Champaign Illinois officer of the year: Police officer accused of sex crimes against three women in two counties

“CHAMPAIGN — A Champaign police officer accused of sex crimes against three women in two counties has been fired from his job.

Amanda Farthing, assistant director of human resources for the city of Champaign, confirmed Thursday that Jerad Gale was fired on Wednesday, a day after his 32nd birthday.

The firing came the same week that the former Champaign police officer of the year was to have been tried in a Decatur courtroom for criminal sexual assault for allegedly committing unwanted sex acts against a former girlfriend in Piatt County in July 2012. However, the trial was canceled after Gale, on Friday, waived his right to have a jury hear his case.

Gale, 32, also faces more serious charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault as well as other charges of criminal sexual assault and aggravated domestic battery for acts allegedly committed against two women in Champaign County in November 2013 and November 2014. He’s scheduled to be in court in Urbana on those charges May 31. The Piatt County case was continued to July 25.

Police Chief Anthony Cobb would not take a call from The News-Gazette, referring all questions to the human resources office.

The May 4 letter Cobb sent to Gale notifying him of his immediate firing cited his violation of departmental policy regarding conduct and the fact that bond restrictions in his pending criminal cases rendered him “unable to perform the essential functions of your position as a police officer.”

The whole story at the news Gazette:

These cops these days are down right rapey

Seems like every other article I come across is sexual assault

Try this and see what you come up with

Go to google and put in “Deputy sexual assault” and then hit news

Wow! Now that is a lot of results isn’t it?




To perve: Florida Cop fired after sending video of himself performing sex act


“A Florida police detective has been fired after an investigation found he took an explicit video of himself and sent it to a woman who had reported a crime he was investigating.

News outlets report that according to Plantation police, detective Peter Saglio used his personal iPod in March 2015 to have text conversations with the victim of a possible crime, then sent her a 26-second video of himself engaging in a sex act.

Saglio self-reported the incident and told police the video was meant for his wife. He destroyed the iPod he created the video with.

The victim told police Saglio had sent her flirtatious text messages before the video.”

The whole story here:


Who ever would have thought that beating up the little officer and recording it wouldn’t turn the ladies on?

Damn, it doesn’t get much better than having your entire P.D. watching video of you self abusing

I will bet that everyone he busted is now laughing their asses off

Plantation PD is now going to have to explain that it is just a few

Small apples



Arkansas judge trades sex for sentences


“An Arkansas judge accused of swapping sex for reduced sentences resigned Monday after a state commission said it discovered thousands of photographs from his computer that depicted nude male defendants.

In a letter to the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, Cross County District Judge Joseph Boeckmann said that his resignation was effective immediately, and that he would never again seek a job as a local, county or state employee.

Boeckmann’s resignation came after the commission said in a May 5 letter to his lawyer that it was in the process of recovering as many as 4,500 photos.

“They all depict young men, many naked who are in various poses inside the judge’s home and outside in his yard,” the letter states, adding that many of the men had received checks from the judge and had appeared before him as defendants.

“There are numerous photos of naked young men bending over after an apparent paddling,” the letter reads. “Please accept this as notice to not destroy [or] otherwise dispose of this paddle.”

“In documents filed earlier this year, the commission detailed the allegations of several men — including one under 18 — who described appearing in Boeckmann’s court for minor violations. The judge would often give defendants his hand-written phone number and have them serve what he described as “community service” at his home.

In one case, a man described having a “sexual relationship” with the judge while he paid off fines that for which Boeckmann granted him extensions.”

The only thing worse than a dirty cop is a scumbag judge

Just by nature they are already power hungry pricks

Most have the attitude that they are not above the law…..They are the law


To Perve: Michigan cop sets up fake child porn investigation to obtain child pornography

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett
Nicole Jacob, left, and Normann Pittelkow (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)



“A former detective with the Albion Department of Public Safety is charged with aiding a couple charged with producing child pornography.

Luis Tejada of Homer was arraigned in Calhoun County District Court Friday on his 41st birthday on charges of being an accessory after the fact to a felony and lying to a police officer.

Tejada faces up to five years in prison if convicted. He appeared early Friday with his attorney, Eusebio Solis, before District Judge James Norlander. Tejada was released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

His preliminary examination is scheduled for May 13 before Judge Paul Beardslee.

Prosecutor David Gilbert said Tejada is charged with assisting Norman Pittelkow and his wife, Nicole Jacob, of Albion, evade capture in fall 2015 after charges had been filed against the couple. He also is charged with giving false information to police who were investigating their disappearance.

Tejada was on administrative leave from the department at the time on unrelated allegations filed against him with the department, according to Albion Chief Scott Kipp. He said he could not discuss those allegations.

Additionally, Pittelkow said that he contacted Tejada, who came to his home to make copies of  child pornography to begin an investigation and track down those receiving the illegal images.The federal filing says Tejada never opened a report or filed the child pornography into evidence.

Tejada later sold his motorhome and gave the proceeds to Pittelkow and Jacob, advising them to flee the state because child pornography arrests warrants had been issued against them.

Excerpted from here:

And here:

And then there is this: “Amber Thomas always believed police were sworn to serve and protect.

Then she met Louis Tejada.

Tejada, a police officer in Albion, a town of 10,600 near Jackson, met Thomas in March 1999 when he came to her boyfriend’s house to take a harassment complaint against her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

Although he took her complaint, Thomas said that Tejada didn’t make much of an impression on her. Then Tejada sent Thomas, then an 18-year-old cleaner at Albion College, a dozen long-stem roses with a card reading, ‘I would like to get to know you better, L.T.’

Even after Tejada showed up on her doorstep around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 27, 1999, Thomas didn’t recognize him until he flashed his badge.

Less than a month later, she went to the police station to file a complaint against Tejada, who had used the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) to locate and begin pursuing her, state records show.***

She said police assured her Tejada would not contact her again.

Within days, however, Tejada stopped by her brother’s house. He paged her from a local tattoo parlor and stopped by a cousin’s home where Thomas said she’d be baby-sitting, Thomas said.***

Albion Police Chief L.J. McKeown Jr. said Tejada was lectured, suspended for a day without pay and put on probation. He remains on the force.

Thomas said the incident shook her trust in the police. ‘It was just too much for me,’ she said. ‘Who are you supposed to go to when the people you’re supposed to go to are causing your problems?'”

All the way back to 1999
And when he got busted for child porn?
He was already on paid administrative leave
Still think it’s a few bad apples?
It’s not, it is endemic
The ones who don’t do it look the other way

From the CATO institute

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, May 5, 2016:

  • Orlando, Florida: An officer was arrested for DUI and hit-and-run after hitting two parked cars and leaving the scene.
  • Chatham County, Georgia: A deputy was charged with assault and terminated for pepper spraying an inmate who was in restraints. The deputy let him sit there without treating him for the spray for several minutes.
  • South Boston, Virginia: Three officers will not be charged for their roles in the death of Linwood Lambert, whom they tased 20 times, including while he was shackled. Lambert wasn’t a suspect in any crime; he had been acting strangely, and the officers were called to take him for medical attention.
  • DeKalb County, Georgia: A now-former deputy was indicted as part of a large federal investigation that snagged more than 40 alleged gang members from at least ten states. He is alleged to have informed on police activity to gang members. He bragged about being a hitman for the Gangster Disciples but has not been charged in connection with any murder.
  • Update: Yukon, Oklahoma (First reported 11-16-15): An officer is back on the job after he pled guilty to misdemeanor assault. He was originally charged with aggravated assault, a felony, for pulling a woman out of a car by her hair in an off-duty incident during which he was intoxicated. He was suspended with pay and ordered to enter alcohol treatment.
  • Ansonia, Connecticut: An officer was charged with disorderly conduct after a domestic incident in Milford.
  • Sag Harbor, New York: A detective was suspended 30 days for an undisclosed
  • Update: Reynoldsburg, Ohio (First reported 02-19-16), A now-former officer, pled guilty to civil rights deprivation and stealing between $150,000-$250,000 in drug money on the job since 2006. He and his then-partner would conduct illegal searches and rob drug dealers of their money. The partner committed suicide in jail after his arrest.
  • Los Angeles County, California: A now-former deputy pled guilty to filing a false report that covered-up actions by two other deputies who mistreated a jail inmate. She was sentenced to 500 hours of community service.
  • For much , much more ,Visit CATO here:

Scumbag child molester cop threatens to kill himself, nation mourns when he doesn’t

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

Mark D. Wilson  MySA

“SAN ANTONIO — A five-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department was arrested on Monday night and charged with sexually assaulting a child.

Juan Ruiz-Carrillo, 47, was taken into custody shortly after 9 p.m. on the second-degree felony charge, according to SAPD spokesman Sgt. Jesse Salame.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Ruiz-Carrillo is suspected of sexually assaulting the teen on a nearly weekly basis for about four years. The document alleges that the abuse began when the victim was 15, and that he told her that he would kill himself if she told anyone what was going on.

The affidavit said that the young girl made an outcry to a youth pastor at her church, who told the victim’s parents and urged them to contact police.”

The whole story here:

Seriously, stop teasing us

Just go ahead and do it

Be a hero

To serve: San Antonio cops set up fake prostitution ring to get women to have sex with them

Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

By David Ibanez – Web – Managing Editor , Garrett Brnger – Reporter

“A Bexar County grand jury on Tuesday indicted two former San Antonio Police Department officers over a fake undercover operation that involved getting women to have sex with them.

According to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, Emmanuel Galindo and Alejandro Chapa tried to recruit more than two dozen women to work as undercover operatives in a bogus operation. The women were told they could earn money if they qualified for the operation.

During the recruitment process, the suspects lied about the operation in order to persuade the women to have sex with them, officials said. The victims told police that they were in desperate need of money and believed the operation was real, according to a news release from the DA’s office.

“Our allegation is that they misused their authority and position to coerce, basically fraudulently, to bring these women into this sexual escapade in this situation,” District Attorney Nico LaHood said.

Galindo and Chapa were arrested in September 2015. The San Antonio Police Department said they both resigned in November.

Galindo was indicted on five counts of sexual assault, six counts of compelling prostitution and 12 counts of official oppression.

Chapa was indicted on four counts of sexual assault, four counts of compelling prostitution and eight counts of official oppression.

The rest is found here from :

Hey at lest they are inventive, right?

I wonder what else they may have invented over the span of their careers

Don’t forget that the day before they got busted

They were sworn officers of the court

The day before they got busted

They were considered heroes

The day before they got busted

They may have been pulling over you or yours


Cop killed by man he was stalking, buddies lie and pursue malicious prosecution

Max Mitchell, The Legal Intelligencer

“A man acquitted of vehicular homicide charges after he struck a police officer with his car has been awarded more than $1 million for claims that he was the victim of a malicious prosecution stemming from the fatal incident.

On Wednesday afternoon, a Philadelphia jury found in favor of plaintiff Kareem Alleyne and determined three police officers were liable for malicious prosecution for allegedly misleading prosecutors about the 2012 car accident, in which Officer Marc Brady was killed.

Alleyne had argued that he had been driving in North Philadelphia, when he struck and killed Brady. Brady, who had previously stalked and harassed Alleyne over his relationship with the mother of Brady’s children, was riding a bicycle in the rain and without a light, according to court documents.

Although Alleyne claimed he had been unable to avoid the collision, according to Alleyne’s pretrial memo, police officers loyal to Brady relayed false information about the incident to investigators and prosecutors, and created a false motive making it seem that Alleyne had intentionally struck Brady.

“The complete lack of evidence suggesting culpable conduct by plaintiff, coupled with the history of aggression and criminal activity by Brady raises a compelling inference that the only reason plaintiff was criminally charged was because this accident resulted in the death of a police officer,” Alleyne’s memo said. “The arrest and prosecution was done with malice and defendants’ acts constitute the torts of malicious prosecution and false arrest/false imprisonment.”

The verdict in the civil suit came after nine days of trial in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Ann Butchart’s courtroom. According to court records, the jury found Officer George Pirrone 40 percent liable, Philip Riehl 50 percent liable, and James Pitts 10 percent liable.

“I am incredibly happy for Kareem, who has undergone an unbelievable amount of stress and harassment, and had his life turned upside down for years,” said Alleyne’s attorney, James Funt of Greenblatt, Pierce, Engle, Funt & Flores. “When the entire picture of the story came out … when [the jury] saw all of it, the truth set him free. Literally.”

The whole story here at the legal intelligencer :

These cops are all kinds of special

Makes you wonder how many other people they have put away

Once again, when you hear a cop give testimony

He/she is just as likely, if not more, to be lying than the defendant

Ft. Worth Texas: Cop lies about search, gets busted by body camera

A police officer has been fired after body camera footage helped reveal that he lied about a suspect’s actions, prompting a charge in the case to be rejected, police said.

Fort Worth officer Aaron Cade, who had been with the department since July 2009, has appealed.

“The burden is on the City to prove the allegations they’ve alleged,” said Craig Driskell, Cade’s attorney with the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas. “We’ll see how that plays out at arbitration.”

Cade had been training a probationary officer on Nov. 1 when they were dispatched to a “shots fired” call at a home.

According to a disciplinary letter, police arrested a man for discharging a firearm in certain municipalities and for outstanding warrants.

“Officer Cade told the probationary officer during the investigation that he saw the suspect leaning inside a vehicle, and that the vehicle’s glove box was open when Officer Cade searched and found the gun inside it,” says the letter, signed by Chief Joel Fitzgerald.

Unaware that the information provided by Cade was false, the probationary officer completed a jail booking affidavit in support of the arrest and an offense report, the letter says.

But on review, footage from body cameras worn by several officers showed that the glove box was not open as Cade had alleged, the letter says.

“This information was relevant and material to the arrest and as a result of its falsity, the case was rejected by the Tarrant County district attorney’s office,” it says.

In an interview during an administrative investigation, Cade admitted that he did not see the suspect leaning inside the car and that the glove box was unlocked and closed, according to the letter.”

The rest from the star telegram here:

Lying, it’s what cops do

The sooner that people learn that

The better

In the mean time make sure that you have a camera rolling

I have the one below

It is cheap ($38.00) and reliable

Don’t let them get away with it


Florida: Arrest warrants issued for 3 lying cops
Posted by Deborah Lee Jarrett

Elyssa Cherney  Staff Writer

“The Kissimmee Police Department is arresting three of its own officers, who are accused of planning to raid a motel room during a drug arrest and then lying about it in court.

Officers Tiffany Hall, Taylor McFee and Felix Echevarria — who were all part of the department’s now-disbanded street-crimes unit — are suspended without pay, spokeswoman Stacie Miller said in a statement Tuesday.

The accusations came to light in March after Hall’s testimony in a marijuana-possession case did not match video of the arrest at a Kissimmee motel room.

Under oath Hall said she saw Jonathan Elliot make a hand-to-hand drug exchange with another man and that he then agreed to talk with her.

She arrested Elliot after finding 29.9 grams of cannabis in his room.

Elliot testified he never talked to Hall beforehand, and the three officers barged into his motel room announced.

A grainy surveillance video corroborated his account, and the charges were dropped.

Prosecutors then contacted KPD about the discrepancy between Hall’s testimony and the video.

KPD “immediately” reviewed the allegation and decided to start a criminal investigation, a report said.

“There does not appear to be a knock on the door as there would be by officers who are conducting a knock and talk,” an investigator wrote in the arrest affidavits issued for the officers.

“The movement appears to be covert and with a purpose…It appears the officers’ actions were planned and they acted as a team when they entered Elliot’s room,” the affidavit says.

The affidavit charges Hall, 29, with perjury, official misconduct and falsifying records. Her bond was set at $6,000. McFee, 24, and Echevarria, 49, are charged with official misconduct and had their bonds set at $2,500.

By Tuesday morning, only McFee had turned himself in, Miller said.

The rest is at the Orlando sentinel :

Some of Florida’s finest here

Florida is known for having the most corrupt cops in the nation

Who ever would have thought that a hero in blue would lie in court?

Next time you get a jury summons make sure that you go and do your civic duty

Just remember

It is just as likely, if not more, that any cop giving testimony is lying