’t avoided more scandal and allegations of brutality, including from a TV reporter, in the beating of a Maryland college student that was captured on numerous cellphones and the beating of an off-duty cop from Washington.

The college student, John McKenna, was beaten and arrested for assaulting police officers. Cellphone video shot by numerous nearby students clearly showed that the officer attacked McKenna without provocation. When a security camera that should have captured the incident failed to produce any footage, police claimed it had been pointed in another direction. The officer in charge of the security cameras was married to one of the officers accused of beating McKenna. Despite a $2 million settlement to McKenna from the county, the officers were let off with a slap on the wrist. From a 2014 editorial in The Post:

IN PRINCE George’s County, it is now clear that the police, without provocation, can beat an unarmed young student senseless — with impunity. They can blatantly lie about it — with impunity. They can stonewall and cover it up for months — with impunity. They can express no remorse and offer no apology — with impunity . . .

There were dozens of witnesses, including police. Yet what followed was an official wall of silence, dishonesty and denial from the department. Mr. McKenna’s injuries, the police initially said, were sustained when he was kicked by a horse.

The cops’ story fell apart when the video surfaced, but even then their stonewalling continued. For months, no one would identify the officers in riot gear who were shown beating Mr. McKenna.

It was only due to the persistence of Mr. McKenna’s lawyers that the cover-up and lies were shredded. At trial, in late 2012, a jury convicted Mr. Harrison on a felony charge of assault. Another officer, Reginald Baker, was acquitted, although he, too, used his baton to beat Mr. McKenna as he lay stunned and defenseless on the ground.

The whole story here:

Eventually people are going to catch on
There is no accountability from within the system
They are all scumbags from the lowliest one all the way to the top
They lie, cheat, steal and kill
And as more and more of them are exposed
The more frightened they will become
And the worse they will become
But they will find out that fear garners absolutely nothing as compared to respect
Fear will give them another Dallas or Baton Rouge
In the end as it is now
They bring it on themselves



Seriously, where do they find these guys?Cop charged with 2cnd degree murder after road rage incident


By | and |

“An Ault police officer has been arrested in connection with a fatal two-vehicle crash Wednesday in Weld County that authorities suspect was prompted by road rage.

Officer Blair Jackson, 48, is accused  of second-degree murder and reckless driving resulting in death, according to the sheriff’s office. He is being held at the Weld County jail.

Jackson had just ended a shift when the crash happened near the intersection of U.S. 85 and Weld County Road 32½ — between Gilcrest and Platteville — about 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Authorities say two vehicles were involved — a black Ford Ranger and a green Subaru driven by Jackson.

“During the incident, the Ford Ranger rolled, and the driver was later declared deceased at the scene,” the sheriff’s office said.

The county coroner said Esteban Moreno Jr., 39, of Evans died after losing control of his pickup after a collision with another vehicle.

Jackson is the only suspect in the crash.

The sheriff’s office said its preliminary investigation found the crash was the result of road rage.”

The rest here:

Do they go out of their way to find psychopaths to populate their precincts?

I guess this is what happens when you start to turn your local P.D.s into bases for domestic warriors instead of the source for your local public service officers

A totally different hiring criteria is being used for our new and improved militarized police forces


A few bad apples: At least 6 NYPD heroes involved in gun permit selling scheme

The first departmental charges have been filed against an NYPD officer in the ongoing corruption probe, and dozens of gun licenses are now suspended because of the investigation.

NYPD Chief of Department Jim O’Neill revealed that dozens of gun licenses have been suspended or are expected to be suspended in the coming days.

The investigation was touched off with the bribery arrest of Brooklyn businessman Shaya Lichtenstein, who allegedly made thousands of dollars brokering gun permits through his connections in the NYPD’s licensing division.

Officials would not say how many suspended permits were originally brokered by Lichtenstein.

“To date, we’ve suspended 37 licenses; 17 more are pending suspension,” O’Neill said. “When a license is suspended, the weapons are surrendered and a thorough review of the license application takes place.

The chief declined to elaborate, but it is all part of the Justice Department’s investigation into police corruption in South Brooklyn, where officers are suspected of providing favors and other considerations to local businessmen in exchange for gifts, trips and cash.

Five NYPD commanders have already been transferred, and officials confirmed that a sixth officer, former 66th Precinct Community Affairs Detective Michael Milici, now faces departmental charges. He is charged departmentally with failing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation. The most severe internal penalty he faces is the loss of his job, but since he has already put in his retirement papers, that likely isn’t his concern.

Milici was suspended after he refused to testify before a federal grand jury.”;-gun-licenses-suspended/1335489/?platform=hootsuite

So these are the guys that you are supposed to respect when you see them on the street

We are told that they are “Heroes” and they put their life on the line for us everyday

As long as they go home safe at night

That is all that matters

A few bad apples?

Right, go to google or yahoo and put in “Police Officer charged”

Then try “Police Officer rape”

After that “Police officer beating”

Seriously, do it and then tell me it is “A few bad apples”