Heroes of the week – 5/3/17 cops arrested for rape, child porn, violence etc.

 We are back for another edition of our heroes in blue and their malfeasance on the public dime. These supposed public servants could really give the criminals they are supposed to be after some really good lessons in general dirt baggery.    The only difference between these uniformed criminals and the ones who wear wife beaters is that you don’t have to worry about one of them pulling you over on a dark highway.

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

Officer fired from Franklin Police Department following domestic …

Fox 599 hours ago
FRANKLING, Ind. – An officer arrested on domestic battery last year has been fired from the Franklin Police Department, sources tell FOX59.
Story image for officer arrested from WPTV.com

Baker Police officer arrested for malfeasance

WBRZMay 1, 2017
BAKER – A Baker Police officer was arrested for malfeasance on Friday after a shooting incident outside the Baker Walmart. But the officer said he was forcefully …
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Sources: Police officer arrested in Walter Scott shooting to plead …

Charleston Post Courier21 hours ago
Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager faces federal charges in the April 2015 shooting death of Walter Scott after a traffic stop.
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Officer arrested after trying to run estranged wife’s car off the road

MyArkLaMiss (press release) (blog)May 1, 2017
UNION Parish – A Farmerville police officer has been arrested accused of trying to run his estranged wife’s car off the road and then resisting …
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Navassa police officer arrested

StarNewsOnline.comMay 1, 2017
BRUNSWICK COUNTY — A Navassa police officer who claimed he was shot at while on duty last month was arrested Monday. Brunswick …
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Baker Police officer arrested for allegedly covering up details in …

WAFB.comApr 28, 2017
An officer with the Baker Police Department has been arrested for allegedly withholding details in an investigation about shots that were fired at …
Police officer arrested in case involving sheriff’s son
WBRZApr 28, 2017

Drunken cop pulls gun on cashier at McDonald’s

“A McGrumpy US Marshal wasn’t lovin’ the wait at a Brooklyn McDonald’s — so he whipped out a loaded gun and pointed it at the terrified cashier and customers, cops said Sunday.

Drunken off-duty Deputy Marshal Charles Brown, 30, stumbled into the fast-food joint in Bay Ridge around 1:20 a.m. Saturday and quickly started a beef, according to police.

The fried lawman began yelling at cashier Joanna Diaz, 41, about the long wait for his food, police sources said.

Brown then allegedly pulled out his loaded service weapon and pointed it at Diaz before wheeling around and training his gun on terrified customers inside the 86th Street eatery.

The marshal zeroed in on a 21-year-old man behind him in line who tried to intervene on the cashier’s behalf, cops said.

As workers frantically dialed 911, Brown’s order came up, and he paid for his food and fled, sources said.

Responding cops canvassed the area and found Brown on the street. He was arrested and hit with a slew of charges, including menacing, harassment and violating firearm license regulations.”


Once again, let me beg the question:

What kind of person chooses a job that consists of controlling other people?

Guys like this that have a sense of power and entitlement

And the best part?

He was released without bail

What does that tell you?

Adios Amigos ! 99 Dallas officers have quit or retired in last 10 weeks, reports say

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass

Florida : FDLE officer charged with sexual abuse and sodomy of 8 Yr. olds


A state law enforcement officer faces multiple charges after two 8-year-old boys told authorities he repeatedly sodomized and sexually abused them.

Channel 3 News has obtained a police report detailing abuse that the children say began in June of 2016. Authorities say neither child knew the other disclosed information about the abuse.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Agent Charles Calvin McMullen faces two felony counts of sexual assault/battery on a victim under 12 and two counts of lewd lascivious behavior, victim less than 12.

McMullen, who has been with the FDLE for five years, is on paid administrative leave.

He worked on cases with the Gulf Coast Kids House and the Santa Rosa Kids House, centers that advocate for abused children.

On Friday, October 28, deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office (SRCSO) responded the Santa Rosa Kids House in Milton where a Department of Children and Families (DCF) investigator was working child abuse case.

The investigator informed deputies that an 8-year-old reported McMullen had been touching him “downstairs on his private part” on a frequent basis. An investigation was immediately launched.

A DCF investigator said McMullen “began to cry” when she informed him about the allegations. The child’s revelation led investigators to interview a second child.

The second 8-year-old told an investigator he doesn’t feel safe because McMullen had been inappropriately touching him and made the child reciprocate on multiple occasions.

He said McMullen told him this was “between you and me” and not to tell anybody because it would break up his relationship.

Following this disclosure, the Gulf Coast Kids House interviewed the second child, who said McMullen touched his private parts. He said McMullen touched the other child underneath his clothing on his penis.

The child said the abuse began when both children were 7-years-old. He said McMuMullen made them perform sex acts like sticking their fingers in his buttocks, putting their mouth on his penis.”


What is it that drives some people to control others?

Look at the characteristics of child molesters and the number one motivator is control

Look at the characteristics of a wife abuser and the number one motivator  is control

Who gets up in the morning and says I want to strap on a gun and handcuffs?

Who says I want my job to be one that allows me to control people all day?

Do as I say or I will physically overcome or kill you


Just remember the next time you see a cop

Who he might really be

Whether in court as a “Sworn officer” or on the highway

You never know who that “Hero” with a gun is

Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt and risk your life

For your own safety and that of others have a camera that you can film every encounter with

Where cameras are present he is much more likely to keep his gun in his holster

I really hope that this scumbag gets his

Either from someone on the street

Or on the inside

After car chase cops beat man, steal his gold chain and give it to witnesses to keep quiet

Posted by Deborah Jarrett

“An Alameda County sheriff’s deputy was fired Friday, eight months after he allegedly grabbed a gold chain from a fugitive who was beaten by deputies in a San Francisco alley, sources close to the incident said.

Deputy Shawn Osborne, a 19-year veteran, “is no longer with the department,” Sgt. Ray Kelly said.

Osborne was one of three deputies involved in the Nov. 12 apprehension of Stanislav Petrov, who had led deputies on a 38-minute chase from Castro Valley after ramming two patrol cruisers in a rental car whose lease had expired.

The other two deputies, Luis Santamaria and Paul Wieber, who appear on a surveillance video to have conducted the beating, remain on leave. Osborne was fired, sources said, after a close examination of the video showed him in possession of a gold chain belonging to Petrov. Two bystanders who witnessed the beating later said they had been given the chain in exchange for their silence.”


“In the video, Santamaria and Wieber knock Petrov to the ground, punch him and club him with their batons, even after he appeared to surrender with his hands on his head. According to Petrov’s attorney, he suffered broken hand bones, head wounds and a concussion.”

Excerpted from SFGATE here:http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Alameda-County-sheriff-s-deputy-fired-in-8682347.php?platform=hootsuite

These are the type of predatory degenerates that are out roaming the streets preying on people

A few bad apples?

Not quite

Every day I pass 20 stories up just to post one

Lying, stealing, killing, rape and more

Remember that any time you deal with a cop you could be dealing with one of these “Heroes”

“It’s all right as long as you don’t do anything wrong”



There is a search box on the right of my page, put in rape and see what you come up with


Rape, forcible sodomy and child molestation

What did they do to deserve that?

You know the old “Cops don’t just arrest innocent people”

No ,they just rape sodomize and molest

The next time you look at a cop you need to realize who you might be looking at

A hero because he is wearing blue?

Yeah not quite


To serve: Florida cop convicted of 14 counts of false imprisonment may still receive retirement benefits

“A former Broward County sheriff’s deputy who pleaded guilty to 14 counts of armed false imprisonment could still get his state retirement benefits, under a ruling by an administrative law judge.

Jonathan Bleiweiss was accused of committing the crimes while in uniform and driving a marked police car.

The ruling Tuesday by Administrative Law Judge John Van Laningham provided little detail about the allegations, but the Sun Sentinel reported last year that Bleiweiss had been accused of intimidating undocumented immigrants into performing sex acts.

The Sun Sentinel reported that he entered a plea deal that included five years in prison. After the plea, the state Division of Retirement made a preliminary decision that Bleiweiss had forfeited his benefits in the Florida Retirement System because of the conviction.”

Fmr. Deputy May Get Retirement Benefits After Guilty Plea

You can tell that this judge really views his acts as egregious

If that were you or I, you can guarantee that the benefits would be stripped

Blue privilege extends right across the bench

Victimless Crimes


“St. Paul, MN — On May 18, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office conducted a large-scale revenue collection operation masked as concern for public safety.

A post on their Facebook page explains how the revenue collection initiative will be heavily enforced during the last two weeks in May. They describe how in a single four-hour event, 27 officers were able to conduct 227 traffic stops.

In four hours this event resulted in: 227 traffic stops, 159 seatbelt citations issued, 7 child restraint citations, 6 people arrested and brought to jail, 29 drivers cited for Driving After Revocation or Suspension, 49 “other” citations, and 1 DWI arrest.
In the ‘will they ever learn’ group – one driver was cited two times for No Seatbelt Use within 30 minutes by two separate officers.
Increased enforcement efforts are going on statewide through the rest of the month. Buckle up!

The resultant revenue generated in that four-hour period is well over $10,000.00.

One would think that the officers who enforce seat belt laws would be hyper-aware of these laws and always buckle up. One would be wrong.

After seeing this wholesale hypocrisy on seatbelt laws, police accountability activist, Andrew Henderson grabbed his camera and went to document officers without their seatbelts on. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Henderson explains on a Facebook post what went on that day.

As I have seen many officers drive without seat belts, I found this to be a double standard and an unethical means of revenue generation.
On Friday, May 22nd, I decided to stand on a street corner outside of the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center with a camera to document officer seat belt use.

Henderson was able to catch multiple officers without their seatbelts on. They were completely open about it and made no attempts to buckle up as they were being filmed.”
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-turn-bullies-filmed-breaking-laws-supposed-enforce/#UgiRAXRg8v3LXWbA.99

This is what is causing the chasm between the public and our so called public servants.  We are allowing ourselves to become their prey…. revenue prey that is.

23 Yr. police veteran arrested for rape

“PEPPER PIKE, Ohio — A Former Pepper Pike police officer faces charges of rape, sexual battery, menacing by stalking and misusing a police database, according to an indictment announced this week.

Jeffrey L. Martin, 55, used the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway to gather information that allowed him to stalk the rape victim, the indictment said.

Martin was first arrested Dec. 14. Charges filed in Bedford Municipal Court say he also followed the rape victim several times.

He used a firearm during the rape, the indictment said, but it is unclear how.

Martin followed the victim several times, including to the Bedford Police Department when she reported the rape, court records said.

He is also accused of claiming to be a private investigator in an attempt follow the woman onto the Ursuline College campus, records said.

The Pepper Pike Police Department suspended him four times during his tenure, according to his personnel file.

Two of the suspensions involved allegations of inappropriate conduct toward women.

Martin served with the Pepper Pike Police Department between Dec. 12, 1991 and Aug. 20, 2014, when he retired amidst accusations of inappropriate behavior.”


23 Yrs. they managed to keep this guy

What is it that a cop, a stalker and a rapist have in common?

They all want to have control over people

Cops aren’t cops because they want to save civilization

Cops are cops because they want to have the power to control other people

They are the type of personality that wants to be in charge

That is also what is responsible for their elevated divorce and domestic abuse rate

So for a cop to turn out to be a stalker or a rapist is no surprise to me

Just remember when you get pulled over or have contact with the police

Who you may be dealing with