Veteran deputy in Marion County resigns after prosecutor refuses to use his testimony

Amazing…Lying cops. Who ever would have guessed? What this story isn’t telling you is that the Sheriff of the very same Dept. was forced to retire to avoid prosecution about a year ago for………. You guessed it; Lying under oath. The difference is that the Sheriff was lying about a different battery case where his deputies had beat the holy dog snot out of a guy who surrendered.      Real heroes, huh? Just because they wear blue. Well that blue privilege needs to be revoked. Do not ever assume that a cop is telling the truth. They are just as likely to lie if not more so than the average person. They have to do it all the time to cover their and their buddies butts and make stories fit the narrative they tell.

“A veteran deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office has resigned after the prosecutor’s office announced it would no longer rely on testimony from him after truthfulness in question.

Joshua Parker

On Thursday, sheriff’s office administrators requested MCSO K9 Deputy Joshua Parker be at the MCSO Central Operations Center for the purpose of terminating his employment with the MCSO. Prior to being terminated, Parker submitted his resignation and has been separated from the agency. The events giving rise to Sheriff Billy Woods’ intention to terminate Parker arose from a Feb. 13 letter from State Attorney Brad King, advising that Parker’s testimony would no longer be relied upon by his office. The SAO discovered that Parker was untruthful in two recent cases and they could no longer accept Parker’s testimony to be relied upon for material evidence in any future case, intake, deposition, hearing or trial unless his testimony was corroborated by some other reliable evidence.

The SAO found that Parker gave false testimony during a deposition, and during the subsequent state felony battery trial, of former MCSO deputy Jesse Terrell. Upon receiving the letter of the SAO’s findings and determination, Sheriff Woods suspended Parker with pay. Sheriff Woods ultimately made the decision to terminate Parker from the agency, citing the insurmountable issues the State Attorney’s Office vocalized along with the liability and public concern that would be associated with keeping Parker as a deputy sheriff.

More here from the original at the Villages-News :

To serve: Hero cop lies about boyfriend beating her children

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Seriously, these two would never lie about an arrest. At least not being the upstanding heroes that they are. Sworn officers of the court who’s word is given the weight of truth.   But the truth is that these cops lie all the time because they know that they have the benefit of the doubt.    How would you like to have an encounter with either one of these two on a dark highway? How about Officer “Disciplinarian? How would you like to be put in cuffs by him?      So, here is the problem: Any time you encounter LEO you have no idea who that person is. All you do know is that they are armed and have the power to arrest, and if they are in fear, kill you.    Makes you feel safe doesn’t it? Makes you want to recite the ” Few bad apples” mantra.    But unfortunately, that is not the case. On these pages I have a body of work that shows just the opposite.  Remember when you read here; I pass on 30 stories just to highlight one. And these are just the ones who have been caught.    Drive safe kids, your life could depend on it.

“A Massachusetts police officer accused of covering up the alleged abuse of her two children by her boyfriend, has officially been suspended without pay.

Angela Halcovich, 32, a Revere Police officer, was charged Jan. 27 with two counts of aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault and battery on a child for wantonly or recklessly allowing another person to commit assault and battery on a child.”

“Prosecutors said Halcovich told investigators that she beat one of her sons with a belt and she knew that Garcia was also beating her children.”

“She allegedly admitted to state police that she told her sons to lie about the beatings.

Garcia, who also faces child abuse charges after he allegedly handcuffed and whipped the 5-year-old with a belt because he would not eat his dinner, resigned from the force on Feb. 2.”

The rest here:


Dumb ass cop lies to attorney he pulled over ,tells him it is illegal to record him due to new state law

The video comes from defense attorney Jesse Bright, who also drives for Uber in his spare time. Bright said he was making a round trip for a customer on Feb. 26 and was stopped shortly after the passenger got back into the vehicle.

The passenger was asked to exit the vehicle and submit to a search. The location where Bright stopped was described as a “drug house” by an officer heard on the video.

When Bright kept recording the interaction, Wilmington Police Sergeant Kenneth Becker, confronted him and told him to stop recording.

In an interview Wednesday, Bright said he’s confident the officers knew the information they were giving was false.

“They should know–I’m sure they do know–that it’s legal to record police,” Bright said.

Officer: Hey bud, turn that off, OK?

Driver: No, I’ll keep recording. Thank you. It’s my right.

Officer: Don’t record me. You got me?

Driver: Look, you’re a police officer on duty. I can record you.

Officer walks to driver’s side of vehicle

Officer: Be careful because there is a new law. Turn it off or I’ll take you to jail.

Driver: For recording you? What is the law?

Officer: Step out of the car.

Driver: What are you arresting me for? I’m sitting here in my car. I’m just recording in case anything happens. I’m surrounded by five police officers.

Officer:  You’re being a jerk.

Driver: I’m scared right now. I’m not being a jerk. I’m recording in case anything happens.

Officer: You better hope we don’t find something in your car?

Driver: You’re not searching my car?

Officer: I’m going to search your car.

Driver: You’re not searching my car.

Officer calls for K-9 unit

Driver:  Bring the K-9s. I don’t care. I know my rights.

Officer: I hope so. I know what the law is.

Driver: I know the law. I’m an attorney, so I would hope I know what the law is.

Officer: And an Uber driver?

Bright said he decided to record because he was being asked several questions. He said after being told he would be taken to jail, Sergeant Becker attempted to open his door, but Bright said he held on tight and wouldn’t let him in.

Rest of the story and video here:

That was a “sworn officer of the court” lying his ass off right there

In court testimony a judge will give his statements the weight of truth

And a possibly innocent citizen will be put in jail

If you get called to jury duty

Make sure you go

And make sure that no lying cop puts an innocent person in jail

Stand up and do your civic duty

And don’t let  a liar get away with it



Child porn, theft, drugs: What’s wrong with these cops? Officers of the week March 9 2017

Those wacky boys in girls in blue are at it again. They are out there raping, stealing and pillaging like vikings at the taxpayers expense. Read on for this weeks exploits of the heroes in blue

Dallas County Detention Officer Arrested For Child Pornography

CBS DFW16 hours ago
COM) – A detention officer with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department has been arrested for child pornography. Toussaint Kisasu is charged …
Story image for officer arrested from NBC Bay Area

San Jose Police Officer Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Marijuana

NBC Bay AreaMar 6, 2017
A San Jose police officer was arrested for allegedly stealing marijuana, police said. An administrative investigation last month revealed Officer …
Story image for officer arrested from Kokomo Tribune

KPD officer arrested on felony drug charges, theft

Kokomo Tribune21 hours ago
KOKOMO – Charges were filed today against Kokomo Police Department officer Heath Evans on a felony count of obtaining a controlled …
Story image for officer arrested from CBS New York

DA: LI Officer Hit Man In Head With Taser, Lied About It

CBS New York13 hours ago
“This is not just an indictment against this police officer, it’s an … The brothers, charged with resisting arrest, say the officer’s story is a lie.
Story image for officer arrested from

Fort Worth officer arrested on sexual assault charge

WFAA.comMar 7, 2017
ARLINGTON — Fort Worth Police Officer David Brintnell is facing a felony sexual assault charge for an incident involving a 16-year-old boy.
Story image for officer arrested from Atlanta Journal Constitution

DeKalb police: Cop arrested for tampering with crime scene

Atlanta Journal ConstitutionMar 6, 2017
Ajamia Guyton, a now-former DeKalb County police officer, was fired for … A DeKalb County Police Department officer was arrested after …
Story image for officer arrested from Greensboro News & Record

Former Greensboro police officer arrested in connection with break-in

Greensboro News & RecordMar 6, 2017
REIDSVILLE — A Greensboro police officer was fired Monday before his arrest in connection to a Reidsville store break-in, in which several …
Story image for officer arrested from

Olmsted Falls auxiliary police officer, Boy Scout leader arrested for …

fox8.comMar 6, 2017
OLMSTED FALLS, OH – An auxiliary police officer with the city of Olmsted Falls, who was also a Boy Scout troop leader, has been arrested and …
Story image for officer arrested from

Millington police officer arrested for assault

wreg.comMar 6, 2017
OAKLAND, Tenn. — A Millington police officer is off the job, accused of threatening a man’s life at a tow shop in Oakland. WREG has learned …
Millington police officer arrested for making threats at employees
WMC Action News 5Mar 6, 2017

e Officer in South Richmond Tuesday night. Police were …
Story image for officer arrested from Palm Beach Post

UPDATE: Lantana officer on leave following obscene material arrest

Palm Beach PostMar 3, 2017
Lantana police officer Christopher Decker officer makes his first appearance in court with attorney Jo Ann Barone, March 3, 2017 in West Palm …

Story image for officer arrested from Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel

Former Rockledge police officer arrested on attempted …

WKMG OrlandoMar 2, 2017
A former Rockledge police officer who is accused of shooting a teenager while responding to a burglary call has been arrested on an attempted …
Former Rockledge cop arrested on attempted manslaughter charge
Highly CitedOrlando SentinelMar 3, 2017

Story image for officer arrested from KRNV My News 4

City of Charleston police officer arrested, charged with DUI

Live 5 NewsMar 5, 2017
Troopers with the South Carolina Highway Patrol arrested a Charleston police officer for allegedly driving under the influence Saturday night.
Story image for officer arrested from KWTV

Passenger Shot, Driver Arrested In Okmulgee Officer-Involved … KWTV10 hours ago
OKMULGEE, Oklahoma -. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are investigating after an Okmulgee police officer shot a …

Story image for officer arrested from

Former Greensboro police officer charged with possessing weapon …

myfox8.com1 hour ago
REIDSVILLE, N.C. — A former Greensboro police officer accused of … On Monday, Reidsville police arrested White in connection with the …

BPD officer arrested again

WBAL BaltimoreMar 3, 2017
BPD officer arrested again … A Baltimore City police officer accused of sending inappropriate texts to a teenager was arrested again.
Story image for officer arrested from Greeneville Sun

OPD officer arrested Mardi Gras night

Opelousas Daily WorldMar 1, 2017
Sgt. Paul Cortez Jr., an officer with the K-9 unit of OPD, was arrested for interfering with a law enforcement investigation and resisting an officer.
Story image for officer arrested from WBAL Baltimore

Charges dismissed against man arrested by indicted officers

WBAL BaltimoreMar 6, 2017
Another defendant arrested by Baltimore officers indicted in a federal racketeering case had charges against him dismissed Monday.
Story image for officer arrested from

Correctional officer arrested for stealing inmate’s debit card

AL.comMar 6, 2017
Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said a corrections officer at the jail has been arrested for using an inmate’s debit card. In a news release …
Story image for officer arrested from

Former officer arrested for ‘super drunk’ driving gets probation

MLive.comMar 3, 2017
ATLANTA, MI — A former Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant was sentenced Friday, March 3, to one year of probation and 40 hours of …
Story image for officer arrested from 93.1 WIBC Indianapolis

Kokomo Police Officer Arrested on Drug Charges

93.1 WIBC Indianapolis20 hours ago
Kokomo Tribune reporter George Myers said on Twitter at around 10:30 Wednesday morning that Kokomo police officer Heath Evans was …
Story image for officer arrested from WFTV Orlando

WFTV Orlando


Story image for officer arrested from KOCO Oklahoma City

Shawnee officer arrested after domestic assault claims

KOCO Oklahoma CityFeb 28, 2017
A Shawnee Police officer was arrested in connection with a misdemeanor domestic assault case involving his girlfriend, who also is an officer …
Story image for officer arrested from Ithaca Journal

Corrections officer arrested on child porn charge

Ithaca JournalMar 2, 2017
New York State Police say a corrections officer for an Ovid drug treatment campus used his personal computer to share and possess lewd …
Troopers: State corrections officer arrested on child porn charges
News 10NBCMar 2, 2017

Probation officer indicted, arrested for sex with person on parole

Chattanooga Times Free PressMar 6, 2017
Aldo F. Avila, 35, was indicted and arrested for sexual assault of a of a probationer or parolee after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked

To Perve : 29 Yr. veteran cop busted for child porn

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

, Detroit Free Press 3:41 p.m. ET Feb. 22, 2017

“A 29-year veteran Detroit police officer has been suspended amid allegations that he received and possessed child pornography.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig called the claims outlined in a federal criminal complaint against Miguel Angel Martinez “deeply troubling.”

“Any time a police officer makes a decision to engage in alleged criminal acts, and this one is particularly troubling, certainly it’s a stain on the Detroit Police Department,” Craig told reporters at a press conference this afternoon. “It’s not reflective of the entire organization.”

A sergeant from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office in Reno, Nev., working undercover was using a peer-to-peer file sharing program when he discovered files that appeared to reference child pornography linked to a computer IP address that belonged to Martinez, who lives in Trenton.

The sergeant was able to download 14 “incomplete but viewable” files from the IP address between Sept. 5 and Sept. 12, according to the complaint. The videos showed children engaged in sexually explicit conduct, the complaint says.

A review of a law enforcement database indicated that the same IP address has been observed sharing at least 100 files that are of interest to child pornography investigations. And on two dates in January, that IP was observed sharing child pornography, according to the complaint.

Federal investigators searched Martinez’s home Tuesday and seized computer-related items. During an interview, Martinez told investigators he “may have seen” child pornography files, the complaint says.

Craig said Martinez has been suspended with pay. If charges are filed, the status would change to a suspension without pay, he said.

Martinez worked as a patrol officer on the west side of the city. Craig said he’s not aware of any other allegations of wrongdoing against him.”

The rest here:

Strap on a gun, a uniform, handcuffs and you automatically become a hero

Unless you happen to be a child perve

So who is it that is going to pull you over on that dark highway?

A hero?

Or someone with a dark secret?

Don’t ever give the benefit of the doubt and give default hero status

Don’t ever think automatically that a cop is telling the truth or doing the right thing

Chances are

You are wrong




Lying cop on trial after pepper spraying and kicking handcuffed man who gave him the finger

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

By Matt Miller |
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on February 14, 2017 at 5:28 PM, updated February 15, 2017 at 12:34 PM

“State Trooper Ryan Luckenbaugh stepped way over a legal line when he kicked a handcuffed Harrisburg activist in the face during a May 2015 confrontation in the city, a prosecutor told a Dauphin County jury Tuesday afternoon.

Then, Luckenbaugh compounded his crime by lying repeatedly on an affidavit that unjustly sent Christopher Sienneck to county prison for two weeks simply for flashing his middle finger at the cops, Senior Deputy District Attorney Stephen Zawisky said.

“This case is about an abuse of police power,” Zawisky said as Luckenbaugh’s trial on assault and official oppression charges opened.

That fateful kick was even filmed by the dash camera on a police cruiser, he said. “You’re going to see the kick on video,” Zawisky promised the jurors.

Things aren’t so straightforward, however, Defense Attorney Edward Spreha Jr. countered.

“I’m not going to stand here before you and say (Luckenbaugh) acted 100 percent appropriately on that night,” Spreha said. “He is going to admit that things should have been done differently.”

Still, he insisted Luckenbaugh’s acts “didn’t his to the level of criminal activity.”

Spreha called Siennick “the local leftist” and insisted he was “looking for a reaction” from the police. It was Siennick, he said, who ran when Luckenbaugh and his partner, Trooper Michael Trotta, approached him at Second and Locust streets.

“He escalated the situation,” Spreha said of Siennick.

Zawisky saw that differently. He said there was no reason for Luckenbaugh and Trotta – who was later fired over other misconduct allegations – to even be in the city around 2:30 a.m. on May 16, 2015. They decided to cruise in the Second Street area because they knew the bars were closing on Restaurant Row, the DA said, and “They went there looking for action.”

When they first encountered Siennick, he was skateboarding down the street in the wrong direction, the prosecutor said. He said that even though Siennick flashed the troopers his middle finger as he passed them “that is protected speech.”

Yet their dash cam recorded Luckenbaugh saying “Oh, that’s going to be a BPR,” meaning an incident that would prompt an internal affairs investigation by state police, Zawisky said.

Luckenbaugh would later claim in Siennicks’s arrest warrant that Siennick ignored his verbal commands to get off the street, and that Siennick hit or threw something at his cruiser, the prosecutor said. The dash cam recording shows both of those accusations are deliberate lies, he said.

That recording also shows what happened after the troopers chased, Tased, pepper sprayed and handcuffed Siennick and sat him on the curb in front of their cruiser, Zawisky said. He said Siennick was irate, was calling the cops “fascists” and “pigs” and was spitting in reaction to the pepper spray.

When Siennick got some spittle on Luckenbaugh’s shoes, the trooper said, “Spit on this and he kicked him in the face,” Zawisky said. “Certainly, Trooper Luckenbaugh knew he couldn’t kick a handcuffed man in the head.”

These crimes are like rape

They are about power and control

And these sociopaths will lie, cheat and steal to cover their crimes up

See a cop coming your way?

Your life and freedom is in danger any time you have contact with them

“So, don’t give a cop the finger!”

That is a bullshit answer to cover for the actions of a scumbag abuser

It’s the same as “Don’t make me hit you, Darlene !”

There is no blaming the victim here

It is the fault solely of the psychopath with the handcuffs and gun

Now it is all about video

A few years ago and this degenerate would have walked

Good riddance to you and any more like you

Florida cop covered up for Buddy in murder plot against 79 year old

“SARASOTA, FL — As one former Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputy stands accused of trying to kill a 79-year-old woman, another deputy now faces charges for allegedly covering up evidence related to the crime. The arrest of Deputy Carson Lee Plank, 23, was announced by the sheriff’s office Thursday.

Plank, a one-year veteran of the agency, “lied to detectives during the criminal investigation surrounding ex-employee Frankie Bybee,” the sheriff’s office wrote in an email to media.

Carson, the sheriff’s office said, was one of the first deputies to arrive on the scene after the elderly woman reported the murder attempt on Jan. 12. When Carson was questioned by detectives about what she found at the scene, she told them she “didn’t see anything out of the ordinary at the victim’s home,” the email said. Carson also denied having contact with Bybee since he was placed on administrative leave Dec. 20.

See also: Ex-Deputy Accused Of Attempted Murder Faces New Charges

The sheriff’s office said detectives interviewed Plank again on Jan. 19. She told a different story during that interview, the agency alleges.

“Plank admitted to locating and photographing with a cellular phone, a blood droplet with human hair, at the victim’s home on January 12,” the agency said in a media release. “Plank did not submit the photograph as evidence and following the January 12 incident, contacted Bybee to make him aware of the questions detectives asked her related to the attempted murder allegations. Phone records later obtained by detectives confirmed the communication between Plank and Bybee.”

Go figure……

Yet another bad apple

How long is that narrative going to hold up?

We should all feign shock that a cop lied on his report

Just like story after story after story

Sorry guys, no default hero status for you anymore

No more assumption of thruthfulness

The balance is tilting as more and more law abiding citizens see you for what you are

Welcome to the cell phone age and the age of the dash cam

And by the way

I am so glad that I can help