Merry Christmas !!!! Cop tries to heist 8 Kilos of Coke


What a hero this “Sworn officer of the court” is. She literally risks her lies everyday for the public good.   Now that this bad apple is uncovered, do you think that any of her previous testimonies that resulted in convictions will be overturned?      No, I am sure they won’t. That money is too precious to the court system. All those fines and penalties are the only things paying the bills. Without those Judges, prosecutors, bailiff and public pretenders don’t get paid.    So, in the end she gets hers, but a whole lot of people she helped convict get it too.  But I am sure she didn’t lie, after all she is a sworn officer of the court.

“The Houston patrol officer accused of trying to steal a duffel bag with 8 kilos of cocaine during a traffic stop in an elaborate internal affairs sting could face more charges, prosecutors said Monday.

Officer Julissa Guzman Diaz, 37, was arrested Thursday for the third-degree felony of tampering and fabricating evidence. She also could be charged with intent to deliver a controlled substance, prosecutor Jennifer Stabe told state District Judge Denise Collins in court.

“She’s also under investigation for delivery of cocaine,” Stabe said as Diaz was being arraigned

If convicted of the third-degree felony, she faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. If convicted of a more serious charge, she could face more time.”

They risk their lies everyday: Hero cop lies about being shot after shooting himself


Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Lying is probably the most common thing that cops do. It is their word against yours and they are “Sworn officers of the court”.    This Jack ass was given the benefit of the doubt just one hour before he was busted.  Do you think that they have gone back and examined any of his arrests for lies?    I can guarantee that they did not. It is known and expected that cops will lie to get convictions. Just a little twist of the truth puts a whole lot of fine money into the court system.   Without fines and fees the courts can’t afford to run.   So if a cop arrests you and lies on the report , don’t be surprised. You are far from alone.

“NEW PHILADELPHIA – A former Newcomerstown police officer accused of lying about being shot on duty causing a manhunt for a fictional suspect pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges stemming from the incident.

Bryan Eubanks, 37, pleaded guilty to the following charges, according to an announcement from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine:

  • One count of inducing panic, a felony of the fifth degree;
  • One count of making false alarms, a felony of the fifth degree;
  • Two counts of tampering with evidence, felonies of the third degree;
  • One count of forgery, a felony of the fifth degree; and
  • One count of workers’ compensation fraud, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

“An investigation conducted by the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office found that on April 11, then-officer Eubanks shot himself while on duty, but claimed he was shot by a man in a vehicle after stopping the car for a traffic violation. The fictional story led to a response involving local, state, and federal authorities.

Additionally, an investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation found that Eubanks forged workers’ compensation documents to fraudulently apply for benefits related to his injury.

In a press conference a week after the incident, Tuscarawas County Sheriff Orvis Campbell and Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland talked about how Eubanks later admitted to them that he had made up the incident. The officer who had spent 14 years with the department said the story was invented to cover up a failed suicide attempt. Eubanks had been shot himself in the arm. He was fired a week after the false report.”

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Heroes of the week: Two of NYPD’s finest rape teen in police van, give new meaning to “Stop resisting!”

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

So you actually think you are safe when a guy with a gun and handcuffs pulls you over on a lonely highway? How about your daughter, your sister, your mother or your wife? It couldn’t happen to them because this is just a couple of bad apples, right?      Well let me ask a quick question: If that is the case then why have I been able to compile so many pages of filthy criminal conduct?    I will tell you this much ; For every story I post about a scumbag criminal cop , I pass on 20.     I don’t have enough hours in the day to chronicle all that I read.       These officers are not heroes. They do not “Risk their lives every day”. Their job is not even in the top ten most dangerous. These are people who have chosen to control others as their career choice. These are people who wish to force their will on their fellow citizens and do so with the threat of force.    The next time you see a cop, take a good look at him and his attitude . Don’t look at the uniform or the badge look at the man and then see if you like what you view. 

Excerpted from here:

“Two police officers accused of raping a teenager while she was in custody resigned on Monday, the New York Police Department said.

The two former NYPD detectives — Eddie Martins, 37, and Richard Hall, 33 — are facing dozens of criminal charges and a possible $50 million lawsuit after the teenager accused them of raping her while she was handcuffed inside a police van. The indictment followed a weeks-long investigation of the two former officers who, prosecutors said, pulled over a car driven by the 18-year-old, arrested her for drug possession, then took turns raping her in the back seat.

The resignation came three days before the officers were scheduled for a departmental trial, a separate proceeding from a criminal trial. During that process, officers are tried on charges of misconduct. A trial commissioner decides if they’re guilty and makes recommendations to the police commissioner.”

“Martins and Hall, who were members of the NYPD’s Brooklyn South narcotics unit, have been charged with rape, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, official misconduct and coercion. In total, they are facing 50 charges each.

DNA recovered from the victim after a rape-kit test matched samples taken from Martins and Hall officials said. Surveillance footage also showed the teen getting out of the police van about 40 minutes after she was pulled over, prosecutors said.

The arrests and the former officers’ arraignment hearing on Oct. 30 capped off weeks of serious allegations of misconduct that have been circulating in the media.”

“Prosecutors said the crimes occurred the night of Sept. 15, when the officers were riding in an unmarked Dodge Caravan as part of a buy-and-bust operation in South Brooklyn. The two detectives, who were in plain clothes at the time, left their post without their supervisor’s permission at about 7:30 p.m. and drove to a park in Coney Island, according to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office.

A little later, the officers pulled over the teen, who was with two male passengers, and found marijuana in the cup holder next to the front seat, prosecutors said. (The Washington Post generally does not identify people who are or may have been victims of sexual assault.)

They then handcuffed her and let the two passengers go before driving off with the teen in the back of the van, prosecutors said.

Before they left, the officers allegedly told the passengers to pick up their friend at the Coney Island police precinct in three hours.

While in the van, Martins called the teen’s friends from his cellphone and told them not to follow the police vehicle, Assistant District Attorney Frank DeGaetano said during the hearing, according to the Times.

As Martins sat in the back seat with the teen, he told her that he and his partner were “freaks” and asked what she would do to get herself out of trouble, prosecutors said. Martins then forced the teen to perform oral sex on him and raped her while Hall drove and watched in the rearview mirror, prosecutors said.

The teen cried and pleaded for the officer to stop, DeGaetano said in court.

The van allegedly stopped in Bay Ridge, roughly four miles from where the teen was pulled over. There, the officers switched places and Hall forced the teen to perform oral sex on him, prosecutors said.

The detectives then drove to the Coney Island precinct and dropped the teen off after ordering her not to talk about the incident, prosecutors said”


Hero of the week : Cop arrested after stealing from charity auction


Posted By Deborah Jarrett

Typical cop behavior; First bully, then fall back and lie. But guess what? This guy is not only a “Hero” but also a sworn officer of the court”.    Without the video evidence, the real hero that tried to stop him would have been arrested and charged with assault.  Stay safe and make sure you ALWAYS roll video when interacting with LEO


“WATERTOWN — A Watertown police officer was arrested in connection with a theft from a charity auction and an scuffle that happened when a bystander tried to stop him.

Christopher Masayda, 26, was charged with 5th degree larceny and breach of peace in the second degree. The arrest stemmed from an incident at the Crestbrook Park Golf Course on October 6.

State Police said following a police department sponsored charity golf tournament, Masayda tampered with the raffle drawings and later stole a watch and bracelet valued at $595, which had been donated by a local jeweler.

Police said that Masayda was confronted by someone who shot video of Masayda taking the items. Masayda reportedly tried to take the person’s cell phone. The pair got into a physical confrontation according to police.”

Watertown police officer arrested in theft from charity auction

Heroes: Three cops on trial for lying about beating suspect after realizing they were being taped


 If you have ever had a cop lie about you on a police report, you are far from alone.   It is standard practice in almost every interaction for the cops involved to change their reports to fit the narrative they want.  It doesn’t get quashed because in most cases even when it is obvious. In court the judge and the prosecutor would rather have a win than “Impeach the testimony of a sworn officer of the court”.    After all , wins get prosecutors points and the fees and fines pay the judges salary.  I actually have a transcript from a court case in Pinellas Florida where an FWC officer blatantly lied in clear contradiction of his deposed testimony.   The judge allowed the lie in the record which ended in a conviction.     The very same judge illegally allowed an officer to give a victims impact statement at sentencing when there was no victim at all.     The officer actually wanted to read an article from an “Anti police” site written by the defendants husband.     The judge allowed it, said he couldn’t let it influence his sentence, and then quoted the article during sentencing.     Don’t be surprised if a cop lies; it is part of the system. Innocent men don’t pay fines, only those found guilty do.

“Three Boynton Beach police officers took part in an illegal “beatdown” of a suspect, then concocted a cover-up when they found out they had been videotaped by a hovering helicopter, prosecutors told jurors Tuesday.

Defense attorneys for the three men, only one of whom still works in law enforcement, told the jury the criminal trial is an unfair attempt by prosecutors to second-guess how the officers handled a very dangerous arrest.

“People want to second-guess them after the fact. … The government is Monday-morning quarterbacking,” defense attorney Bruce Reinhart said during opening statements in federal court in West Palm Beach.

But prosecutors quickly followed up with damaging testimony from three fellow law enforcement officers – who expressed concerns about how the incident, and the aftermath, was handled by the defendants.

The trio accused of inflicting the beating – Officer Michael Brown and former officers Justin Harris and Ronald Ryan – have pleaded not guilty to federal charges that could send them to prison if they are convicted.

Prosecutors say Brown, Harris and Ryan used “excessive force” by beating and kicking the front-seat passenger and using a stun gun on him after a high-speed chase on Aug. 20, 2014.

They also said the officers filed false initial reports about what happened and then adjusted them about a week later after they found out that the beating was videotaped by an overhead helicopter operated by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

The officers had arrested the front-seat passenger, Jeffrey Braswell, on a charge of resisting arrest without violence before they found out about the video.

After realizing what was on tape, they rewrote their reports and added claims that Braswell had resisted them, tried to assault them and appeared to have been reaching for a weapon or trying to escape, prosecutors said. The officers were trying to justify their excessive use of force by making it seem like the suspect resisted them enough to justify what they did, according to the prosecution.

Boynton Beach Police Officer Patrick Monteith testified Tuesday that he saw much of what unfolded after the police chase ended and officers “swarmed” around the suspects’ car. His testimony, which resumes on Wednesday, suggested that Braswell was not resisting during the beating.

Monteith, who told jurors it was a “little bit” uncomfortable to see his fellow officers in court, testified that he had his police rifle trained on Braswell and watched much of what unfolded from just in front of the hood of the suspects’ car.

“I could see his [Braswell’s] hands. His hands were up. … He was blocking blows that were coming [from officers],” Monteith testified.

Braswell, whose seat belt was still on, was jerking back and forth in the seat from the blows like he was in a washing machine, Monteith said.”

Heroes of the Week 10/31/17 : Cops arrested for child porn, rape, exposing themselves in public, attempted murder and more

 Are you getting the idea yet that this isn’t just a “Few bad apples” ? This is endemic in PDs all across the country.   It is not the job; It is the personality type that they are picking to do the job.   These are not people hired to be public servants. These are people who are being hired to be the blunt instrument  of unquestioned authority.   These thugs end up on these pages because they have more in common with wife beaters, child molesters and bullies than they do with the common man.    And the state that they represent? It doesn’t matter because these are the guys that bring in their paychecks. Does the Judge sitting there care about justice? Hell no. He cares about fines and penalties because that is what fills his wallet on Friday.  The only time that the state cares is when these cops get busted and make big news. Until then they need to make the system work and it takes lot of money to do that.

CHP Officer Arrested On Child Porn In LA County

CBS Los AngelesOct 27, 2017
LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Hundreds of photos of child pornography have been found in the possession of a California Highway Patrol officer, ..

Story image for officer arrested from DNAinfo

Off-Duty NYPD Officer Arrested After Allegedly Exposing Himself To …

GothamistOct 17, 2017
A man in a Jack Skellington shirt who police said exposed himself to two underage girls in the Bronx last week has been arrested, and is …

State corrections officer arrested for indecent exposure

Marysville GlobeOct 27, 2017
MARYSVILLE – A state corrections officer who reportedly exposed himself to a girl last week was arrested Tuesday and booked into the …
Story image for officer arrested from Fort Worth Star Telegram

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Story image for officer arrested porn from Press of Atlantic City

NJ corrections officer charged with having child porn

Press of Atlantic CityOct 19, 2017
NEWARK — An officer with the state Department of Corrections was arrested and charged with receiving images of child pornography, acting …
East Jersey State Prison Guard Charged With Child Porn
Local SourcePatch.comOct 19, 2017

Former Burbank officer accused of attempted murder and …

Los Angeles TimesOct 27, 2017
A former Burbank police officer was arrested by Pasadena police on suspicion of slitting a woman’s throat and attempting to kidnap another …

Fort Worth officer in charge of mayor’s security arrested for DWI

FOX 4 NewsOct 27, 2017
The Fort Worth police officer in charge of the mayor’s security team was arrested shortly after midnight on Friday for DWI in Westworth Village.
Story image for officer arrested from New York Post

NYC corrections officer arrested for child and animal abuse

New York PostOct 9, 2017
A New York City corrections officer allegedly failed to take care of his own children and dog – after police discovered his kids home alone and …
Story image for officer arrested from Indianapolis Star

Lawrence Police reserve officer arrested on OWI charge in Hamilton …

Indianapolis StarOct 19, 2017
A reserve officer with the Lawrence Police Department was arrested on charges of operating while intoxicated after she was found asleep at the …

Hastings officer arrested for domestic assault

Hastings Tribune54 minutes ago
A Hastings police officer has been arrested for an accusation of domestic assault, says the police chief. Hastings Police Chief Pete Kortum said …
Story image for officer arrested from NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas Police Officer Arrested; Charged With Family Violence

NBC 5 Dallas-Fort WorthOct 28, 2017
A Dallas Police officer is facing family violence assault charges after being arrested on Saturday. Investigators say Sr. Cpl. Charles Jones …
Story image for officer arrested from KHTS Radio

Sheriff’s Deputy, Police Officer Arrested On Domestic Violence …

KHTS Radio1 hour ago
A deputy and a police officer were arrested on domestic violence charges after an apparent physical dispute, according to Sheriff’s Department …
Story image for officer arrested from Terre Haute Tribune Star

West Terre Haute police officer arrested, placed on leave

Terre Haute Tribune StarOct 30, 2017
A West Terre Haute Police officer is on paid administrative leave following his arrest in a domestic violence incident over the weekend.
WTH Officer Arrested for Domestic Dispute
Local SourceMyWabashValleyOct 29, 2017

Story image for officer arrested from FOX 61

Bristol police officer arrested for DUI

FOX 61Oct 29, 2017
BRISTOL — A Bristol police officer was arrested Saturday morning for driving while under the influence. Officer Brian Bonati was off duty at the …
Story image for officer arrested from WFSB

An off-duty Bristol police officer arrested for DUI on Saturday

WFSBOct 28, 2017
An off-duty Bristol Police Department police officer was arrested after he … Police Officer, 32-year-old, Terryville resident, Officer Brian Bonati.
Story image for officer arrested from The Advocate

Baton Rouge officer arrested after submitting false report in …

The AdvocateOct 26, 2017
A Baton Rouge police officer was arrested Thursday after submitting a false police report to her supervisor, BRPD spokesman Sgt. Don …
Story image for officer arrested from Atlanta Journal Constitution

Off-duty Kennesaw officer’s wife shoots him during domestic dispute

Atlanta Journal ConstitutionOct 26, 2017
An off-duty Kennesaw police officer has been arrested after … Reserve officer John Vaughn was shot by his wife Traci Mize on Oct. 15 at their …
Story image for officer arrested from NDTV


IPS officer arrested for cheating in exam

The TribuneOct 30, 2017
An Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, aspiring to enter the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), was arrested for cheating in the civil services …
Story image for officer arrested from

SAPD officer arrested on suspicion of DWI after allegedly causing …

mySanAntonio.comOct 26, 2017
An off-duty San Antonio police officer was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he went the wrong way down a one-way street and …
Off-duty SAPD officer arrested, accused of DWI
Local SourceKENS 5 TVOct 26, 2017

Las Vegas police arrest Henderson corrections officer

Las Vegas Review-JournalOct 27, 2017
A Henderson corrections officer has been arrested and placed on paid administrative leave, a spokesman said. Metropolitan Police …

Coleman corrections officer arrested in Ocala

OcalaOct 25, 2017
While an OPD sergeant was checking his records, Wayne M. Intihar took off running. The officer pursued him and found in him the bushes.

DC police: Woman arrested, charged with assault on police officer in …

WJLA14 hours ago
WASHINGTON (ABC7) — A 23-year-old woman was arrested on Sunday after police say she assaulted a police officer in Northwest …

CHP Officer Arrested On Child Porn In LA County

CBS Los AngelesOct 27, 2017
LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Hundreds of photos of child pornography have been found in the possession of a California Highway Patrol officer, …

Police: Man arrested after biting Lexington police officer

WKYTOct 29, 2017
(WKYT) – One man is arrested after police say he bit a Lexington police officer. Police say they responded to a call of a disorderly subject on …

HPD officer one of 100+ ‘Johns’ arrested in crackdown of illegal sex …

KTRK-TVOct 26, 2017
The 139 people arrested over 10 days come from all walks of life. Police say even one of their own was arrested and is now part of an internal …

VIDEO: Off-duty Cleveland police officer arrested twice in less than 3 …

fox8.comOct 20, 2017
The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video from the night when a Cleveland police officer got arrested off-duty twice in two-and-a-half …

Hero of the week: Decorated officer cuts off GPS device and flees before trial for rape and kidnapping

And then the scumbag meets a fitting end… Suicide while waiting out a SWAT team. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. In the end you cannot hide who you are. A real tough guy bully who obviously had to have it his way.   No warning signs here, I am sure the guy’s behavior was perfectly normal. As a matter of fact the  Cleveland police officer who won the department’s distinguished service medal in 2009.    A regular good apple right? Yeah, sure thing.  That “Few bad apples” thing is a myth. It takes someone corrupt to work in the culture of violence and corruption that exists in America’s P.D. s.      Adios Amigo and good riddance.

“Authorities said Tuesday a former Cleveland police officer who allegedly cut off his GPS tracker and went on the run one week before he was set to go on trial for rape and kidnapping has killed himself after a standoff with police.

Tommie Griffin, 52, was wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service and the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office for the bond violation, according to Pete Elliott of the U.S. Marshals Service.

Griffin was tracked to a house in Cleveland, where Cleveland Police SWAT was called in, Elliott said Tuesday. Police tried to call him out of the house, but received no response from him. When police entered, they found Griffin dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, police said.

Elliott said Griffin had an accomplice in his escape. The accomplice took Griffin to a motel for Saturday and Sunday night and then to the home — described as that of a friend of Griffin’s — where SWAT surrounded him. Elliott said on Tuesday the accomplice would be charged, but provided no further details.

Griffin was arrested for rape, assault and kidnapping after allegedly attacking his girlfriend in January, The Associated Press said.

He allegedly pistol-whipped her and fired two shots next to her, the AP said.”